Sing Street Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
I will come clean right out of the starting gate here, I loved this movie. I loved watching it. I love thinking about it. I enjoyed the cast, the story, the music, the look, the time period, many individual scenes, the ideas, the characters, and whatever is left. This little review might be a little bit biased:) What else can I say really? It’s a fun, smart, sweet, a little sad, and it’s got enough nostalgia to keep and 80’s survivor wallowing in memories for a long long time.

Not only does it take us down the route of 80’s popular music, but it brings back a lot of that time’s lack of safety. By that I mean the world was different. Ireland, where the movie is set, has always been a lot like the US, we both have become more controlled over the past 30 years. School was not about coddling and comforting and making you feel good about yourself. We’ve all seen the John Hughes movies and a lot of us lived in a time before there were campaigns against bullying and before we talked openly about issues at home. Sing Street takes us there, the rough and tumble days when fights weren’t resolved with a big long discussion, but like in the movie they just pan out and if you show weakness you are the one to blame.  It feels authentic and honest and harsh and it makes me glad I don’t have kids in any school in any generation:)

The cast is amazing, every single one. No one stands out in terms of quality over anyone else. The leads are amazing and the supporting folks all have the same level of quality. Every scene and every drop of dialogue kept me hooked, smiling, thinking, and even shedding a couple of tears. For a bunch of young folks the performances did not get too cutesy but also never felt like forced “coming of age” type characters with age inappropriate behaviors.

The music is the heart of the story, as our lead needs a band to impress the girl. We are taken back to the days of “happy sad” with references anyone who was a teenager in England in the 80’s will get locked into right away. I wasn’t that into The Cure or moody Brit pop back then, but even I was swept up in their experiences. They form their band and want to do the new music videos, do the big hair, the boy make-up, and brooding attitude. We follow them through their journey of writing songs that mirror the tunes of the day. It works beautifully, without being sappy, but still happy, well, happy/sad…watch the movie so you know what I am talking about:)

Overall, watch it, it’s awesome.

Features: 5/10

  • Making Sing Street (5 Minutes) – A short look at the making of the film. The soundtrack is also discussed.
  • John Carney & Adam Levine Talk Sing Street (3 Minutes) – Adam Levine (Maroon 5) wrote and sang the closing song of the movie. Here the director and Levine talk about their work together.
  • Cast Auditions (10 Minutes) – All of the main charachters get a casting session here which shows first audition footage and footage from auditions later down the line.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
This movie has so many good image possibilities I could make a lot of cool posters just from screenshots…but I won’t. I kind of like the actual cover and would have it on my wall to remind me of this movie and how much I enjoyed it.

Audio & Video: 7/10
Sing street is not the sharpest looking transfer on the block but for it’s 1980’s roots it does the job quite well. The 1080P AVC transfer is quite noisy at times and has a weird color correction that makes the whole thing look a little soft. On the plus side though black levels are nice and fine detail on some of the costuming comes across well. Sing Street might not be a technical showcase but the movie itself is quite magical.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Lossless soundtrack fares better here with an aggressive soundtrack that comes alive during the musical numbers. Dialogue drives most of the movie, and with the thick Irish accents used here it would be a nightmare to understand had the track not been top-notch and dialog centered. Fortunately it is and I heard no issues at all in the mix.

Overall Score 9/10