Sin City Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10

I would like to see the cover be a bit more true to the groovy art style of Frank Miller, and the menus are comic related, but still, nothing too exciting.

Features: 10/10

  • Restored Theatrical Version – Is this an extra? It’s the movie, right?
  • Recut, Extended, Unrated Version – It’s a good option if you have seen the movie, but to see the stories individually won’t give the same overall effect the theatrical release does.
  • Cine Explore – Picture in picture features as you watch the movie. Behind the scenes and other making of goodies.
  • Commentary With Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller – I really enjoy listening to Robert Rodriguez talk about making movies. He’s so enthusiastic. Frank Miller stays right in there with his love of telling stories.
  • Commentary With Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino – Are you kidding me? This is great fun! If you dig either of these guys and you are a movie fan, you have to listen to this one.
  • Audience Reaction Track – Huh? Why would I want to hear the audience? I have a home theater just to avoid this kind of thing.
  • Kill Em Good Interactive Comic Book (Blu-Ray Exclusive) – This looks cool, but it’s too fiddly for me. Pushing the buttons on the remote to make things happen or try again…just animate the comic and I’m happy.
  • 15 Minute Film School – This is always a fun way to learn about how Rodriguez makes his movies. He’s great to listen to and seems to have a genuine desire to inspire new film makers.
  • All Green Screen Version – The whole movie, on fast speed with no special effects, just all green screen backgrounds.
  • The Long Take – More from Tarantino about making his scene in the movie.
  • Sin City Live In Concert – The music of the movie.
  • 10 Minute Cooking School – Ohhh breakfast tacos made by the writer director in his own studio kitchen??? Fantastic.
  • How It Went Down Convincing Frank Miller To Make The Film –How the movie came to be made, what it takes to get a graphic novel onto the big screen, interviews with Frank Miller…etc.
  • Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino – More interviews and behind the scenes of how film maker Tarantino was involved in one scene of the movie.
  • A Hard Top With A Decent Engine The Cars Of Sin City – If you love the automobiles in the movie you will appreciate this closer look.
  • Booze, Broads & Guns The Props Of Sin City – How do you give each scene the graphic quality that the original novel had? Give everybody cool shaped goodies to hold.
  • Making The Monsters Special Effects Make Up – A fake chin here, yellow skin there, all in a day’s work for Troublemaker studios.
  • Trench Coats & Fishnets The Costumes Of Sin City – The clothes that make the black and white images come to life and match the drawings of the original graphic novel.
  • Teaser & Theatrical Trailer – Hmm not an extra.

The Movie: 8/10
I’m giving Sin City an 8 out of 10 this time around for a couple of reasons. First, it’s got a trashy gritty kind of vibe that I enjoy. It’s as simple as that really. It’s over the top with the brooding story lines and shallow characters wandering around in a city best left to fester on its own. The other thing that makes it entertaining and compelling is the style. It gives the movie that surreal grit, while the dialogue and caricatures of people make it trashy. It all works, somehow, some way.

With Rodriguez at the wheel this is the kind of adult fairy tale you can’t deny has balls. That’s balls as in lots of testosterone and guy stuff. Again, I still like it even though I am not a guy, have no balls, and have only trace amounts of testosterone given to me by mother nature..

I liked it better this time than I did the first I saw it when it came out a few years ago. I’m not sure why, but I was looking too deep at the whole thing before. This time I just sat back and enjoyed the ride without analyzing every little detail. The fact that I don’t’ really like a couple of the key players kind of fell to the side this viewing. I was able to enjoy the oddity of the stories, the darkness of the characters, and the pure “yee hawww shoot’em up cowboy” type of attitude.

My favorite story in the cris crossing world of Sin City is little Nancy being saved by an old raggedy cop. It’s got it’s uncomfortable elements, sure, but it’s my favorite of the series of dramas taking place in the city at this moment. Bruce Willis is strangely hypnotic to me. I have no idea why. I might be brainwashed from the Moonlighting days, but whatever it is, I’m still a fan.

Overall I really enjoyed Sin City for what it is, sometimes style over substance, sometimes in your face gruesome, big overtures of vengeance and misplaced love, sometimes corny…all mixed together for a great movie watching experience. I can’t wait for Sin City 2 🙂

Audio & Video: 10/10 (by Ascully)
I have been looking forward to seeing the HD version of Sin City. It’s one of the most visually arresting movies in recent memory. The Blu-Ray version does not disappoint, in fact, it surpassed my expectations. Sin City is mostly presented in monochrome with the occasional splash of color during the more graphic scenes. The level of shadow detail is incredible with close-up shots of the major players revealing fine detail that I had never noticed before. Both versions of the movie are presented in 1080P using the VC1 codec at an average bitrate of 40 MBPS.

The audio in this movie is stunning and quite the upgrade from the old DVD release. Using the DTS 5.1 Master Audio standard this is a rich and lively mix really puts all the speakers in your room to work. Mickey Rourke’s voiceover in “The Hard Goodbye” is so rich and full of bass I can’t help but feel it’s been tweaked in post. I mean if that’s how he really sounds in real life no wonder the ladies love him.

Overall Sin City is a treat for all the senses. It might be a little violent for some with more than one castration taking place but for me comic book movies don’t get much better than this.

Value: 9/10
You get a load of extras, 6 versions of an excellent movie (theatrical, uncut, 3 commentaries, and the green screen experience) so this is a bargain IF the price is around $20.00 i can handle that kind of cash for such a loaded movie watching kit, but go higher,and I have to recommend a weekend rental to save some money.

Overall Score 9/10