Shrek The Third

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover is a nice collection of the entire Shrek crew. It’s kind of family picture type of pose, but it works. The menu is pretty basic and not really that interesting. Both work, but aren’t anything too exciting.

Features: 7/10
There are quite a few little extras on the disk that are worth mentioning. First of all there is a neat but strange Worcestershire Academy Yearbook, featuring the voices of several of the characters from the film discussing things that a yearbook would touch on, like clubs and favorite classes. It’s kind of funny, and a highlight would include the cheerleader’s two cheers.

Also included as extras are video goofs, which include animation that has gone horribly wrong, as well as a section of lost scenes that were never animated, but instead you see presented as a storyboard, with someone talking you through the scenes.

There is also a section that presents the animators, and a short clip of “Donkey Dance,” that presents Donkey in an MTV style video. There is also a short section called “Shrek’s Guide to Parenting,” which features members of the film offering up tidbits of advice on how Shrek and Fiona should deal with their new bundles of joy.

Finally there is a short about the technology of Shrek, and a video jukebox that presents music videos from other Dreamworks films like both of the other Shrek movies, Madagascar, and Shark Tales.

The extras are cute, and made for kids. They are not too long, and they are enjoyable and funny, if not somewhat random.

Movie: 6/10
Shrek returns in this third installment of the gazillion dollar franchise, and after the success of the two original films, it seems that this one is a bit short on heart. I liked the film, and more importantly, my kids loved it. That being said, it seems like they really were stretching it here. I hate to say that Mike Meyers seems to have dialed in his voice performance, but there just wasn’t a whole lot of originality in this one.

In this installment, Shrek learns that he is the rightful heir to the thrown of Far, Far Away. With Fiona at this arm, he also learns that an Ogre is not one for pomp and circumstance, and so he decides that being a King is not for him. He sets off in search of Arte (Justin Timberlake) who is next in line to become the king. As he leaves, Fiona informs Shrek that she is pregnant, which seems to be the last thing in the world that Shrek wants to hear. Upon finding Arte, Shrek returns to Far, Far Away, only to learn that Prince charming (Rupert Everett) has taken over the kingdom and has imprisoned Fiona. Shrek is forced to save the day.

The story itself isn’t too bad, but it just seems to be short on real humor and real development. Some of the attempts just seem to take too long to develop, and are really predictable. It just seems like there was not a whole lot of originality in this one. There are some really funny bits, but it kind of seemed like they were spread out just a bit too far apart.

Video & Audio: (By Squiddy & Ascully) 9/10
The video on this regular DVD is great. IT is amazing how nice some of these non-high definition animated films look. This was not as nice as some of the other animated DVDs I have recently reviewed, but it still looked great. The audio was really well done also, but at times the music seems a bit overpowering. Overall this is another animated film that shines as a DVD release.

I (Ascully) took a look at the Blu-Ray release of the movie and have to say I have pretty much had my fill of computer animated movies this year, but that doesn’t stop Shrek The Third from being one of the most stunning transfers of the year on Blu-Ray.  Like I said in our Ratatouille review computer animated movies are all sourced in crazy high resolutions (much higher than standard home entertainment equipment can handle) so even with considerable down sampling they still hold up and look amazing regardless. Audio again is incredible using the Dolby True-HD codec to full effect. While Shrek isn’t the funniest of the trilogy it is a movie worth watching and is certainly something to show off that fancy HDTV this holiday season.

Value: 6/10
I know this film will get played more than a few times in my house with my kids (we have already watched it several times.) I can’t recommend buying this one, but there are several people who will just ignore the fact that this is a mediocre movie. If you have kids, they will want to watch this film, and it won’t matter to them that this one seems to be short on originality, so you might as well get it anyway.

Overall Score 6/10