Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I don’t know why, but I feel like I have to apologize for liking these movies. Sherlock Holmes turned into a spectacle of explosions and quippy one liners? What would the movie snobs say? Who cares? I like it, a lot. It’s not perfect. The one liners and the cheese factor was a tad bit too high for me this time around, but that’s part of the charm of this telling of the tale of the old-timey investigator. I like it.

Downy and Law tickle me. They seem very self indulgent and arrogant, that’s just as people, not even touching their characters! That’s not important though. What counts is that I smile and laugh and smile some more. I can’t define their ability to thrill me every so slightly, all that matters is I have a lot of fun with Sherlock and Watson. I have never read the books, so I can’t judge or compare from that point of view. I would say I have seen other Sherlock movies in my life, mostly really old ones that I was mesmerized. What I always wanted more, however, was the Sherlock be kind of insane….voila!! Thank you 21st century movie making.

The story this time around Moriarty is the king of the heap. The game begins. I really like what feels like a seriously deep phsycosis going on with both of our charming leading fellows. Watson isn’t crazy, so he’s out of that inner circle of darkness. There is something here that makes the whole world make sense. Yes, one of them could just off the other, but what fun would that be? Exactly. The game continues.

There are pawns in this game, which is unfortunate but necessary to crank up that tension and reason for us keep coming back. The city of London is amazing. Switzerland looks amazing. Well, most things look grubby and dirty and Victorianly grey, but I’m convinced I”m there and then. The music is a bit overly dramatic at times, but that’s not something I can really complain about. I will say this, the young woman, Noomi Rapace, who played the Gypsy roamer who gets tangled in the drama is AMAZING. She’s my favorite part of the entire movie. She’s comfortable and commanding and plays against those two big egos just right. I want a movie just about her, as that character. As the plot unfolds Sherlock might get bested, and it’s done with a good amount of balance with dialogue and motivation and choices so that I get lost in the possibilities. Even though we all understand that good always wins, the road through the twists and turns and bombs and conniving are interesting enough to glue my eyes to that screen very confidently. Without any apologies:) I like it.

Features: 8/10

  • Maximum Movie Mode – Robert Downey Jr walks you through all aspects of the making of the movie in Warner’s Maximum Movie Mode. This is hands down the best way to present extras on a Blu-Ray disc. Bravo to Warner for innovating in this dept.
  • Game Of Shadows Movie App – A token in the box lets you download the app for Ipad or Kindle Fire this allows you to sync the app while the movie is playing and see lots of concept art and set design photos while the movie plays.
  • DVD & Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
Cover is OK, better than most, but it’s not capturing my mystery loving imagination. It’s a bit too cool for school. I would not have it as a poster. The menu, however, makes up for that lackluster cover.

Audio & Video: 8/10
A Game Of Shadows is certainly not shadowy from a audio visual point of view and this 1080P AVC encode does old London Town justice and then some. Director Of Photography Philippe Rousselot’s photography has been seriously color corrected to lend an almost black and white tone to a lot of the scenes. This is fine though as it really identifies the mood Guy Ritchie has gone for visually.  As in the first movie some of the action shots are taken with the super high speed Phantom camera which again look incredible, the scene where Sherlock and friends escape a woodland area has to be seen to be believed.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track is a notch above the visual presentation, every thump and punch is thrown directly to the bass speaker which really makes the room come alive. A special mention should be made to Hans Zimmer’s score which comes across well and never intrudes on the dialog. This is easily one of the best audio presentations this year!!

Value: 7/10
There is a lot of fun value in this movie. I say add it to your collection if you have about fifteen bucks to spare and can find it cheap. Otherwise, do the online thing for now, and add it to your shelf later when they put it on sale. To be honest, if they had put one of the oldest version on the disc, like from the 30’s or something, that would make it worth the cash:)

Overall Score 8/10