Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
A super hero-esque cover image is appropriate, however, I would have drooled over a bit of hand drawn artwork from the graphic novel that started it all. The menu is dynamic, that is a word that’s kind of getting on my nerves, but in this case it fits. This is a movie that pretty much demands a fully action packed package, fun cover, fun menu, the works. The only thing missing is more artwork, artwork, artwork. 🙂

Features: 9/10

  • U-Control (Storyboard PIP) -I like art. I love art. So, you can figure out that any drawings or storyboards are candy to my candy-lovin’ eyes:)  If I were a kid again I would draw storyboards and act them out instead of just pretending to be a Charlie’s Angel jumping over the back of the couch. Yea, storyboards are good.
  • Deleted Scenes – There are a whole lot of deleted scenes for us to enjoy. Some of it’s not that interesting, some extended scenes, but overall it made me like the movie even more. I know, that’s just wrong,but it’s true.
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs The Bloopers –Famous people pretending to be other people making mistakes, giggling, goofing on their lines.
  • Feature Commentary – So many commentaries, so much to say, so much reminiscing about making the movie, it’s a treasure trunk of goodness if you are in love with Scott Pilgrim. Seriously, you can watch the movie like 4 times with all different commentaries, no kidding!
  • Making Of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – This is an excellent behind the scenes documentary of the making of the movie. We get a lot of the director, the cast, the writer, and how they trained everybody to do their big stunts.  It’s almost an hour long and that’s just right, enough film making jargon and enough fun with an enthusiastic director it did make me want to watch the movie again. Isn’t that what extras are for?
  • You Too Can Be Sex Bob-Omb –The lead guitar player for the fictional band is actually an actor!! I know, shocking. This is how to make an actor into a believable rock’n’roller.
  • Music Featurette & Music Videos – There are full blown songs in this movie and here is your chance to see and listen to them again, and again, and again. 🙂
  • Alternative Footage – Alternative endings don’t always offer much of a different tone from what’s in the movie, but this time, well, watch for yourself and decide which way you want to see the story end.
  • Visual Effects –How do you make the real world melt into a fictional superhero/video game/fantasy world and it not look hokey or too whimsical? Watch this and find out.
  • Adult Swim Scott Pilgrim Vs The Animation – An Adult Swim Doc which covers the animation dept.
  • Free Streaming Bonus Movie – You can watch Pitch Black or Tremors streaming to the device of your choice. Enjoy.
  • Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy –Yes, we know what this means.
  • And More………..more more more

The Movie: 8/10
Yes, it’s getting and 8 out of 10. Pilgrim was a good time. I like having a good time. The story takes us through the various battles of a twenty-two year old man who must tango (code for fight) with the seven evil ex’s of his new groovy girlfriend. Why is she groovy? Well, she’s got dyed hair, sometimes blue, purple, green, and she acts kind of “too cool for school”. She’s a bit aloof and distant which makes her interesting and desirable. This is from the mind of a man writing a comic book, so I’ll give the story a bit of latitude:)

As our hero falls for the blue haired beauty he avoids dealing with his poorly thought out relationship with seventeen year old Knives. He doesn’t do a good job of dealing with girlfriends, at least we get the hint from enough comments from his friends and ex-girlfriends. It’s all quite innocent and a bit dreamy when it comes to falling in love, living your life, growing up, and being a generally unaware twenty-something who only cares about home grown music, video games, and comic books, oh and dating.

OK, so there is romance in that modern kind of way, but on with the action. The heart of the movie might be the ties between the friends, the boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. but the guts of the movie are the fight scenes. I don’t normally like fight scenes, but in this movie they are just right. There is some silliness, some far reaches, and some tiny little eye rolling that needs to be done, but I was actually excited for every new fight that came long. From the dancing style-over-substance first boyfriend to the smoky dragon vs. beast battle of the bands. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, and it is, but it’s loads of fun.

I know I should have read the comics before I saw the movie, but I didn’t so, there ya go. I am inspired to read the original stories because I really enjoy the only borderline angst that these young people conjure up. Have you had a good time lately? Hmmm There might be an absence of Scott Pilgrim. 

Audio & Video: 9/10
Exciting, innovative, awesome even Bi-Furious are some of the words I would use to describe Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. This is a movie that is right up my alley.

So let’s get down to the Blu-Ray presentation which as expected is simply amazing, I read a few reviews of the technical merits of the disc before I popped it in and a lot of reviewers were complaining about a washed out color pallete and a darker than intended transfer. All I can say is they must have been watching a different disc to the one I have.  Scott Pilgrim is a feast for your eyes and ears, it’s one of my favorite HD transfers (and movies) this year.

The audio comes to you courtesy of an impressive DTS-HD 5.1 track and to quote my wife “The bass is so deep I feel it in lady parts” high praise indeed, and perhaps this Blu-Ray would make a great stocking stuffer for the lady in your life.

Value: 8/10
This is an excellent value. The movie is pretty awesome and the extras are just about as good as extras can get. If you find this edition for 15 or so bucks that’s a true value for money purchase and I say go for it. If you just want a romp in the funpark of fantasy fights and video game references, rent it and watch it a few times to get an even better deal.

Overall Score 9/10