Scorched DVD Review

Cover Art & Menu: 6/10
The cover is kind of a throw back to the 60’s with the split pic of the leading folks slapped on for magnetic appeal. To be honest, I like the cover and the menu. They are basic, and he picture of Rachael Leigh Cook is nothing like her character at any point in the movie, but it’s colorful and fits the tone of the film. I would always like to see more effort put into the menus, but hey, this seems like they were trying to make a real low budget DVD (with a not-so-budget price), so I can’t expect much.

Extras & Features: 1/10
I’m sorry, did someone say “Extras”? I think the DVD elves must have been resting the day they made this disc. If you are easily pleased and equally simple to entertain, you’re gonna be thrilled with the trailer they have so generously included.

The Movie: 7/10
Before I start I just want to say that I really did like this movie. It has it’s fluffy side and there’s the crappy DVD they made no effort to jazz up at all, but overall it’s one of those middle of the road rentals that I think a lot of people would be wise to pick up

Working at a bank must be hell. I mean, how many times must the tellers plot and plan the perfect crime of robbing their employer? Well, Scorched takes us down that road and does it with a lot of laughs along the way. I had no idea what this movie would be about, but once Alicia Silverstone gave the guy from Blair Witch Project a bust in the chops, I knew it was gonna be a fun ride.

The dialogue isn’t that clever, and the story is a rehash of many slap stick heist flicks, so what makes Scorched worth a watch? Good question. I think the people have everything to do with it. We are talking some solid talent here. I’m not a fan of Rachael Leigh Cook, and she gives the weakest performance in the movie with her over the top grunge rebel girl act, but other than that I really think the performances were top notch. We aren’t talking Academy Awards here people, just plain and simply well delivered lines, well acted scenes and some really funny physical gags that salt and pepper the story enough to be amusing and not over the top.

Bank employees planning to get ahead in the world by robbing their place of work. Who doesn’t appreciate that concept? Woody Harrelson plays an nature lover who wants revenge on a duck killing John Cleese (who by the way plays a complete sh*t who tells a girl scout that he doesn’t eat cookies, he eats little girls..not nice, but funny). Alicia Silverstone wants her revenge on the ex-boyfriend bank manager who just dumped her. And then there’s Stu (Paulo Costanza) who is a nice guy, good employee with a conscience, but just happens to have the perfect plan to get away with $250,000.

All things converge on the plotting criminals, and unwittingly they all pick the same day to make off with their ill-gotten gains. I had the rare pleasure of actually caring about these characters, with the exception of Cook, who I’m not that fond of to begin with, so the movie was that much more fun. The main concept is that these people feel trapped in their jobs at the bank and want that one big break to come along so they can quit and move on with their lives. There is one person who is threaded through the story who is desperately trying to get a job at the bank because that would be his way out of a life that is going no where. So, I guess it’s a movie that takes the position that it’s all a matter of perspective. How you look at your life, your job, your “one big chance” to get ahead it in the world depends on where you are coming from. A poor slob who can’t hold a job and needs some stability sees a job at the bank as a huge leap forward in getting his life together. Three other people who have their own reasons see the bank as the thing that’s holding them back, and for them too much stability goes a long way.

John Cleese’s character is a real piece of work. He has gotten rich selling get rich quick schemes to millions of people. The ultimate scam artist so to speak. Not to mention he’s a real jerk. He’s funny though and adds a lot of class to what could have been a dud of a bad guy.

I think I liked this movie for one main reason, it wasn’t trying to be something it’s not. It’s just fun story to tell about a few different kinds of people. Some movies try to be hybrid champs and mix up the comedy, drama, action, etc. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it’s good to just sit back and let the genre wash over you as it’s meant to be, no complications or mixed signals.

Value: 4/10
Did I mention that I do really like this movie? I just want to make that extremely clear before I go on to say that the DVD is not only a pile of poop because the picture is not great and there are no extras, but they have the nerve to charge almost 20 bucks for it!! Come on people!! Supply and demand are one thing to consider, yes, but how about marketing a film when it’s released to get more people interested and THEN you would have more demand for the DVD and therefore can sell more DVD’s for less cash? It’s all about money money money..I do know that, however, it’s kind of insulting when a DVD like this one, even though the movie is great fun and well worth a watch, its nearly $20 and other movies throw in a ton of extras for $15 sometimes. How much effort would it be to have a hand held DV camera on set to film a few interviews, and then toss on a Director’s commentary? The least they could have done was invest a few dollars to get the skin tone right. I would have been willing to pay extra for that!

Overall Score 4/10