Cover Art and Menu: 7/10
Standard cover and fun menu package that does it’s best to reflect the colorful and amazing world of Robots. There’s not a lot to say about them really, nothing extra cool or painfully boring about the packaging, so that’s about it.

Extras & Features: 8/10

  • Aunt Fanny’s Tour Of Booty Animated Short – Any Aunt with a round and wonderful caboose like Aunt Fanny is welcome to show me around. This little short gives us a few more glimpses of robots’ daily life as they hustle and bustle around the busy train station. It seems like it might be a collection of small scenes that were cut from the movie for whatever reason but salvaged so that these moments of robot life wouldn’t be lost in the editing shuffle. They string them together with Aunt Fanny and a small group of characters as they make their way through one small disaster after another.
  • Making Of Ice Age 2 – I’m not one for looking at future “makings of” so this one is a mystery to me. I can only guess it’s an advertisement for the upcoming Ice Age 2.
  • Xbox Racing Game – They can say it’s a game, but it’s just a demo. If you don’t have an Xbox it’s useless, and if you do, it’s useless except to make your kids want to buy the game. More advertising.
  • Set Top Games – One game I did enjoy is the quick little memory game which features quick snapshots of characters and scenes in the movie. You look at it for a few seconds and they get asked questions about what you saw. It’s pointless, but a good way to spend five minutes.
  • Directors Commentary/Technical Directors Commentary – People who make movies like Robots are basically obsessed with the project, or so it sounds like. They work so hard at the whole thing from creating the characters to detailing the visual effects, you would think if they put all that energy into something like curing diseases or fixing world hunger the world would be a better place, but no, they have decided to be film makers, so we listen as they dote on their creation and discuss the technical aspects of making a computer rendered animated feature.
  • Deleted Scenes – A couple of extended scenes, one put together with story boards and rough animation that didn’t even get fully rendered to shave some time off the final cut of the film.
  • Original Robots Short – This is a brief test run for the film makers to show the big execs to get them inspired to write big checks and give the go ahead to make the movie. It’s actually almost as polished as the final movie so I can see why they threw a few million dollars at the project.
  • Blue Man Group Featurette – The background sounds and music in the movie are unique to Robot City and the rest of the metallic world because Blue Man group brought their own brand of percussion to the mix. You get to see Blue Man Group in the studio with their invented instruments pounding out just the right sounds to bring it all to life.

The Movie 9/10:
I know nine out of ten seems high in the whole spectrum of movies in all the world, but it’s a family style flick and in that world Robot’s ranks very high indeed.

The story’s not entirely unique. An evil villain bent on making the world perfect and destroying all the ugliness, while make a tidy profit. He’s driven by his equally evil villainous mother who’s not perfect, but wants all the profits. When they make plans to do away with the adored Mr. Bigweld and scrap his motto, “…you can shine no matter what you’re made of.” to replace it with, “Why be you,when you can be New!” they have meet no resistance. The people just go along, accepting the tragic turn of events as if they can’t fight back. Until the idealistic Rodney Copperpot comes to town. He’s a young inventor looking for Bigweld so he can make the world a better place. Rachet, the evil guy, cares nothing about new ideas, just profit and perfection. Rodney has to decide whether to give up and let this new dark empire rule the galaxy or find the force deep inside himself…..oh wait, that’s another movie. You get the idea, good vs. evil with a young hero as the only hope for defeating the bad guy, no “force” in this story though folks.

Bigweld has always made all the spare parts for the robot population to keep themselves in top working order, but now Rachet is only selling upgrades, expensive upgrades, the wretch. Anyone who can’t afford these upgrades will be scrapped, melted and turned into upgrades for those who can afford them.

Sounds like something the modern day fashion industry would like to do to anyone who isn’t perfect. Just have any of us who are not amongst the beautiful people melted down and turned into make up, diet pills, trendy clothes, and anti-wrinkle cream. I like the whole idea of the imperfections and individuality of each robot. They are made of spare parts, junkie leftovers, hand-me-downs, and miss-matched bits and pieces. That’s what makes them who they are. Rachet and his somewhat unattractive mother want everyone to look the same, shiny and perfect.

Rodney Copperpot and his rag tag group of new found friends have to battle the new regime, find Bigweld, and get things back on track so that everyone can live happily ever after. What makes these characters so intriguing, and so riveting (get it, RIVETing?, never mind) is the voice acting and their endearing personalities. With Greg Kinear, Ewen MacGregor, Robin Williams, and Drew Carrey you can’t really go wrong.

The city is the real star of the show, of course. With stunning graphic images and sounds this inventive place is captivating, a place you would like to jump into and take a ride on the cross town express for sure. It looks amazing on the big screen at the theater, and it looks even better on DVD, up close and personal. The world looks like you could reach in and touch any part of it, that’s how real it is. That adds a lot to the whole experience of the film, but it wouldn’t work without such a fun and heartfelt story to go along with it.

Value: 7/10
This is a great movie for the family. It’s worth the $16 price tag. I don’t say that very often, but this is one of those movies that will be watched over and over and over and over..etc. in any household with kids under the age of 10. Mom and dad, you’ll have it memorized in no time! You do get a few extras, but the movie is the star of this DVD and even I am willing to lay down the full price to have it in my possession now, not waiting for the cheap season to kick in around Christmas.

Overall Score 8/10