Riddick Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I like the Riddick story. From Pitch Black through the Chronicles, and now this chapter of his struggle to survive, he’s got me hooked.That’s not to say I’m a Vin Diesel fan, I am not. It’s just the whole world, the universe or galaxy he lives in, the time frame, the technology, the ideas they are throwing out there, it’s all hypnotic to me. I might not be able to be completely unbiased, just because I go in already interested, already primed to have a good time and that leads me to forgive any of the flaws. There’s that, on to the review.

Riddick has gone through some big adventures, and now we find him dumped for dead on a very inhospitable planet. For the first 20 minutes or so we are taken along for the toughest moments, trying to survive with terrible injuries, awful creatures, unfriendly terrain, all of which do seem to give him a challenge. He doesn’t just instantly become super dude again, which is a good thing. He has to work at this staying alive thing, and that coaxed me into what would follow, more surviving but humans are the problem for most of the rest of the movie. Not just humans though, of course! If you have watched Pitch Black, you know what I’m saying.

Diesel ain’t so bad this time around. I say that with a history of not liking his style at all. He has become a mumbler in the Fast and Furious movies, and I was worried he would bring that to the Riddick world, but not too  much. He’s a man of few words, so it’s best when we can understand what he says, and for Riddick he does a fine job. He battles some crazy creatures and does some pretty intense stunts that were all fine. I don’t like long fight scenes or even long action sequences, they get boring. On this world, with these people and this hostile environment, it made sense and was always interesting. Speaking of people, the Mercs we have been hearing about in the other two Riddick movies make a meaningful appearance finally. Johns from Pitch Black finds a way to become a feature of Riddick, well done to the writers for doing it this way. I won’t spoil the whole thing, just say that the emotional character interaction is a good thing to have mixed in with the terminal danger lurking around the whole planet.

The cast is really good. I want to see a lot more of Matt Nable who plays Boss Johns. He’s intense and kick ass and emotional in the right ways. I think he made Diesel better in the scenes they had together. There is a woman on the planet, a Merc, who I can say is the weakest player in the whole thing. Well, that might not be fair, but I didn’t like her character at all, so that made me envision the same movie without her and it would have been even better.

Overall I had a good time with Riddick and it only makes me want more more more of his world. It’s stimulating and interesting, and it’s not just him, it’s the whole thing. More Necromongers for our next chapter, please.

Features: 6/10

  • Unrated & Theatrical Versions Of The Film – The Unrated version is the one true Riddick fans should go with here. A whole IMPORTANT subplot featuring a well-known character from the second film is completely removed from the theatrical version.
  • The World Of Riddick – Green screen galore here as we see how they brought this planet to life.
  • Riddickian Tech – Electric guns, hover bikes and spaceships. Here we see the technical details of the tech of the movie.
  • The Twohy Touch – Something about Twohy leaves a bad taste in my mouth, he has an air or pretentiousness and is very serious at all times. Regardless if you want to know how a new Riddick movie came about this is your featurette.
  • Vin’s Riddick – Riddick is absolutely the character Vin Diesel was born to play. It’s obvious he puts his heart and soul into the performance as his acting is so much better here than in the fast and furious series.
  • Meet The Mercs – The Mercs are pretty much the equivalent of the teenagers we meet at the start of most horror films. They are here to be killed in a variety of horrible ways. Here we see some behind the scenes footage and interviews as we meet each Merc individually.
  • Riddick: Blindsided – A promotional motion comic similar to the Dark Fury anime released a few years ago.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
Not too bad, I must say. I don’t usually like the star being featured on the cover, but this photo is alright. He captures the vibe of the movie, and it’s got the ominous gold glow that a lot of these worlds we visit in Riddick’s universe  have. I am not sure if I would have it as a poster. Hmm I’ll have to think about it. The menu is what it is, navigation.

Audio & Video: 9/10
The Riddick films have always been good-looking Blu-Ray’s in fact for the longest time the second film had been used to showcase the Blu-Ray format in many store demo kiosks. Riddick is no different with a 1080P AVC encode that makes this 38 million dollar budget movie look like it cost at least three times that. Some of the special effects are a little on the ropy side and it shows since the disc looks so good. Black crush and edge enhancement are nowhere to be found, this is a great looking movie that fans are going to love for years to come.

2014 is now with us and if Riddick is the standard of audio everyone else has to compete with we are in for a fine year. This HD-Master Audio 5.1 track is impressive from start to finish. Huge explosions, squishy decapitation’s and all the noise an alien planet brings with it leaps around your room and makes your ears bleed. Graham Revel’s Riddick theme is used a lot during the movie and it’s quite amazing how much you identify with it after only two movies. This is standout stuff that Riddick fans will be lap up.


Overall Score 7.5/10