Quantum Of Solace Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10:
I”m not into guns, but this image of Bond kinda does it for me. Don’t tell Mr. Cidtalk:) It’s in line with the cover of Casino Royale, but it’s a copy. Craig’s face looks a bit odd, like the 3D game version, and the flaming pile in the background doesn’t give me that “ohhh intriguing” interest. I just like it. The menu emulates the computer touch screen interface in the movie, but less fun and less interactive.

Features: 6/10

  • Another Way To Die Music Video – Ugh
  • Bond On Location Featurette – If you like very produced, promotional type extras, this is right up that alley. It’s good, but there’s not much to learn about how the movie was made. It’s a superficial look at making a Bond movie.
  • Olga Kurylenko & The Boat Chase Featurette – Briefly Olga talks about how she was afraid to do some scenes. Did I say brief? It’s about 3 minutes.
  • Director Marc Forster Featurette – Another brief talking head interview with some love fest for the director thrown in.
  • The Music Featurette – How does the movie happen? A guy sits at a few computer screens and keyboards, pounds out the score, and then takes it to an orchestra. It’s interesting, but kind of flat..get it? Flat? Music? Score? Right.
  • Crew Files Behind The Scenes Clips – More talking heads, around the sets, views of making the movie by producer, writer, etc.
  • Theatrical & Teaser Trailers – Teaser? Yea, right.

The Movie: 8/10
I”m a fan, not a geeky obsessive fan, but a fan of Bond movies. It started a couple of years ago when Ascully and I decided to watch the entire series (to date). For a few weeks we watched at least one a day, and couple days we went as high as four! I was hooked on every single Bond dude, and that continues to this day with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Daniel Craig.

We watched Casino Royale again and immediately watched Quantum of Solace, which truly makes for one big excellent action adventure flick. It was a seriously fun and satisfying movie watching experience. I don’t know how else to describe it.

I don’t nit pick. I don’t even see things that tweak  my “oh how hokey or unrealistic” meter. I just go with the flow and get lost in the whole thing. So, if you find things to moan about, well, you are being bitchy..get over and and just enjoy the Bond world for what it is. In fact, this section of the Bond series doesn’t offer much in the hokey department anyway, it’s more based in a  hyper reality of pain, suffering, stunts, and action.

That being said, Quantum of Solace has everything a good Bond movie and story is designed around. There is a darkening of Bond’s heart, due to the love of a woman, of course. We get to see how he becomes bitter, but driven by heartache, revenge, and devotion to his role in the bigger picture of saving the world now and then.

The women of Quantum of Solace are fantastic. M, Fields, and the star of the show, Camille, they are all tough, smart, amazing to watch, and yet give Bond a hint of what he needs, to save the day. We can see him fall for each one in a certain kind of way, and therefore he’s gathering up a crustier exterior with a softer gooey center…. hmmm

The stunts are awesome, even if I was more excited by Casino Royale moments, they never fall flat. I’m not a fan of the boat chases or plane drama, but hey, they have to get action in all corners of “reality” so I’m open to it.

The locations are exciting, exotic..but then again, when does Bond ever just stick around the house? Never. I feel like I have traveled vicariously through all of these movies and hopefully they will find even more places for me to go in  years to come. The world is a small place though, they might have to go back to the moon:)

I can’t actually say enough positive things about this segment of the Bond story. I hope to watch it again, with Casino Royale, when the next movie comes out. And, then again and again:)

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
As always with Bond movies on Blu-Ray, this is a top notch presentation using the latest AVC codec in stunning 1080P High Definition. Quantum Of Solace is one of the most colorful well presented films I have seen for a while. The scenes in the Dessert Hotel are alive with orange hues and perfect blacks, while the scenes at the beginning portray the stunning island paradise with cool blues and greens. I saw no instances of Edge Enhancement or Haloing throughout the feature. As usual it was pretty much an excellent presentation.

Audio keeps the quality going even higher. It’s so impressive, from the opening song by Jack White & Alicia Keys to the stunning opera sequence the 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio handles the job perfectly. As I said in the podcast, I gauge the level of bass in a movie in our home theater by looking at a stack of Blu-Ray discs on the shelf after the feature. If they have fallen over from the bass rattle it’s an impressive sound mix. This time they were lying down and then some.

Value: 6/10
This disc doesn’t have enough extra goods to make it worth the full Blu-Ray price. If you are a Bond fan you HAVE to see it, so get your hands on it with a rental plan online, or a real life rental place in your own town. The extras are slim pickin’s, which doesn’t bump up the value for cash element.

Overall Score 8/10