Prom Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
Prom is a little bit of a mash up of recent and older teen movies.  We have good girl meets bad boy, geeks who can’t get a date, and enough sugar to fill a candy store.  The Disney movie features a host of good looking kids, from various backgrounds and cliques, trying to pull together for the last final high school fling; prom night.  The movie is fun, cute, and short, and is a decent little watch, for what it is.  I found myself comparing Prom to teen classics like 10 Things I Hate About You ( which it most closely resembles) and movies like the Breakfast Club (chasing kids through school hallways).  I guess that is not a bad thing, and considering that the viewers of this new movie may not have a clue about those older movies, why not claim the similarities as being an “homage” instead of being a blatant rip-off.  But I digress.

Prom is about a group of kids.  We have the class president good girl Nova (Amiee Teegarden) who has spent months planning the school’s prom, only to see all of the decorations burn 3 weeks before the actual night in question.  Faced with starting over, she finds herself the only person able to work on rebuilding save for rebel Jesse (Thomas McDonnell), who is forced to help with the decorations, or face not graduating.  Jesse is the classic bad boy, with long hair, a leather jacket, and a motorcycle.  Jesse is the misunderstood softy who hides behind his hair and fists.  Of course the two end up discovering that there is more to a person than their outside appearance, and when Nova’s flake of a boyfriend bails on her, she works with Jesse to create a new prom, and the two end up falling for each other.

But Prom is also about Lucas (Nolan Sotillo) who is a sophomore who falls for Simone (Danielle Campbell).  The main problem here is that Simone has had a fling with football star Tyler, who just so happens to be seeing someone.  In other words, Lucas is second fiddle, and it takes a while for Simone to see just what is going on.

I think you get the picture.  We also have comedic relief in Lloyd, who wants to take a girl to the prom, but can’t seem to pull the whole asking part correctly, and Mei and Justin, who have dated sinc ethe 8th grade, adn who are dealing with splitting up for college, even if they don’t know it yet.

Prom is a cute, intertwined kind of movie that really was not as bad as this summary makes it out to be.  The acting by this young group is decent, and the story, while overly predeictible, moves along at a decent pace.  Overall this was fun little high school movie.

Features: 7/10

  • Last Chance Lloyd Short – This 10 minute long extra goes into more depth about Lloyd, the poor sould who just can’t seem to properly execute a prom invitation.  He seems to try to invite just about every girl in the school, and he fails miserably each time.  It is an interesting short, and it more further develops one of the better (read funny) characters in the movie.
  • Bloopers – Standard bloopers, said by the excessively cute cast.
  • Deleted Scenes – There are four extra scenes that were cut from the movie.  They actually are some decent scenes, and the seem to give the movie a bit more depth, but of course, they were cut from the final product.  Each scene is introduced as well.
  • Putting On Prom – Your classic behind the scenes extra, Putting on Prom is an amazingly short (6 minutes) feature that is pretty straight forward.
  • 7 Music Videos – There are a gaggle of music videos here, which even for Disney seems over the top.  We get to see videos from bands like Allstar Weekend, Neon Trees, Moon, Nolan Sotillo, and Girl in a Coma.  The videos mainly feature more scenes from the movie.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – No digital version, but the standard DVD is featured here.  I would definitely watch on Blu-ray, as the video for this release is steller in high definition.

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover for Prom is not bad actually, with most (where is Lucas, who had just as big of a role as Lloyd, if not a bigger role) of the cast sitting in a high school hallway.  It’s cute, and will it definitely sums up the movie.  The menu features a lot of “high school” type artwork and writing, with photos and such.  It reminds me a bit to much of Napoleon Dynamite, as well as a host of other movies using the same “feel” for their menus.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Wow.  For a movie like this, the video was jaw dropping.  The clarity and pop for this 1.78:1 widescreen 1080p presentation is simply stunning.  The movie was apparently shot using a new Arri Alexa digital camera, which obviously produces some amazing shots.  The audio is decent, but nothing spectacular like the video, which again is stellar.  The 5.1 Surround Sound is paringly used here, and the movie, while sounding okay, lacks a bit of depth from bass and proper  use of the rear speakers.

Value: 5/10
It is kind of hard to put a value on this type of movie.  It is a good movie for what it is, but aside from a select group of pre-teens, the replay value on this type of movie is very small.  The music videos and extras are decent also, but Prom is still kind of a thing you only want to experience once, so as not to ruin its oveall effect.

Overall Score 6.5/10