Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Yuck. I hate the cover. It’s boring and standard and whoever designed it was trying to hard to make it look more serious and credible than it is. The embossing doesn’t save it for me. That raised image of Jake’s relief, well, it’s just not enough to overcome the dullness of the overall lackluster effect this cover has on me. Yes, I see the gold and the shiny stuff, but that’s not enough to make it interesting. I would not have this as a poster. I can think of so many good images from the movie that would have made an awesome poster and cover for the DVD, but they didn’t call me for my opinion, so there ya go.

Features: 8/10

  • Cine explore Mode – You can watch the movie again and use the pop up sword thingy to access each extra, or go to the index and choose them straight from a list. I like the list. The segments are only a couple of minutes each and they are well made. It’s behind the scenes, interviews, how shots were created, how actors were trained for certain combat and movement. It’s a fairly substantial collection and enough for me to fill in my vast curiosity about this movie. (hmm)
  • Deleted Scene – ONE deleted scene that seems harmless enough, but could have changed the audience’s whole view of a certain character, and thusly the entire story and other characters.

The Movie: 6/10

I’m saying Prince of Persia is just above average for 3 reasons specifically:

  1. The accents
  2. The bad CGI
  3. Too many attempts at comedy, too much trying to be serious, no balance.

The accents were just strange. An almost all British cast with no attempts at accents other than their native English twang. We get one American who has miraculously grown a British accent just for the ocassion. Why does he have to sound like the rest of the cast if the rest of the cast doesn’t even sound like the people who are being portrayed in the first place?

The bad CGI through the movie was so obvious and ugly it was a real disappointment at times. A rolling sand storm looked like a copy and paste big chunk of tan on the screen. There was no blood, I’m not a blood fan most of the time, but you coud have turned this story more dark and had more blood and I think it would have been better.

Too many lame ‘comedy’ lines are tossed in to lighten the mood. I just do not like a flick that puts all those bullshit one liners in wherever there might be a few seconds of more subtle humor. It seems like either a big action movie with a hint of wit either works or it doesn’t For me, the eye-rolling chuckle wannabes in this movie, do not work.

As for the good stuff;

  • The sets are amazing
  • The performances are all good
  • It’s epic
  • I like the concept of the story

The sets are rich and the costomes are detailed, this is the mark of Mr. Bruckheimer. The lushness of every scene, even in the desert, makes the movie feel bigger and more substantial than it really is. I loved looking at the market, the city, the landscape, the soldiers, citizens, everybody. They fit into a world of color and shapes and design that made me want to crawl into the picture. That is if they could promise that it wouldn’t be hot and sweaty, and I don’t think they could do that considering they were filming in Moroco and it’s flippin’ hot in that corner of the world.

The performances range from too silly to very serious, but no one does a disservice to the movie. The corny factor goes up pretty high sometimes, it’s not the fault of the actors though. I say the director and the big mamoth Disney needed to let things be more fun and less “hardy har har” sometimes.

This story spans a desert, goes to an amazing city or two, and aside from the fact that you can turn back a little bit of time, it feels like it lasts a lot longer than it is, but in a good way. I was’t in love with the movie, but it feels substantial and around every other line or scene i found something liked.

The concept of the story is a valient fairy tale of sorts. The sands of time are protected because if released they can destroy everyone. The king found on little pitiful kid in the market interesting, and orphan who became a prince….yada yada yada. You get the idea. It’s about kings and princes and brothers of kings who are Ghandi. You can see it’s got a lot of room for good quality story telling:) Actually, it has it’s ho hum elements but I did care about what would happen more than I didn’t care. That sounds cruel and vague, but it’s honest and vague.

Overall it’s a fun time at the movies if you don’t mind the bits that are irritating me more and more as I think about them, and if you like adventure, sword fights that look a bit too staged, and watching a tough young woman kick some ass once in a while, you need to give it a try.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
As with most Disney releases Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time is a beautiful AVC encoded transfer. In fact, for such a mediocre movie the transfer is so good it elevates the movie a little. From start to finish Dastan’s journey looks incredible. The fine layer of film grain present retains a film like quality that most modern movies do not exhibit. No signs of ringing, DNR, or edge enhancement get in the way of this STELLAR looking disc.

The DTS-HD Master Audio track is no slouch either with a rocking LFE channel that will bring the action right to your home theater. The only complaint I do have here is the opening narration on the movie is mixed a little loud and there are occasional “looping” issues but that is not the fault of the disc. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time might not be an art film, but what you get here is a brain off, summer rollercoaster ride right in your own home.

Value: 5/10
I want to say watch it for the fun of it, but don’t buy it. It’s a great one to rent for the weekend and enjoy along with the extras and then return it and get on with your life. If you are a Jake Gylenhal fan deep in your soul, fine, purchase the darn thing and keep it under your pillow.

Overall Score 5/10