Planet Terror Extended & Unrated Special Edition

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
This is an exploitation rip off, so the cover honors that. I’m not excited by it, but it does fit the whole vision of the film. Fair enough. The menus are action shots from the movie with bloody navigation. nothing too exciting to talk about really. Sadly average for a such a cool movie.

Features: 9/10

  • Audience Reaction Track – Man’o’man, I hate to hear the audience when I’m actually in the theater, let alone in the calm quiet of my house. However, these little filmmaker dudes love to hear the reactions, so they have made it so you can watch the movie and hear all the moans, groans, laughs, and boring comments. Watch at your own risk. I lasted about 2 seconds.
  • Commentary By Robert Rodriguez – This guy LOVES making movies. He’s interesting, cool, and really likes to talk about making his films, not just talk at you about the Hollywood experience of making a big budget flick.
  • International Trailer And Poster Gallery – I really love seeing the international versions of things. I have an international version of a husband, so I’m diggin’ this extra for sure 🙂
  • 10 Minute Film School – Ohhhhh Robert. If I weren’t happily married and you weren’t, well, a big time film maker with tons of money and girls dripping off your finger tips (not to mention 5 kids) I would soooo just eat you up. He’s totally in love with making movies, but in a groovy way, not with that mogul intensity of some of the big wigs in tinsel town. This is an excellent full length extra that covers everything from special effects to the in camera work they did to get the grossness to come alive. His good buddy Quentin joins him to talk about how things went down on the set. I love these Film School bits Rodriguez does. More more more.
  • The Badass Babes & Tough Guys Of Planet Terror – Rodriguez and Quentin T talking about why and how the movie ends up with 3 strong female characters. Oh, and the one with the missing brain too:)
  • Casting Rebel – Rodriguez loves to use family and friends in his movies, and this time his son is a major character. I won’t tell you what happens to the little dude in the movie, but I will say they filmed different versions of how his character’s story unfolds, just so the real life boy doesn’t get traumatized.
  • Sickos, Bullets, & Explosions The Stunts Of Planet Terror – More of the discussion of how the movie was made and a lot of details of how they made certain effects happen while trying to control the cash flow. I’m falling for this Rodriquez guy…he’s so smooth and chilled and….hmmm don’t tell my husband about my little infatuation with another man, he would be disappointed that it’s not Tarantino 🙂
  • The Friend, The Doctor, & The Real Estate Agent – More about how Robert Rodriguez likes to cast real life people from his real life. His doctor plays a doctor. His real estate agent plays a strip club sleazebag, and his friends (more than one) join the cast. Oh Robert, you are so cool. but then again, you didn’t call me up to be in any of your movies. Fine. It’s over between us.

Movie: 8/10
Yea, I give this DVD a 9. The movie is an 8, and why? Let’s explore. The concept is stolen from 70’s movies. The characters are strange, quirky,  but very interesting. The action sequences are what 70’s filmmakers would have loved to have had available to them. It’s kind of difficult to describe really.

We start with a husband and wife doctor team who seem to be having some issues. He’s a jerk and she’s doing something sneaky. And then there’s the military thing with gas masks, severed balls, and Bruce Willis. That’s worth some kind of excitement.

We know right away that something is going very wrong with the folks of this semi rural area. Zombie like peeps are roaming around gobbling up pop singers and chopping doctors to bits with bone saws. Ewwweeee..sounds good.

Enter the heroine, a stripper. Enter the hero, a guy in a leather jacket. We are headed for fun kids. Oh and then there’s the guy obsessed with making perfect BBQ and getting on the Food Network. The sheriff and his lackeys are obviously not prepared for what is about to happen, with all their citizens becoming mindless brain eating beasts. But hey, if they were prepared this wouldn’t be much of a movie.

I love zombie stuff for one reason, the overwhelming sense of doom. The thing that tells you that no matter what happens this will be the end of the world somehow, someday. It might not be in this movie you are watching, but when you stop watching, bad stuff is going to keep happening.

I don’t get that from Planet Terror, but that’s ok. There’s a chick with a machine gun for a leg, what more could I want?

The women are fantastic. Of course. The doctor with her anesthetizing needles of doom, used against her at one point rending her hands useless..ouch!! The heroine stripper with useless talents and a keen sense of sarcasm and coolness. They are excellent characters who actually move the story forward, solve problems, and add everything important to the movie overall. Oh, there are men in the movie too, cool.

Overall I love this movie for several reasons. Not just the crazy throwback to horror flicks of my youth, but it’s so much fun. If you are not a fan of heads blowing up or jokes about someone who has lost a leg to flesh eating zombies, you might want to go rent a Care Bears DVD and relax.

Value: 7/10
I want all DVD’s to be 10 bucks. So, that sets me up to think anything more than that is too much. Fine. For Planet Terror I would be willing to pay around 17 for this special edition, but that’s not what the price tag says. Let’s not forget that the rest of the movie, Death Proof ain’t anywhere to be found. So, we are paying full price for half the original Grindhouse experience. Not cool.

Planet Terror is, for me, a watch again in the future, so it’s ok to purchase. For everyone else, everyone not in the Tarantino or Rodriguez obsession club that is, it’s a great rental or NFlix/BBuster list. With the extras and such a cool movie, it makes for a great evening entertainment, or afternoon at work on the PC while no one is looking:)

Overall Score 9/10