Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Mans Chest

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover is what it is. Another installment of Disney’s pirate glory. The menu is up to par with The Curse of the Black Pearl. Our skull friend is back to welcome us and usher us from one menu to another. I’m impressed somewhat, but I would like to start expecting this same kind of attention to the package of DVD authoring. A little snazzy menu action can make a DVD more of a experience and less of a boring, slap the disc in and watch the flick kind of thing.

Features: 8/10

  • Games & Activities Liars Dice HD Game – I didn’t understand the game as I watched it in the movie, and then I still didn’t understand it when this cute little game on the DVD started. But you will be glad to know that after a few minutes of watching my husband play I now full understand Liars Dice. Sort of. It’s pretty fun and it works well. It’s got the strange loading here and there, but other than that, it’s got a lot of cut scenes filmed with some of the original cast and is all presented in 1080P HD.
  • Captain Jack From Head To Toe Featurette – This is a costume run down on the wobbly anti-hero.
  • Meet Davy Jones Featurette – How did they make that groovy tentacle beard look so cool? I’ll tell ya..or better yet, you can watch this extra. Old school CGI is becoming a thing of the past. These days they can put the actor in a motion capture suit and have him/her perform right on set with everyone else. To see the rest of how it works check out this Featurette.
  • Bloopers Of The Caribbean – hahaha hahaha hahaha people messing up is so funny, or not, you decide!
  • Audio Commentary – This seems to be a movie that most everyone involved had a great time making, so the commentary is lively and fun to listen to.
  • Much Much More – Much much more about says it all. You will be investing some time in these bits and bobs, so be prepared. Since it’s Blu-ray isn’t gonna work in your PC, you will have to commit to sitting in front of the TV for a while, unless of course your fancy-schmancy Blu-ray player/PS3 is on your desk. Dead mans chest not only features all the extras included on the previous 2 disc DVD it also includes all the extras that were previously only available on the extra disc that was a in store Best-Buy promotion. Overall you get the full archive of extras for this amazing movie.

Movie: 7/10
Elizabeth and Will are ripped away from their wedding day, pre-nup, only to be arrested for helping their old friend Captain Jack out of trouble the first time we met them in The Curse of the Black Pearl. This begins the new adventure, or rather, continues the adventure of our affable trio and their crew. What does that mean exactly? It means more sword fighting, more dirty fingernails, and a lot more slapstick comedy than I bargained for.

I liked it, ok. I wasn’t turned off by the raised kooky factor. Jack strapped to a pole, vaulting from one cliff to another with some fruit and cannibals involved. It’s not quite as gritty as I would have liked to see in this second in the trilogy. Yea, cannibals and stuff are kind of gruesome, but it’s got too many chuckles and site gags that remind me of Charlie Chaplin flicks to give it any kind of serious pirate edge.

I know it’s probably more fun for everyone to see the antics, bone cages, and other craziness, but I was more interested in the brutality of the Crackin. Now that’s a good character. A creature that can suck down a whole ship in one swoop of it’s many tentacles. Excellent.

Oh, and I won’t forget the amazing crew of the Flying Dutchman. These are characters who have been doomed to serve the captain of their ship, Davy Jones, and in doing so they are becoming part of the sea. From a hammer head shark/human hybrid to Jones himself, these dudes are mesmerizing for sure. I wanted Davy Jones to be in every scene, not only because he looks so cool, but I love Bill Nighy, the bloke who plays him. He’s the jewel of this movie for me.

There are no moments I can think of when the CGI or stunts look questionable. That helps with keeping me in the story. It looks incredible and along with that I do like the heart of the story, even if it’s got too much light heartedness here and there.

The seas are being tamed by the growing presence of the East India Trading Company. This means they are trying to stamp out pirates, who are horrible as we know, but it also seems to be leading to everyone losing their freedoms and variety in the fabrics of different culture to big business. Sound familiar?

Twists and turns and questionable loyalties get a kick start in Dead Man’s Chest, which will lead us to World’s End, but that’s another review. This is not a stand alone movie, that’s no mystery. You do need to experience the whole set to get the full throttle viewing pleasure.

I wouldn’t normally say that a movie needs to be measured with it’s prequel or sequel, but these movies are unique. It’s the whole shebang that matters here, and in that shebang Dead Man’s Chest holds it’s own, it just didn’t give me the thrill of the Curse of the Black Pearl. What will At World’s End bring..hmmm?

Video & Audio: (By Ascully): 9/10
Another home run for Disney just like Black Pearl, Dead Mans Chest comes to Blu-Ray Disc in style, infact the quality of the picture and sound on the second movie is slightly better than the first. 1080P video and a stunning uncompressed PCM soundtrack that will literally blow your house down, there isn’t a better way of experiencing Pirates in the home.

Value: 5/10
You can refer to any of my comments on the value of Blu-ray discs. I didn’t make the industry move to something new. I didn’t demand that they invest more cash in their movie making or DVD transfers. So, I’m not too happy about having to pay extra for my in-home version. However, I understand the quality is better, that’s not the issue. A DVD, regardless of the technology, should not cost more than it does to fill my gas tank. Come on people, give us our movies for less than $20, you won’t go broke!

Overall Score 8/10