Peppermint Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Don’t kill anyone a woman loves. It’s bad news for you, for them, for her, but mostly for you. I know Peppermint taps into some basic instincts here, mama bear avenging the death of her family, and it can seem awful straight forward and overly contrived in a way that’s borderline absurd…but I like it.

As I said, this woman loses her family to violence. She’s understandably distraught and depressed, but when the criminals responsible are let off the hook by a corrupt system…she loses her shit! Yea, I mean like she goes under ground, learns a bunch of stuff about weapons, learns how to track people, how to do hand to hand combat, how to use explosives, and how to bring you down if you were that dude who orchestrated the killing of her family. Again, don’t mess with mama bear…she knows how to blow you up.

I like it.

I can’t account for the flaws, and there are a lot. The number one thing, and it’s trivial I know, but her hair..her friggin’ HAIR is so awful. If it’s not a wig, why did they make it look like a scruffy wig? Deep breath….it looks so bad it’s distracting sometimes, so I had to get over that little hump. Other things like could she really learn all this stuff in 5 years is the question that floats around in my mind, but then I think about it and sure, if she truly committed herself to just becoming a killing machine every hour of every day, it’s plausible.

I don’t doubt her motivation or her drive or her choices. She seems like she’s on a straight path to get her mission accomplished, and I’m with her 100%, even with the wig.

The action sequences are pretty darn good, and her fighting is fun to watch. Jennifer Garner did her own stunts and fighting which made it that much more convincing when she was in the middle of a scuffle.

I can’t excuse the semi-lame “twist”, but I’ve leave that for you to find out when you watch it. It seemed kind of lazy and predicable. Other than that, I had some fun (if you can say it’s fun to watch a Rambo type flick with so much violence) getting into the nitty-gritty of her determination. The bad guy is a real dick which makes it that much better to see the journey to bring him down, but he has some crappy looping which is distracting, kind of like the wig. But hey, I can forgive a bit of technical skulduggery when the balance of the movie is pretty high quality, well paced, and looks really good to boot.

I would recommend Peppermint for a Friday night, beer, pizza, and a follow up movie, maybe Atomic Blond, S.A.L.T, or Red Sparrow, more leading women characters you might find interesting.

Features: 2/10

  • Justice (2 Minutes) – Short EPK piece nothing of interest at all here.
  • Director Commentary
  • Blu-ray, DVD & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 7/10
Peppermint comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Universal Home Entertainment and a 1080P AVC transfer. Weirdly Universal have chosen not to release a UHD version at this time. Peppermint is a pretty grimy, dirty looking movie and looks sharp and clean for the most part preserving the directors vision. I saw a little banding during some of the darker combat scenes but generally shadow detail is good and skin-tones are precise.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack does it’s job but never is as impressive as the onscreen action. Dialog is central and clean, LFE is absent for the most part, surround speaker action is mostly reserved for ambiance.

Peppermint is a mediocre presentation and not a film you will remember long after if ends. Fans of the action genre will find something here though.

Overall Score 7/10