Pan Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
What an adventure! That’s really all I want to say about Pan, but I’m sure that’s not enough to satisfy the review guild of Hmmm A story about Peter Pan, a pirate, some fairies, and Black Beard, what’s new about that? Oh, what’s Black Beard the pirate got to do with it you ask, I’ll tell you. He’s part of why a certain one-handed pirate became who he becomes and why a certain little boy becomes the boy who never grows up….at least according to this telling of the tale.

Black Beard is a colorful but dark character who brings a new kind of sinisterness to the whole world inside Neverland. He has his own motivations, living forever being one of them, and he’s really going to do anything to get what he wants. There are fairies in the mix and what will become my least favorite part of the movie, some natives to Neverland. I really did enjoy the movie, but the tribal part, not so much. It just seemed forced and while colorful, it didn’t fit for me.

I enjoyed the main characters, but our James Cook, well, his voice made me want to rip my ears off, other than that he was fine:) I like the cast, the music, the look of the whole movie, the adventure, and the feeling that this place exists and there is a boy who now exists with it. All that is worth watching. Cook’s voice is a minor detail.

For a trip to a fantasy world that truly has no grounds in reality, Pan is, as the Blu-Ray box says, enchanting. I don’t normally agree with boxes and that might be a tad bit strong, but I felt a bit enchanted as I was watching certain scenes, so it’s appropriate.

Features: 6/10

  • Never Grow Up: The Legend Of Pan (10 Minutes) – A featurette which tells of the legacy of Peter Pan from the books through to this movie.
  • The Boy Who Would be Pan (6 Minutes) – Levi Miller the young man who plays pan is the focus of this short featurette. It’s mostly about how he was cast told with interviews.
  • The Scoundrels Of Neverland (6 Minutes) – A close up look at Blackbeard and his motley crew.
  • Wondrous Realms (5 Minutes) – A tour of Neverland which looks at the CGI wizardry it takes to make a movie like this. Beware though if you are over 5 years old you might feel like the narrator in this featurette is talking down to you.
  • Directors Commentary – Joe Wright has never done a big CG type film like Pan so his commentary mainly consists of him talking about how cool CGI is. He does have some interesting stories about how the film was made though so if you are a true fan of Pan you have reason to listen.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 7/10
I like the cover. I liked the movie. That means I might just have this poster in my house at some point.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Pan is presented in 1080P using the AVC codec at an average bit-rate of 24 mbps. While the bit-rate is slightly lower than usual for a Warner release I saw no evidence of artifacting or banding throughout the entire run-time. This is a colorful, wonderful looking film from the sets to the costumes and everything in-between. Pay special attention to Tiger Lilly’s camp where once the action begins the whole picture explodes with color. This is an impressive looking movie on the Blu-ray format.

Using the latest Dolby Atmos soundtrack Pan has a lively, compelling and surrounding track that makes you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. Dynamic range here is very broad which can lead to very LOUD moments so beware if you are playing late at night. Special mention should go to the score and the pop tracks used in the movie which come through crisp and clear.

Overall Score 7/10