Pacific Rim Uprising 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 6.5/10
I like Science Fiction. Correction, I LOVE Science Fiction. It’s a genre I have always had a soft spot for, ever since I fell in love with the original Star Trek series in reruns when I was a kid, Battlestar Galactica (original), and any episode of any TV show that included aliens and outer space. I might be biased for a movie like Pacific Rim Uprising. I admit that fully. Giant monsters destroying a city in the future with humans barely able to defend our little planet and way of life…hell yea! I’m in! I won’t claim the story or the characters are amazing, no they are not. They work for me though. I appreciate the idea of creatures of another dimension coming through to our plane of existence to cause havoc with us puny humans. The only issue I do have with the story is that teraforming the Earth, well, it’s a bit of a tired little concept without some bigger story that goes with it.

Don’t dig too deep, definitely not to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean..:) It’s not a thinker kind of movie, it’s a WOW kind of flick. I’m happy with WOW sometimes when it brings me into a time and place and circumstance that makes my eyes open wide and I say, “Whoa!” every once in a while.

I’ve watched a LOT of movies in my life and what I find to be a theme with me is that if a movie has enough elements that keep me interested, excited or stimulated in my imagination, emotional or feeling or thinking, it can have a lot of CGI and dumb dialogue but still make me a happy movie goer. Pacific Rim does the trick for me, all the moving parts, even with weaker characters and writing, is balanced with my brain focusing so much on the idea of these creatures existing in my cinematic universe.

Overall I would watch it again for a good time at the movies, popcorn in hand and follow-up with a few episodes of Star Trek:)

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes (7 Minutes) –10 deleted scenes with optional director commentary.
  • Hall Of Heroes (3 Minutes) – John Boyega narrates a look at the Jaegers in the movie.
  • Bridge To Uprising (5 Minutes) – Cast and crew look at what it took to bridge both Pacific Rim films.
  • The Underworld Of Uprising (4 Minutes) – A look at the back story of the characters.
  • Becoming Cadets (6 Minutes) – The films secondary characters are given a deep dive.
  • Unexpected Villan ( 6 Minutes) – There is a big twist in the middle of the film and to tell you what this extra is about would ruin the movie.
  • Next Level Jaegers (5 Minutes) – Another look at the Jaegers including concept art from early drafts of the script.
  • I Am Scrapper (3 Minutes) – Pacific Rims version of Bumblebee is discussed here.
  • Going Mega (3 Minutes) – A look at the Kaiju and what happens when three group up.
  • Secrets Of Shao (3 Minutes) – A look at one of the film’s key heroes.
  • Mako Returns (2 Minutes) – A look at Mako who makes her return from the first movie.
  • Audio Commentary With Director Steven S DeKnight
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Pacific Rim Uprising shines on 4K and Blu-ray with an intense transfer that is superbly crisp and colorful. The final battle which lasts a full half hour is so complex and full of action lesser transfers would fall apart. Universal have deployed a lot of bandwidth here to make sure it all stays together and never falls apart.

The Dolby Atmos track is good but not a prime example of the format. Action scenes are suitably intense and music and dialog never get in the way of each other. Surround effects move above you at every opportunity and LFE is handled perfectly in the mix.

Overall Score 6.5/10