Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6.5/10
The world of humans coming together to fight a foe from another world, this sounds intriguing! I am a Star Trek fan, not frothing at the mouth type, but pretty much I could watch it everyday of my life and be happy. That means I dig ideas about other-worldly beings, creatures, thinking or not thinking who are traveling our galaxy and universe for whatever reasons. Pacific Rim offers my Science Fiction loving brain something new in this realm to digest. Beings from another universe traversing a rift between and their motives don’t include having a cup of tea and getting to know each other. Ahhh the tangle of nature on a bigger scale, one species wanting to take all the resources of a world, exploit what exists and when it’s deadened, useless, they move on. Sound familiar?

The basic idea isn’t original, of course, but the way we meet and do battle with the bad guys is something new. Giant oceanic type creatures, GIANT, not 10 feet tall, or even just as tall as a building, but GIANT GIANT COLOSSAL which I adore. Let me get this out-of-the-way though, the acting, dialog, and the 2-dimensional characters bordered on boring at times. I understand, it’s an action movie about aliens and giant robots, but there are a lot of movies with big action that also offer something good in the story and acting department.

The bits of painfully uninteresting interaction between our leading man and various characters could have dragged the whole movie down, but then BAM we get to watch gigantic things crumble cities, and each other as if it were really happening in the world I am familiar with, which brings me back to being entertained. The drama of the characters’ relationships felt so basic I felt myself just waiting for the next big battle, and that is not like me at all. I like big action, not big fights, which is what this movie is all about, the fights. I think my brain was just so excited to “see” these contentious creatures and spark my imagination the fighting kept me ensnared in the overall experience.

A hero with a broken heart because of his dead brother, it’s sad, yes, but cliche enough to make me not really care about him at all. A young woman, however, who we don’t know much about, and as the movie goes on it is revealed to us I care, a lot. The performance of the young woman and her younger self are the stars of this show, for sure. Everyone else is pat, flat, unengaging. To sum up, focus on the young lady, the giant robots, and the very cool creatures from another universe, or dimension, whatever. That will save it for you. If you just like the simpleton he-man testosterony malarky with rivals wanting to duke it out, you will just be able to let it wash over you with mediocre bliss.

For me, Pacific Rim is a very fun, action packed, “we must defend the Earth” kind of tale, which is fine and dandy. For more, I will look elsewhere, like the classic Armageddon:)

Features: 10/10

  • 14 Focus Points – The main movie disc contains a series of Focus Points which are far more than your usual EPK style featurette. Director Del Toro sits down and explains the movies main scenes the focus points break down like this.
  • A Film by Guillermo del Toro (4:47)
  • A Primer on Kaijus & Jaegers (4:09)
  • Intricacy of Robot Design (4:53)
  • Honoring the Kaiju Tradition (4:30)
  • The Importance of Mass and Scale (5:45)
  • Shatterdome Ranger Roll Call (5:39)
  • Jaegers Echo Human Grace (4:01)
  • Inside the Drift (4:36)
  • Goth-Tech (4:39)
  • Mega Sized Sets (8:54)
  • Baby Kaiju Set Visit (3:07)
  • Tokyo Alley Set Visit (3:17)
  • Orchestral Sounds from the Anteverse (4:04)
  • The Directors Notebook – Del Toro is famous for keeping an intricate notebook of production. The second disc in this set contains a digital version with inlaid video clips and concept art.
  • The Shatterdome – An archive of the film’s production assets, including concept art and video clips.
  • The Digital Artistry Of Pacific Rim – A 17 minute look into the heart of ILM who were responsible for the ground breaking special effects in the movie.
  • Deleted Scenes – Four deleted scenes none of which really add anything to the movie.
  • Drift Space – The film has four sequences where we see inside the characters memories, here we see how they were achieved.
  • Blooper Reel – If you are a fan of the hyper annoying Charlie Day these bloopers have you covered.
  • Director Commentary – Guillermo Del Toro is one of those rare directors who really wants you to experience everything about the making of a film. This comes across in anyone of the commentaries he has put out so far. Here he goes into major detail on every facet of the film and if you are a fan or a fan of film making in general you are in for a real treat.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Pacific Rim comes with a cool lenticular slipcover which showcases the Kaiju and the Jaeger’s. The menu is themed, and that’s about it.

Audio & Video: 10/10
OK here we have it 2013’s perfect audio/video transfer. Pacific Rim may be light on story but you will be hard pressed to tell if the Kaiju’s and Jaegers in the story are not actually real. The 1080P AVC Encode is as impressive as it was theatrically with director Guillermo Del Toro’s neon lit vision of the near future literally springing to life right in front of your eyes. No issues with contrast or black levels here as everything looks exquisite, skin tones are also spot on. I can’t actually find a fault so lets move on to how this beast sounds.

You get two versions of the soundtrack on the disc a 7.1 and 5.1 version, both of these will shake your room (I needed to turn my volume down a little from its usual listening position). LFE activity is about as monstrous as you will experience with every explosion and building making your room shake to its core. Dialog is centered and LOUD and surround activity is constant and clear. You want a showcase audio/visual treat for your home theater Pacific Rim is it!!!!

Value: 6/10
For a night of big action and maybe even the added discussion about whether there are living creatures on other planets in other galaxies, other universes, other dimensions, that will make it worth the rental price. I don’t need this on my shelf, so the purchase price doesn’t factor in for me. If you just NEED big robot movies, you’ll buy it no matter the cost:).

Overall Score 6.5/10