Overlord 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7.8/10
We do love to revisit the past, the discoveries, the triumphs, the inventions, the tales of humanity….and the wars. WWII is one of the most retold stories, or the time in our human history when writers love to add fictional tales to what was already a horrific world wide human caused devastation. So, here is one more addition, with a fictional horror woven in for that modern touch.

I shouldn’t say “zombies”, especially with quotation marks. It makes me sound like a pretentious snob, but there really isn’t any other way to describe what kind of creatures we encounter in Overlord. They were dead people, and then they came back to life and they are gross and disgusting….oh but very powerful. These are not the zombies of our good old Walking Dead, or even 28 Days later, or Night of the Living Dead, or Return of the Living Dead, etc. These are back from the dead with an extra nasty side effect, they can still think. For me they have created a kind of monster that really is scary, and I don’t really feel that very often in movies these days. I know they are kind of cartoony or over the top, but I can imagine one coming at me and my movie watching brain doesn’t overthink, it runs away.

The bigger story, of course, isn’t just about resurrected soldiers meant to be weaponized for the Nazis, it’s about the people. We meet our group of soldiers, become endeared to them, and then…..well, zombies. It’s a classic ensemble group. We have the nice guy, the tough guy with a heart of gold, the fearful guy, the tough young woman, the child, the hard ass sergeant….and well, zombies. 🙂 I shouldn’t joke really, they tell us a very solid war story, the people are fighting for their lives, trying to push back the Nazis in France, in what seems like hopeless odds. They don’t let us forget the grit and ugliness of real human conflict, which is a really good way to balance out the more fantasy side of the tale, the side with the monsters and possible ancient magic goo that’s been hidden under a small village for thousands of years.

If it sounds like an odd combination, it is, and yet with the quality of the performances, and the really really good sets, costumes, and action sequences, this turned out to be a fun, scary, sad, though provoking movie.
I would say if you want to have a mini zombie/Nazi horror-fest on a rainy weekend night, watch this followed by Dead Snow, and Dead Snow II.

Features: 7/10

  • Creation (11 Minutes) – A look at the themes of the film and how the script and casting came together.
  • Death Above (7 Minutes) – A look at the opening sequence in detail.
  • Death On The Ground (9 Minutes) – A closer look at the special effects used on the opening sequence and the actors performances inside the plane.
  • Death Below (6 Minutes) – A look at how they merged a war movie with a horror movie almost seamlessly.
  • Death No More (12 Minutes) – Focusing on creature design and effects.
  • Brothers In Arms (5 Minutes) – JJ Abrams discusses how he put the team together.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray &  Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 9/10
Paramount bring Overlord home with a 4K/Dolby Vision transfer that is a significant upgrade from the included Blu-ray version. Deep blacks, bright whites and exceptional detail are what you can expect here with a reduced noise in the darker scenes in 4K.

The Dolby Atmos track is a major showcase for what multi directional surround sound can do. This track is Intense with a capital tense and turns everything up to 11.

Overall Score 7.8/10