Open Season 3 Blu-Ray Review

“Open Season 3 is a straight to DVD release, featuring very few of the original voice cast from the oringinal (or for that matter Open Season 3).”

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover for Open Season 3 is a kind of mish-mash of apparently everything and everyone in the movie.  It is light and goofy, much like the movie.  The menu is at least not completely static, but it is a strange mash of pop ups of the main characters over a circus backdrop.  Strange, but not horrible.

Features: 2/10

  • Progression Reel – The progression reel is a walk through of the opening sequence of the movie, from story board to finished product.  It is a neat progression, even if it is extremely short.
  • Boog’s Cannon Blast Game – This is another of those strange DVD remote type of games that is not really a game, and loses interest within mere seconds.
  • Interactive Rabbit Splat Mode – This is another strange inclusion, where you can thow rabbits (an integral part of the Open Season franchise is rabbit harassment) at the movie as it is playing, and then wipe the screen of the critters.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – Of course there is a DVD version of the movie, but interestingly not a mobile version.

The Movie: /10
Open Season 3 is a straight to DVD release, featuring very few of the original voice cast from the oringinal (or for that matter Open Season 3).  The revolving door for voice talent does not really take away to much from the movie itself thought, as the work here is just as good as the other two movies.

In this third Open Season Boog (Mathew J. Munn) finds himself kind of on his own, as most of his mates, including good buddy Elliot (Matt Taylor) are just a bit busy to head out for a guys night.  Boog, easily the most laid back bear since Baloo in the Jungle Book, has decided that he needs to find somewhere where he can find people like him, who understand what it is like to be a bear.  He ventures off and discover a travelling circus, and runs into Doug, who is basically a circus bear who wants out.  the two hatch a plan where Boog helps Doug escape from the circus, and Boog agrees to hang around while Doug goes off and promises to come back and get Boog when he discover Bearvana, when in actuality Doug just wants out, trapping Boog at the Circus.

Boog’s friends decide that they have to help Boog out, and run off to find him, as Boog at first struggles with the circus, only to discover that he actually kind of enjoys the group, even though they are a bit strange (see the spitting llama).

Open Season 3 is a lighthearted movie that is fun for kids, but perhaps not so fun for most adults.  The story is simplistic and the humor is straightforward, and it kind of works, even though we have a whole new set of voice talent, and a sub par straight to DVD release.  The movie is cute, but not great.  I will admit that the rabbits are hysterical, and that I can’t get enough of them.

Audio & Video: 7/10
I was very impressed with the video for Open Season 3.  This is not your average straight to Blu-Ray/DVD fare, as the presentation is pretty solid throughout.  The CGI is a little bit less than what you would expect from a full theater release movie, but it was up to par for what I expected with this type of movie.   The audio was decent as well, with the 5.1 DTS-HD sounding good throughout the comedy.  The overall audio experience was of a pretty good quality throughout.

Value: 5/10
This is another Open Season movie, and honestly who would have thought that there would be 3?  It is not a bad little movie, and my son is quite fond of it.  The story is easy to follow, and while it is not what you would call a strong story, it gets the job done for what it is.  The extras are pretty weak, and the overall movie is not going to keep many adults engaged, but for kids, this will work out perfectly.  The humor is pretty well done for this type of release as well.

Overall Score 6/10