One Missed Call (Blu-Ray)

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover is creepier than the movie. That is the best I can come up with. The spooky face leads you to believe you are in for a scary ride, which is a nice thought, but the movie doesn’t deliver much scare, so the cover is like putting a Pepsi label on a Coke bottle…

The menu is functional, that’s about it. The move starts when you put in the disc, as per the Warner Brothers’ way, so the menu isn’t even necessary for this disc since there are no extras.

Features: 0/10

  • None. Heartbreaking.

Movie: 5/10
Watching a scene in a movie that I know will creep me out later in a dark hallway or outside in the night is somewhat of a secret mild fetish of mine (Yes, I know what a fetish is.). I used to hate being scared when I was a little kid, but that turned into a strange fascination as I got a little bit older. Now that I’m all grown up and really dig the idea of breaking out of the daily routine of life with some harmless heart pounding fright, I’m always hoping to find it in each new horror movie wannabe. This movie didn’t do anything for me in the creepy fetish department.

Being scared is something I crave. It’s a wonderful sensation. I have wanted to find it again since those pre-teen days of Exorcist and the original Halloween, Friday the 13th, and even the later Nightmare on Elm Street. This movie didn’t scare me.

What did this movie do for me? I enjoyed looking at the leading young woman. I have to be honest. She could only be as good as the material she’s hired to blunder through, and as far as that goes, she does a fair job of it. I like most of the sets and environments they created. I have to be honest, a lot of the time when I was supposed to be watching the characters be scared I was actually looking at the set decoration. The houses they put the characters in look authentic and natural. A lot of these types of movies are not made by people who are that interested in the details of the background and forget to make things feel real. I think they did a good job of that in One Missed Call. The burned out hospital was kind of hokey and over the top, but hey, you can’t have everything.

What else did I like about this movie? I like Ed Burns. Did I like him in this? I’m completely neutral. He’s goodish, I’ll give him that. Again, I think he does the best he can with what he is paid to do it with. The script isn’t deep enough or clever enough and the dialogue always falls just a little bit short of engaging. It’s all a bit stilted and forced.

The story could be amazing, and if I ever get a chance to see the original Japanese film that inspired this version, I might find that amazement. I’m not that into the whole cell phone possessed by evil spirit thing, but anything can be entertaining if it’s done just right….IF it’s done right.

I think One Missed Call takes itself too seriously on one hand and is just too goofy on the other. It’s a strange and not successful combination. The theme is heavy handed and lays it on a bit thick by playing to people’s fears or traumas from childhood abuse. It seems inappropriate considering the type of horror flick it turned out to be. It’s not intense or thought provoking, just awkward. They toss Munchausen by Proxy in there for some more topical abuse familiarity in that psycho-babble kind of way.

If you are a fan of any kind of conventional horror formula movie with beautiful people as the victims, some unsettling (I’ll give them that) images and ideas, a lot of dialogue that tells you play by play what’s happening and leaves nothing to the imagination, you will enjoy One Missed Call. If you are a hard core horror aficionado, well, you will notice the flaws, the ripped off ideas, and the blandness. You might appreciate some of the uncomfortable moments that hint at being intriguing, but they pass quickly and won’t make this movie one to remember or revisit. That is unless it shows up on cable during the week of Halloween, like so many of these flicks do these days.

Audio & Video: (By Ascully): 6/10
While I wasn’t over enthused with the movie, I quite liked the presentation of One Missed Call on Blu-Ray disc, the VC1 encode looks pretty sharp with nice colors and black levels, the problem is the transfer is quite uneven while some scenes look amazingly film like some just look washed out and murky, I am not sure if the movie looked this way in theatres or its a problem with the transfer but like I said earlier its a mixed bag.

Audio is a different story, the movie uses the old school shock/scare tactic quite a few times and when those moments happen your speakers and subwoofer really get a workout. The movie comes with a uncompressed track and a Dolby Digital track the former being the one to use if you have the means.

Value: 4/10
I am not going to tell you to do something I wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t buy this DVD. I would possibly rent it one rainy Saturday afternoon with a few other middle-of-the-road horror flicks and compare to the classics, look for flaws, and make some fun of a few of the melodramatic moments.

Overall Score 5/10