One Day Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 2.5/10
One Day is a mess of a movie. It is long, boring, a bit pretentious, and inexplicably an unromantic attempt at a romantic comedy. The movie really did leave me scratching my head, because there is a lot of potential here for a great movie, but the execution is simply bad. Anne Hathaway is truly poor with her acting and accent, and there is not hint of chemistry between her and Jim Sturgess. I will readily admit that I do not get Anne Hathaway like so many others do. I saw her initially in the Princess Diaries, but I do not find her attractive, sexy, or even a good actress, and those who see this film will hopefully now see why I feel this way. (I am not excited about her playing Catwoman in the next Batman either.)

One Day starts in the late 1980’s, on July 15. The idea here is that we get to see the interaction between these two characters Emma and Dexter, in various years, but always on July 15. The movie starts off with the two of them graduating University, as they kind of hook up, and fail miserably, but become good friends. Emma is a bit of a homebody, and shockingly Dex is not. He is the life of the party, often times taking things to the extreme, yet they always seem to keep their friendship, and skirt the boundaries of becoming more.

In the early years it is apparent that Em is madly in love with the free spirit Dex, but he does not hold the same feelings for her. We get to see the two of them as they grow older, with Dex parading around with beautiful girlfriends while Em slowly settles for second best, dating a really bad comic who is nothing like Dex, who she obviously pines for.

The years roll by and we get glimpses of the two of them as they stay in touch. Dexter has family issues, and drug and alcohol issues, and Emma struggles with the fact that she hates what she is doing, but as the years go by, they seem to cherish each other more and more. When they both finally grow up a bit, eventually they realize that perhaps they are meant for each other after all, until finally in Paris, they decide to try to out this whole couple thing.

Part of my problem with the movie is that it takes forever to get anywhere in the plot. I understand the build up, but the end of the movie is so strong and abrupt that it does not work with the beginning. It really is a bit predictable also, but the movie just seems to drone on until the last small bit, where things dramatically (for the first time in the film) start to move.

Along with that is the focus change, which occurs at the same time. We spend a majority of this movie from basically Emma’s point of view,band then are forced to see and try to feel things from Dex’s perspective, which is awkward and poorly done. In my view the movie would have been better if it was more Dex centric from the start, but then again, I don’t care for Anne Hathaway.

In the end One Day is a slow, unhappy ending movie with little chemistry, bad accents, and a mediocre story. I really did not care for it one bit, and aside from Jim Sturgess as a decent Dex, there was not a lot of redeeming value to the movie. My wife actually asked if it was named One Day because that is how long the movie seemed to take to watch.

Features: 3/10

  • Deleted Scenes –There are a few deleted scenes on the disk that are not missed. There is one with Dexter driving his car precariously while drunk and on cocaine that is interesting, but as a whole these scenes would have just made the movie seem longer.
  • Em & Dex, Through The Years –This is just a 4 minute short with interviews and scenes from the movie.
  • Anne Hathaway Bringing Emma To Life –This 2 minute feature focuses on Anne Hathaway and her portrayal of Emma, with the changes from the book.
  • The Look Of One Day –This 5 minute extra discusses the way that they attempted to make these two actors look both younger and older than they are in real life.
  • Director Commentary –Lone Scherfig is passionate about this movie and book, and her commentary shows it. It is just too bad that the movie is not all that great in the end.
  • Pocket Blu & BD Live –Universal still is pushing the Pocket Blu and BD Live, which are included here.

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
Well if there is one things quite like from the movie it is the cover. It is bold and uncluttered, and features a great kiss, and not some posed front view shot of the two main characters. It is a simple, effective cover that speaks volumes without overdoing it. No extra type on the front, just s nice solid cover. The menus are of course the Universal universal menu, with shots of the movie playing and the standard menu choices on the left of the screen.

Audio & Video: 7.5/10
I thought the video was pretty solid, with nice detail and color, and decent contrast where it needs to be to accentuate the scenes of the movie. Presented in 2.35:1 1080p AVC encoded widescreen, the movie looks good. The audio for me was a bit less dramatic, with solid dialogue but scarce use of the rear speakers or bass.

Value: 2/10
There is no real replay value for this movie based on the ending of the movie. The whole thing is not something that I would recommend, even if you are a huge Anne Hathaway fan, as this is not her best movie by any stretch.

Overall Score 3/10