Now You Know

Cover Art/Menu: 6/10
I’m not in the habit of being impressed by DVD covers, and this one hasn’t changed my routine. It’s got a few of the key players in the movie slapped on the cover without much else to catch your attention. The menus are actually kind of fun and rustic and cheap looking. Which, in this case, works for such an understated flick. In the scheme of all things DVD and entertainment, it’s not a very interesting package.

Features: 5/10

  • Commentary With Kevin Smith & Jeff Anderson – These guys are kind of knuckleheads when they get together, with their sarcasm and dry humor, but that’s what makes their commentary so fun to listen to. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but they both seem to really love making movies. So, if you are a Smith, Clerks, Randall, View Askew, Jeff Anderson fan, check it out.
  • Extended Introduction To The Film By Kevin Smith & Jeff Anderson – The intro is just that, these two talking about getting the movie made and some of the experiences Anderson had as a first time film maker. Smith compliments him a lot and they crack a lot of jokes in the space of just a few minutes. It doesn’t give away anything about the movie, so don’t worry about any spoilers.
  • Q& A With The Filmmakers – This is a pretty long question and answer session that has it’s awkward moments with Vulgarthon fans who seem like they might be still living with good old mom and have a Kevin Smith tattoo somewhere on their bodies, but hey, everybody needs a fan club.

The Movie: 7/10
Let’s give a big hand to independent movie makers of the world. Ok, stop clapping now and read. Independent has varying degrees as you speak to different people. I consider any film that’s made by the seat of the film makers’ pants, self gather funds, and cast without big bully Hollywood stars in mind, as independent.
Now You Know is a grass roots film with a lot of heart and more going for it than a lot of bigger budget, bigger name-packed pooper movies have going for them.

Jeff Anderson wrote, directed, and took a starring role in the movie so it’s got that certain personal feel about it. There is a certain distinct sense of humor, the kind where a tiny dog is in peril of being plowed over by a large lawn mower driven by a half tanked slacker staring at some chicks big bikinied gazongas. But don’t worry, it’s not all a romp in the land of grown boy/man gets a couple hundred thousand dollars to make his first movie and tosses in all the silly stuff he can think of, or get away with. It’s more like Anderson had a simple but good script about some goofy characters and threw in the love story, a good one, to give us all something to enjoy. US = men and women. Or so he says in the extras.

The love story is down to earth, interesting, and the cast play it very well. This is a heart felt tale of a broken engagement and both people are confused about why they are not going to have their wedding as planned. You do get the general sense that things will work out, but then again, it’s not that kind of movie, or is it?

Behind all the fluff and banter and modern day young people trying to find them selves and figure life out, which View Askew patrons and fans are familiar with, there is a solid story strung together with good dialogue, mischievous antics, and a well delivered message or two.

The look of the movie is past amateur status but not quite at that polished glitzy look that a lot of higher budget films hit the market with. I like the odd poorly delivered line of dialogue and the occasional risky camera placement choices. It all adds some flavor to the experience.

Value: 6/10
This is a fun and sweet kind of movie you will laugh at and maybe even make ya think a bit about relationships and junk like that. I liked it enough to hope that Mr. Anderson makes another film someday. Value: This is an independent film, for all intensive purposes, so I have to consider that in the price of the DVD. Let’s face it, these days for a movie to make it to a big scale DVD release it’s a pretty heft effort. So, for that reason I suppose the $15-$18 is a decent price for a fun light hearted movie and to know you are contributing to the smaller DVD market, which is cool. I would rather pay 7 or 8 bucks, but hey, I’m a cheapskate.
If you are a View Askew fan you will want to add it to your collection, but if you are just in the mood for a semi-whacky but heart felt comedy without the Hollywood glitz and glamour, it’s a great rental for sure.

Overall Score 7/10