Nocturnal Animals Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Getting lost in a story is one of the things I love about movies. Sometimes I get swept away, regardless of the world or characters, however sometimes I don’t. I liked Nocturnal Animals, but I didn’t get swept away. I was intrigued by the story from time to time, or should I say stories. It was just hard to get really sucked into the lives of the characters. The world is of a rich artist woman who is struggling with her lack of satisfaction in her life…big whoop. She starts to read a book written by her ex-husband who writes about a man who is ineffective in saving his family from a terrible fate…big whoop. I might sound harsh, but I truly did not care at all about these people. I was interested in their choices, some of their emotional damage, but overall their fate didn’t capture my imagination.

This is why, even though I enjoyed the movie, I was distracted often by the little things that didn’t work for me. Our rich lady, played by Amy Adams, never seems like someone to sympathize with. Adams is amazing, and there are moments between she and Gyllenhaal that did make everything melt away and I was watching those characters in that moment. The thing about the character though, she was just nothing. She was a self loathing, whiny, rich, vacuum of emotion. Gyllenhaal plays two different characters, both representing the same type of dude, and while HE is fantastic, the people he inhabited were flat, 1 dimensional.

The look of most scenes is artistic and designed and visually satisfying. This I noticed more and more as I lost a little umph for the characters. I supposed a movie that balances a bit of the blah with enough to keep my brain engaged is fine. It just got to be a slight bore when I realized that this woman’s whole view of herself and her relationship with her ex-husband was as 1 dimensional as the people living in the story. Unfortunate.

Overall I thought it was a very well made movie, well told story, uninteresting characters, and ultimately unforgettable.

Features: 5/10

  • Building The Story (4 Minutes) – A look at the story, characters and performances.
  • The Look Of Nocturnal Animals (4 Minutes) – A technical look at the cinematography used in the film.
  • The Filmmakers Eye: Tom Ford (4 Minutes) – A close up look at Tom Ford who is primarily a fashion designer.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 4/10
Hate it. I have a thing where my¬†eyes look at lines and shapes and images and get a bit romanced by basic designs, but then my brain is the voice of reason, “Pretentious crap”…and this cover made my brain take charge! I would not have this as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Nocturnal Animals was shot on film and features an impressive almost three-dimensional look to the movie. Rich in grain with deep dark blacks this 1080P AVC encode does everything right. Skin tones are very accurate and black crush is nowhere to be seen. This is a delicious looking movie that looks incredible on Blu-ray.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless track is subtle and understated. This movie is mostly a drama so it involves a lot of talking and that talking is central and very clear. Gun shots and cars screeching later in the film have a fair share of LFE effects. Music is also high priority here with lots of classical and rock music thrown into the mix.

Overall Score 6.7/10