My Sister’s Keeper Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
My Sister’s Keeper is a very moving movie, and the cover is a nice portrayal of some of the main characters of the movie.  The cover doesn’t give a lot away, and is a bit bland, but overall it is decent.

The movie starts right up, and the only menu of sorts is a background shot of Kate at the beach.  It is of course static.  With some of the Blu-ray releases we see this, where there is not really a “main menu” as the movie just starts, and you are able to make choices over a background screen or over the movie as it plays.

Features: 6/10

  • From Picoult To Screen – This 13 minute extra examines the transformation from the book, written by  Jodi Picoult, to the big screen.  This is sure to intrigue those who read the book first, and are looking to break down the differences between the two (yes, I know, the book is always better than the movie.)
  • Additional Scenes – There are several scenes that are included here that were not left in the movie.  Some are quite well done, but of course, as always, most cuts are made for a reason.
  • Digital Copy – There is a digital copy of the movie included here, but as my wife said, with this type of movie, why would you want to take it with you in public so that you can cry in front of people?  A good point, but they included the digital version anyway.

The Movie: 8/10
This is the sort of movie that you watch when you are not depressed.  You won’t leave the movie feeling great either, as this is a depressing movie, but a great one.  The story starts with 11 year-old Anna discussing the fact that she was basically created by her parents for parts for her sick older sister, Kate.  Kate has a terminal disease and her parents Brian (Jason Patric) and Sara (Cameron Diaz) decide to have another child in case Kate needs bone marrow transplants as her disease develops.

Anna loves her family, but hires a hot shot attorney (Alec Baldwin) to represent her as she attempts to become medically emancipated so that her parents can no longer use her as a “parts back-up” for her sister’s needs.  The family basically is forced into a civil war as Sara (somewhat overplayed in my opinion by Diaz) is another attorney who can’t seem to realise that Kate is perhaps on her last leg refuses to listen to Anna’s wishes.  A court battle ensues as Kate’s health truly takes a turn for the worse, and we see the family battle themselves as they are forced to deal with the ultimate outcome, which is Kate’s death.

There are a few twists and turns, and we get to see the family presented one by one in a unique way.  Abigail Breslin is exceptional as Anna, as are Patric. Baldwin and most of the rest of the cast.  With Kate’s character, we are shown a young girl of 15 who ends up being stronger than most of her family, and definitely more in touch with what is actually happening.  The flashbacks and subplots that evolve throughout the movie are touching and a great way of telling the whole story.  This movie is gripping, and it truly is an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

My Sister’s Keeper is a very well done movie and a great look at the hardships that families must examine and go through when dealing with a sick child.  This movie is a stark reminder of just how important family can be, and how delicate life can be.

Audio & Video: 7/10
The audio and video were basically underwhelming.  The video for me seemed to range between bright and sharp to dull and hazy, and there was no real justification for the changes.  While it was not bad overall, it just felt inconsistent.  This is a 1080p, VC-1 encoded 2.40:1 wide screen presentation.

The audio, which was very dialogue driven, seemed to be good in most parts, but there were several whispers that just were flat and hard to hear.  Again, not bad, but not great, and there just seemed to be no real depth to the movie sounds or score.  It is presented in Dolby TrueHD, 5.1 Surround Sound.

Value: 7/10
My Sister’s Keeper is a very solid movie.  While I did not read the book first, it seemed to stand up well on its own.  The performances were for the most part really good, and the movie was paced well.  This is not a “feel good” movie by any stretch, but it was well worth a watch for sure.  I really enjoyed My Sister’s Keeper, and I recommend a rental.  I am not sure that I can watch this tear-jerker over and over, but it is one to watch at least once.

Overall Score 7/10