Morgan Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
Morgan is a well made Science Fiction that dips it’s toe in the puddle our fascination with creating genetically mutated or altered life. I am totally a fan of that puddle. The idea of creating the “perfect” life form with strength, intelligence, and a way to control their behavior is what Sci-Fi was invented for back in the early days of cinematic history, they just didn’t know it yet. I mean, we can fly to other galaxies, explore the billion ideas of alien life forms, we can make cyborgs and robots and artificial life, but to take the human genome and alter it so the future generations of our species are changed in a way that we can never go back from, and that nature did not intend…hmmm good stuff.

I’m not saying Morgan is a great film. It has flaws, as they all do. It’s a bit heavy-handed in the caricature-ization of each character, and by that I mean they are caricatures with exaggerated traits but nothing beyond that, two-dimensional, flat, not fully rounded or deep in any way. There is the overly protective behavior scientist, the other overly protective character who I can’t really remember what she was but I think it was the Psychologist. We have the scientist couple who are overly protective, and the other science guy who is also, you guessed it, overly protective. This band of people have been growing and studying and nurturing Morgan from the time it/she was created under a microscope 5 years ago. Morgan has grown to look like someone in her late teens already, so we know she’s high-tech if she grows so fast:) These characters all fall into their own exacting decision-making categories, and never waiver, which is kind of boring.

The tone of the story is bleak, gray, literally. The whole place is gray and dull and even the woods outside are semi-dulled down. I realize we are talking about a potential creation that can darken our little puddle with some hard-core weird and dangerous shit, but hey, a little more color to make it seem like a real place would be nice.

I won’t go into the heart of the story much, it’s too easy to spoil. The idea is that the corporation that owns this “technology” is coming to investigate an attack by our Morgan on someone. They send someone to investigate if the project needs to be shut down. Well, shutdown means extermination, of course, and these scientists are not going to let that happen. It’s not complicated or interesting enough, sadly, to make it one of my go-to movies when I want a bit of futuristic action. It’s well made and brooding enough to be compelling while it’s happening, but even now a few days later I struggle to remember any big wow moments or even subtle “oh that was cool” moments.

It’s better than average, I’ll give it that. It has the touch of quality with the details in the sets and the overall atmosphere (other than the constant never-ending grayness), and the performances are all good. I would say if you like this kind of thing grab this one and grab another for a double bill, like Hannah or Blade Runner or any episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (because of Data:)).

Features: 7/10

  • Modified Organism: The Science Behind Morgan (20 Minutes) – A very interesting look at the real world science behind Morgan. Several scientists discuss how close we are to events that take place in the film and it’s nearer than you think.
  • Deleted Scenes (6 Minutes) – Nothing of note here but you can listen to commentary by the director while you watch.
  • Loom Short Film (20 minutes) – The highlight of the disc which is a short film that was made way before Morgan. Giovanni RibisiĀ stars in this precursor to Morgan.
  • Gallery – Stills from the film.
  • Audio Commentary By Luke Scott
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 5/10
The cover tries to give a glimpse into the story, but it doesn’t do much for me. I would not have it as a poster…the gray..oh the gray!

Audio & Video: 8/10
Morgan is presented in 1080P at a 2.39:1 aspect ratio using the AVC codec. Morgan is an interesting looking film that uses a lot of natural light to convey a certain mood. The transfer here is crisp and precise like a 2016 movie should be and has a lot of fine detail revealed in close-ups. Black levels are pinpoint precise and flesh tones while color graded match the theatrical release. Morgan is a great looking Sci Fi film.

The DTS-Master Audio 7.1 track is also quite good. The film is mostly made up from dialog and it comes across crystal clear and never muffled. Action scenes towards the end of the film have a suitable LFE thump and music is never intrusive and always prioritized.

Overall Score 7.5/10