Money Monster Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I am not one of the Clooney fans of the world, so anytime I see we are watching a movie with Mr. Hollywood I do tend to roll my eyes and hope for a hint of The American. It’s a movie with Clooney, look it up. I do like Julia Roberts, always have, so going in to Money Monster I was interested but not at the same time….and so it goes with how my mind works. Was I wrong to be skeptical? Yes. Did I end up like the movie? Yes. OK, is that the end of the review? 🙂 No.

With such big movie star power I am always afraid that if the movie has a message it will get lost in the glow of our tendency to focus on the famous faces. Money Monster rips that apart, the message is clear and most of the time I was not paying attention to the shining stars, so that’s a good thing.

A wacky rich TV personality who does one of those vulgar money management shows finally has someone call his bullshit. A young man shows up on the set with a gun and a bomb and a mission. At some point our Money Monster had recommended some stock to buy that was so safe our “anti-hero” took the chance and put all his money on that promise….and lost. So, you do the math. He’s pissed off, broken, hurt, and has a bone to pick with our cocky millionaire show off. The mission is simple, the dickhead who tells everyone how to spend their money and has no conscience when it comes to actually being trustworthy, needs to apologize and admit he was wrong. It sounds simple enough, but then you have the reality of the situation creeping in. The stock was valuable and then it was not, and how did that happen? Well, let’s imagine there might be another rich a’hole in the distance who also has no accountability with how he impacts other people’s lives. Right, so the story starts with one man annoyed with one other man, and then we get the whole of the Wall Street system in question, thievery on the highest level, immoral choices, and the truth. The truth is that there will never be a time, and never was a time when the jerks of the world who want to make a lot of money, gather a lot of currency and power, will ever ever ever ever care about the impact of their wealth on the rest of the world. It just is what it is.

The movie is action packed even though the action is mostly our starring man Jack O’Connell, NOT Clooney, doing an excellent job of being distressed, wildly unhappy about the situation, but still easy to sympathize with because of how he plays the part. Clooney is fine, he’s Clooney but this time he’s a bit more honest at time and not just him being him, can you tell I’m not on the George bandwagon? Julia Roberts is excellent as the director of the show. She doesn’t seem to be in it much and you don’t come away thinking “Wow, Pretty Woman is so awesome in this movie!”. It’s more like she fits the part and does an amazing job of being the person she’s supposed to be in the story. The cast is just right. I was along for the ride with everyone. No one was showboating, well, except the character Clooney plays is a showboater so that works in as it should.

The look of the movie is pretty straight forward. There is no fancy camera work or big effects or anything like that. It does take place mostly on a TV set so we get a lot of dynamic graphics and whatnot, but that makes sense. As for the plot or choices that take place…um…we will just skirt around that part because there are times when it became ridiculous, more ridiculous than you think it should be for the kind of story we are watching. I just reinforced my bubble of belief and went along for the fun of it. I wouldn’t say it’s a smart flick, or it made me think about anything I don’t already know about our world, but it is a good reminder of what kinds of choices I make and would make as a person, and that made me feel like a better human being than the scumbag who steals everyone’s money for his own gain. Any movie that makes me feel superior is worth it.

Features: 6/10

  • Deleted Scenes – Global Opening, Let Me Speak To The Quant and Molly’s Exit Rant.
  • George Clooney: Money Man (5 Minutes) – A look at Clooney’s involvement in the film. This man oozes charisma and it really shows here.
  • Inside The Pressure Cooker (10 Minutes) – A close look at the intense scenes in the film. Lot’s of interviews with Director Jody Foster.
  • Analysis Of A Scene: The Showdown (7 Minutes) – Cast and crew take a look at the ending of the film. Spoiler alert don’t watch until you have seen the movie.
  • Music Video – A boring rap video.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
This movie is so much better than that cover! I would not have this as a poster for one reason, BORING! Seriously people, can’t we come up with more artistic, interesting artwork these days? I want more than a sliver of the big stars’ faces to stimulate my desire to watch a movie. This story has so many visual opportunities, and yet we are stuck with the blahness that is someone’s idea of “Slap it together and get it over with.”

Audio & Video: 8/10
Money Monster comes to Blu-Ray with a 1080P transfer that is nice to look at but not particularly impressive either. Shot digitally the image is clean and crisp with very fine detail and lots of crisp looking shots. Flesh tones are above average and black levels are good. That’s pretty much all there is to the look of this film, it looks nice and is a good fit for a late generation Blu-Ray release.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack again is serviceable for the source material. Nothing here again is spectacular but on the other hand nothing is wrong either. Gunshots come across clear and precise, dialog is central and easy to understand. This is a solid track that won’t steer you wrong.

Overall Score 7.5/10