Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6.5/10
Let me take you on a journey through my movie watching mind. We enter through the forest of possibilities. This is a place where there are many paths to the worlds of movies. Each world has its own pleasures and perils. Over there are the plains of reality where humans and nature and all things we can examine get filmed and processed through the minds of a documentarian. It’s scary sometimes, enlightening, thought-provoking, and when you leave you feel as though you have gained some kind of knowledge about the world you didn’t have before. Over there is the swamp of comedy where you might be enlightened about something related to the human experience, but sometimes you leave with nothing more than memories of smiling and laughing and feeling good, which makes a pretty good trip. There are so many others, but today we are headed to the mountains of action adventure. Speaking of pleasures and perils, those are a big deal here.

Mission Impossible movies live in the mountains of action adventure, obviously, or this whole thing would make no sense. I make the trek to this world of movies a few times a year, but it’s not a place I would go on my own just for fun. Ethan Hunt is a man on a mission, well, many missions, to save the world…over and over and over and over. It’s not always the whole world, sometimes it’s other agents of IMF, sometimes it boils down to saving his friends. This time we are going to be hiking up the very steep trail of “this guy wants to destroy the whole system of order that we have built as humans, no more governments, no more structure, just chaos”. It’s a less traveled path, which makes it a bit more interesting than some of the trails in these mountains, but to be honest after a while they all kind of look-alike anyway. In Mission Impossible you never know which way it’s going to go and every step can be a hazard. They do love their twists and turns, even though that can become predictable in its own way. Our IMF world of international spies and intrigue gives us yet another beautiful woman, of course. She does happen to be my favorite part of the movie. Not the scantily cladness of her attire, but the actress Rebecca Ferguson is really good and saves this whole thing from being a testosterone nightmare. There is a weirdish bad guy who is menacing, kind of, but doesn’t give me the full EVIL BAD GUY vibe. All the while, as prescribed by a trip to this world, there are a few of those moments when Ethan should be very dead but because he’s Tom Cruise in disguise, he never even gets banged up too bad.

I enjoyed the adventure of it for sure. My lifeline was secured to that big rock up above where a critical assessment of every stunt and action sequence looks down and says “go ahead, just let it happen, I’m here to hold on to your intelligence for later when really need it”. The cast is good, I buy each of them as who they are pretending to be, and then pretending to be. I really really really do NOT like Shaun of the Dead though, his flippant jokes and incessant comments during some action scenes are so annoying. He needs to stay the nerdy guy with the brilliant fixes to Ethan’s problems, and stay out of the whining business. I understand the concept of these movies. We are supposed to live the action safely in a chair in a room while the characters actually dangle on the brink of death. I get it. I enjoy it. The thing is, when it’s time to head back down the trail and leave the forest of possibilities behind until the next time, those moments of excitement are still up there on that mountain and I haven’t brought back anything substantial to think about.

I have hiked through many adventure trails with characters like Bond and Bourne, and while they do much thought-provoking stuff (well, none) I do have big memories of their pleasures and perils, but with Hunt, I have yet to have that experience. Rogue Nation is fun while it lasts, great stunts that wow us, and that’s about it. I recommend a trip on this trail, sure, but then take the hidden path down the mountain to the valley where all things are pulled into a singularity where Science Fiction lives and try Edge of Tomorrow as your second in a double bill. Here Cruise has adventure, but in a whole different way that might just linger in your mind while you find your way back home to paying the bills and reading reviews on the internet:)

Features: 7/10

  • Lighting The Fuse (6 Minutes) – A look at Director Christopher McQuarrie’s involvement with the film.
  • Cruise Control (6 Minutes) – A very close look at Tom Cruise and his almost obsessive drive.
  • Heroes… (8 Minutes) – A look at the four team members who come along for the ride with Ethan Hunt in this mission.
  • Cruising Altitude (8 Minutes) – My favorite feature on this whole disc, the opening sequence features Cruise actually hanging onto a plane as it takes off. Here we see how it was done in detail.
  • Mission Immersible (7 Minutes) – A look at the films underwater heist which takes place in the middle of the movie.
  • Sand Theft Auto (6 Minutes) – A close look at the high-speed motorcycle chase in the film.
  • The Missions Continue (7 Minutes) – Cast and crew take a look back at the older films in the series.
  • Commentary By Tom Cruise & Director Christopher McQuarrie – If you like to listen to Tom Cruise this is a superb track that takes you behind the scenes in a way the visual featurettes cannot compete with. Cruise and McQuarrie pretty much cover everything you want to know about the production of the movie and the rest of the series.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 5/10
The cover is fine, but kind of boring considering all the cool images in the movie. I wouldn’t have it as a poster.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation comes to Blu-Ray courtesy of Paramount with a stellar 1080P AVC encoded transfer that hits all the right notes. Shot on film this transfer retains the grain and gritty image and looks incredibly attractive throughout. Colors are rich black levels and shadow detail are striking and altogether it makes a superb watching experience. I saw no signs of banding or macro-blocking throughout the entire run-time.

Audio is delivered using the Dolby Atmos 7.1 track that needs dedicated hardware to fully appreciate, for most of you this will be mixed down to a Dolby TrueHD 7.1 track. Whichever flavor you choose though this is a rumble filled action movie that makes your seats shake and your pulse rise. Music is absolutely thunderous and surround sound is used to full effect. The underwater sequence in-particular is a stunning example of what surround sound can bring to a movie. This is a stunning reference quality soundtrack that you can drag out to show off to your friends.

Overall Score /10