Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Action, adventure, spies, danger, running, these are a few of the things you will experience while watching Mission Impossible 4. Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. I enjoyed it, as with the other Mission Impossible movies, and that’s about it. I didn’t have as much fun and wasn’t as satisfied from scene to scene as I was with Mission Impossible 3, however, it’s more like a continuation of a thing and not in competition for me.

Cruise is Cruise, intense at times, turns on the charm from time to time, and runs a lot. I like his running. I have noticed it now in several of his flicks and it’s starting to be a feature I long for during each new story. I liked the cast, for the most part. I felt like I couldn’t trust Renner, but he’s always good, more intensity. Patton is an excellent partner in the spy game along with Shaun of the Dead guy. They didn’t annoy me at all, which is saying something in a movie like this. I often get annoyed when a character is too “funny” or too “sexy” for no friggin’ reason whatsoever and it’s boring boring boring. This Mission Impossible installment has none of that, so that’s bonus points added to my flimsy scoring system.

The action is what it is, jumping, falling, climbing, more running, exploding, driving, being tense and fisticuffs. It’s done with top quality, good stunts, great sets, exotic locations and everything looks amazing. I like looking around to get more of that feeling of actually being taken to another place. I get that vibe from this and other on the move movies.

There’s not much more to say, well, there is a story which doesn’t quite click with my watching brain. They are supposed to be at the “ghost protocol” disadvantage where they lose their resources and gadgets. Hmmmm it’s not enough. They still have tons of cool techie shit and even though some of it kind of breaks down a tiny bit, it’s not enough to convince me that they are now cut off from the insane amount of expensive stuff they usually get from their spy organization. That being said, I hadn’t really thought about the title much while watching so it didn’t bother me until later when I thought about it more.

I say watch it, enjoy it the ride, the gloss and glitz of a mega-Hollywood flick. It ain’t brain science or life changing, it’s just good Springtime home movie watching actiony fun.

Features: 7/10 (Best Buy Exclusive)

  • Mission Accepted – A 3 part documentary that covers most of Tom Cruises stunts and a candid Brad Bird video diary.
  • Impossible Missions – A ton of featurettes ranging from working with IMAX film to the filming of all of the set pieces.
  • Deleted Scenes – A bunch of deleted scenes with optional commentary from Director Brad Bird.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy – A separate DVD version of the movie and UV digital copy.

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
It’s a fairly boring cover considering the circumstance. I mean, it’s real and yet someone managed to make it look fake and boring…blah. The menu is fine, nothing too fancy or unpredictable.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Filmed partially in IMAX Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol really shines on Blu-Ray. Director Brad Bird chose not to open the frame to full screen (As previously seen on the Dark Knight Blu-Ray) but this does not effect the pristine look of this movie. Razor sharp detail and perfect black and colour balance make this one of the best looking discs this year. If you want your moneys worth from a cool action movie Tom Cruise always delivers.

The Dolby TrueHD 7.1 track used here is nothing short of spectacular, infact it’s one of the best that Blu-Ray has to offer. From the opening theme to the scene which takes place in the hallway (it’s almost silent) the track delivers in all respects. The most impressive scene is the sandstorm which has wind whipping at you from every speaker. If your looking for a showcase Blu-Ray for sound and visuals you have Ghost Protocol.

Value: 5/10
If you find it for around 10 bucks on blu-ray ever in your life, that’s a good price. If you can’t, do the rental thing and enjoy the ride. The extras are pretty good, about an hour’s worth so it adds a little to the overall entertainment value, but in the end, this isn’t a movie I need to have on my shelf forever unless it’s sooooooo cheap it’s impossible to resist. Hmmm see what I did there?

Overall Score 7/10