Mission Impossible: Fallout 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I can’t cover the truth, Mission Impossible movies are a show case for Tom Cruise to do big stunts and show us different parts of the world. I am fine with that. In this installment of the franchise we find our crew in danger of letting a nuclear disaster happen…oh shocking! At least it’s not some dumb list of operatives that has be saved from the clutches of the dastardly bad guys.

I might sound harsh, but let’s be real. We are talking about movies that are bankrolled on the biggest and most outrageous stunts that they can pull off, and again, I’m fine with that. We won’t ever find a deep and life changing story or idea. It’s always going to be big bad people who want to destroy the structure of societies and governments and bring the world to a new order. Am I close? Yea, that’s about it for this one. A guy wants to disrupt how everything is so he uses his seemingly endless resources to make it happen with some lost plutonium. Nasty stuff.

The performances are as always, fine and dandy for what it is. A lot of scared looks and grunts while throwing and taking punches. I don’t mind, it fills in the space between the big set pieces like our Cruise running across and through the tops of buildings to track down Superman, yes Superman. Well, he’s not Superman in THIS movie, but hey, once Superman, always Superman, but with a mustache.

This Mission Impossible looks great, is a wild ride, and it’s a good way to spend a couple hours on a weekend afternoon. My only real complaint is that the name is very very very misleading…Fallout…nah.

Features: 9/10

  • 3 Audio Commentary Tracks and Isolated Music Score
  • Behind The Fallout (53 Minutes) – A very detailed breakdown of how the entire movie was made, if your a fan of Tom Cruise doing his own stunts this is for you.
  • Deleted Scene Montage (4 Minutes) – Includes director commentary.
  • Foot Chase Musical Breakdown (5 Minutes) – A look at how the score effects the action with a breakdown of the components of the music.
  • The Ultimate Mission (3 Minutes) – Cruise obviously loves the MI franchise as you can see by his enthusiasm here.
  • Storyboards
  • UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 10/10
Mission Impossible: Fallout is one of the years standout titles not only on 4K but also on Blu-ray. Packed with detail and stunning Imax sequences that enlarge to fill the screen this is a jaw dropping movie start to finish. Shadow detail is great and skin-tones are always accurate. Special note should be made to the use of HDR on the 4K release in the Skydiving sequence.

The Dolby Atmos track here is as awesome as the picture quality. Use of LFE and overhead channels is impressive and used often. Again the skydiving sequence is a literal showpiece for what can be done in a home theater.

Overall Score 7/10