Meet The Fockers

Cover Art and Menu: 7/10
Standard promotional fodder. Not much to the cover or the menus. I understand a mass marketed film has to appeal to those bazillion people who will be renting/buying the DVD, so I can live with it. I’m bored by it, but I’ll go look at something else to make me feel better 🙂

Features: 9/10

  • A Extended Version Of The Film – This sounds like a good idea, but in classic DVD authoring style, they didn’t quite get it right. You can watch this version of the film to see bits that were cut out, it’s just not what it seems though. As you watch a symbol pops up, you click your remote and then you get to see a rough cut of the scenes they cut from the final version of the film. If you have seen the movie and just have to see every last drop of these big shot Hollywood performers, I would say take the time and check out this strange feature. If you just want to watch it without any fuss, and with all the original laughs in tact, stick to the theatrical version.
  • Over 20 Deleted Scenes – Deleted scenes that are included in the Extended Version. This movie is a rare opportunity to see some of the greats all in one place so if you are star struck and dig all that raw talent, watch everything they crammed on this DVD, even all these deleted bits and bobs. They don’t add up to much really, but they are worth a look.
  • 65 Bloopers – We all love to see average middle of the road movie stars flubbing up with their lines, adlibbing, having problems with props, but when it’s a mega superstar like Robert De Niro, or Dustin Hoffman, or little miss Streisand it’s that much more entertaining. Oh, did you think they were perfect and never made a mistake on the set? Sorry to burst your bubble..:)
  • Inside The Litter Box Featurette – Mr. Jink has his own featurette. It’s kind of boring but cute if you like that sort of thing.
  • The Manary Gland Featurette – Making this crazy invention was the work of many months of research, looking for the perfect, um, breast and then making it into a workable gadget that De Niro’s character has so lovingly invented for his grandson.
  • The Adventures Of Baby Wrangler – Keeping track of and making sure small children are motived to work on the set of a movie looks like hard work. These twins are up for the challenge to work with the likes of these mega names. Do they know how lucky they are to get to hang out in De Niro’s trailer? Geez.

The Movie: 7/10:

Ok, don’t throw stones at my head for not giving this comic flick a 50/10. I understand it’s packed with talent, stuffed with comic moments, and topped off with a lot of very humorous visually entertaining gag jokes. I also understand that as I watch the movie I can’t help but feel it’s missing something, whatever the something was that Meet the Parents had. They are very similar, with the over the top circumstances, ever-downtrodden Stiller, tough as nails De Niro, etc., it’s just that once you have seen the original introduction to our beloved families there’s not so much more comedy to be had.

We do get to meet Gaylord’s parents, lovey touchy folks that they are, and we already know that the rough and ready De Niro dad is going to clash. It just felt it wasn’t as much fun as unleashing young Focker on his fiancĂ©’s family as it is to expose his softer more modern parents to the hard core future in-laws.

The addition of a small grandson to the already semi-balanced family situation. Grandpa De Niro is obsessed with taking care of the child, and has even developed what becomes one of the biggest gags in the whole movie. The Manary Gland is his own invention. A reproduction of his daughters breasts that can be filled with her own milk and fed to the child, so as not to traumatize the little guy…?? Not traumatize him? So, you cans see how this just has to offer up some funny moments.

Hoffman and Streisand are a fantastic duo and if not for them this sequel would not be worth more than a quickie rental. You have not seen them in this kind of movie and you likely will not see it again. They are both hysterical, both ideal for the characters they play, and with the already well established cast they make this so-so movie almost a Hollywood treasure. It’s not super funny as a whole. It’s got a lot of jokes that you know fall flat, but you laugh at anyway because of who’s delivering the punch line, but with the ensemble of such big talents it’s hard not to get lost in the awe factor of it all. There’s not much to say about an in-your-face kind of flick. It’s either funny to your or it’s not. I laughed a few times so it’s well worth a watch if you liked the first one. I look forward to Meeting the Little Focker:)

Hmm, $20 for a DVD that’s got a good amount of extras, and the movie has a lot of rewatchability (I made up that word). I’d say that’s fair, if not a bit above what I would like to see slapped on these mass produced discs. They will make their cash, why must they follow pricing trends?

Overall Score 8/10