Man On A Ledge Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I enjoyed Man on A Ledge, enjoyed, that’s a lot. The concept of a wrongly accused man, a heist, a rich asshole character, a worn out cop, these are not new to the story telling arena. What makes a movie be something other than boring or tolerable? Here my unambiguous answer, people, dialogue, editing. That’s it really. The right people, performers and characters, along with dialogue that feels right, and editing. Editing is less tangible, but still an obvious feature particularly if it’s poorly done. I like a movie with the balance of pace and story just right. Man on A Ledge is just right for me. We get the back story, the current intentions, the obstacles, the risks, the consequences and pay offs explained clearly but not as if we had no brains in our heads.

With the introduction of each character it’s a little bit on the obvious tricks of the trade. Our worn down cop is hung over, headache, induces eye rolls from her fellow officers. We understand quickly she’s got something bad going on, and we move on. We learn our convict leading man is a hard nut to crack, risky but organized and at heart a good guy…we hope. His brother and future sister-in-law are the comedy relief with their fun relationship moments but not too much to blur their role in the pending heist. As the bad guy is rolled out for us it’s super clear that he’s the dirtbag kind of guy who would do anything to anyone and therefore we must hate him. Again, the balance of who he is, how he is portrayed, and how his dialog along with the correct amount of time we see him in the beginning are all done with precision.

As we get to the actual ledge the visual element of the story kicks in an it becomes as visually stimulating as it is for the coils of the movie watching brain deep inside. I want the characters I like to succeed and the ones I don’t like  to fail. That sounds simple enough, but in the long run of watching thousands of movies, it’s not done well most of the time. I have to try to like or dislike some characters, but in this film, it’s easy to go with the flow and bite on all the bait that I, as the listener of the story, should bite on for it to work.

The action is good, dynamic, adds that pinch of tension and enough fumbling to make it fun and a little nailbiting. I can do without the close calls in a lot of these kinds of tales, but that’s just me. It’s not necessary for me to feel the anxiety and relief of the perpetrators of a crime. I get it, they are in danger and doing something risky, I don’t require that the vent door shut as the bad guy enters another door narrowing missing the culprits in the act.

Overall I would watch this one again, true. It’s got some sense of morality that’s not too sappy. Ed Harris, well, he’s not great this time around but who’s counting. It could have been anyone in that role to add the jerky quality needed. The rest is quality, looks, performances, style.

Features: 4/10

  • The Ledge Featurette – A 15 minute look at how they pulled off the movie magic of putting a man on a ledge. Best part here is it’s not how you think they would do it.
  • Trailer With Commentary By Elizabeth Banks – Elizabeth Banks gives commentary on the trailer. I will save you some time she basically says all the male leads are handsome and the females are sexy.

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
What ever may be wrong with me today it has lead to this comment, I like the cover of this Blu-Ray. If there is something lurking in my emotional swamp or buzzing around my intelect confusing me, the result is conclusive. The cover could even be a poster in my house. I need further evaluation for this condition, but for now take my word for it, the stare from our leading man, the ledge, the street below, it’s a good image. The menu is awful, too telling, to many clips from the movie telling you the whole of it, so avoid it before watching if you can.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
For a 2012 movie Man On A Ledge looks just like a 2012 movie, sharp, crisp and full of detail. This is the first Blu-Ray lionsgate has put out since they merged with Summit to create a new major film company and bares well for the release of The Hunger Games later this year. If I had a complaint about the transfer it’s that some of the buildings in the film look like they are shimmering but that could be a display issue.

Produced in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Man On A Ledge is a very subdued soundtrack for what essentially is an action movie. There are some standout moments though, anytime Nick is out on the ledge listen carefully to the rear speakers there is a TON of chatter from people on the street that can actually be heard over the rest of the movie.

Man On A Ledge is an enjoyable movie that in parts will make you roll your eyes and in others make you move to the edge of your seat. It’s an easy recommendation for fans of the this genre.

Value: Rental = 8/10  Purchase = 4/10
A night on the couch watching a couple of flicks is a nice way to unwind. That’s not saying Man on A Ledge is relaxing:) It’s not. The comfort of your living room, some food, good company or alone, this movie is a great rental for me. I don’t need it on my shelf or permanently in my digital collection. For a couple bucks you can get the thrill of it and not get buyer’s remorse 🙂

Overall Score 7.5/10