Man Of Steel Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Superman. It’s Superman. That being said it’s not the Superman I’ve necessarily known from my movie watching point of view. I’m not a comic book reader, so the entire rich history, multiple histories, and parallel universes of Superman in his DC world. What I do know about the man of steel is Christopher Reeve, period. Yes, I saw Superman Returns, but it didn’t have the same impact. I mean, Superman flies around the Earth backwards so fast over and over and over that he reverses time, saves Lois, and she STILL doesn’t know who he is….THAT’S classic. Man of Steel has its own merits, time will tell if it carries the punch.

The cast won me over, so that’s a non-issue. I mean, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, and all those other people, awesome. Shannon is a Zod to contend with. He’s horrible and yet respectable in a strange way. Diane Lane is just, well, she’s just right in this role. She’s an aging farmer lady with a super non-human son she found in a field, and she handles it with great humility. Superman is fine, I mean, he does a fine job. The Gladiator is fine. Robin Hood is fine. I could have done without the people at The Daily Planet though, they were boring and completely unimportant to me through the entire movie.

The special effects are pretty much on the top end. My husband would argue that point. He says it’s amazing, flawless. There are flaws. There are times during fight scenes when the rag doll effect of the CGI bodies is sooo distracting. Other than that the rest of the big action sequences and daring feats of heroism are slick, mighty slick.

My favorite thing about Man of Steel is the pace of the story. We meet our hero as an adult, visit his childhood, and deal with upcoming events with the right balance. I am not the biggest fan of flashbacks, but I understand how they are important sometimes in telling certain stories. Because what I know of Superman is that he crashed in a field in Kansas, was found by a farmer, and his real parents are from another planet that has been destroyed, all that means I do need all elements of his life to be touched on. Flashbacks are fine with me as long as they aren’t jarring or meaningless, but they aren’t in here. We get to understand how Kent Clark learned enough about being human from the Kent’s to deal with his grown up challenges of being the man from Krypton.

The music is awesome. The look of the whole thing is a nice modern nod to Metropolis. Seeing Krypton “live and in person” is spectacular, of course. Overall this is a fun, booming super hero tale that was as good the second time around. It’s good, yes, it’s not Christopher Reeve good, but it’s good:)

Features: 9/10

  • Journey Of Discovery Creating Man Of Steel – The movie is presented again in it’s entirety on Disc 2 of the set. This time however Zack Snyder and the cast of the movie walk you through with video interviews and featurettes that play alongside. Think Maximum movie mode from previous Snyder discs just without the Maximum Monica.
  • Strong Characters Legendary Roles – A 25 minute look at the history of Superman from the golden to modern age.
  • All Out Action – Cavill had to do an incredible amount of training to turn into the man of steel. This 26 minute piece has more sweaty abs than a visit to golds gym.
  • Krypton Decoded – Teenage Clark Kent from the movie takes you on a tour of the films digital effects.
  • Planet Krypton – A 17 minute documentary presented in Discovery Channel style including everything you need to know about the planet Krypton and it’s inhabitants.
  • Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short – A short cartoon that literally flys Superman out of the comics and into modern-day. You also get to listen to the original John Williams score.
  • New Zealand Home To Middle Earth – An advertisement for the Hobbit which doubles as a tourism film for New Zealand. Weird that it is included here.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover is cool. I like the simplicity of it. I might just have that as a poster in my house. As for the menu, whatever.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Warner bring Man Of Steel to our home screens with a superbly crafted AVC encoded 2.40:1 1080P transfer. Snyder uses a LOT of CGI and even a lot of the outfits here are not actually physical. Things look super sharp and true to life 100% of the time and this is a reference quality transfer that will really wow the superhero lovers in your home.

From the opening swells of Hans Zimmer’s amazing new superman theme to obliteration of Metropolis this incredibly deep and vibrant DTS-HD Audio mix brings Man Of Steel to life in a the way the director would have wanted. The first and last 30 minutes of this movie will blow you the F out of your seat. Things come at you from every angle and subtle detail is found in every corner of the sound stage. You do feel like you are being bombarded with loud noises sometimes but this is part of the fun here.

Value: 5/10
It’s a really fun rental on a weekend night, or a good purchase if you plan to watch it a few times. The extras are good, the movie is very satisfying, and as for the amount of Earthly protectiveness it stirred up it’s worth the price.

Overall Score 7/10