Macgruber Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
How does one rate the cover of a movie that’s trying to be a mock cover of other movies? I can’t say it’s copying ideas, because OF COURSE IT IS. It’s ok, not very exciting though. The menu is decorated up and has clips from the movie, so it’s boring but functional.

Features: 4/10

  • Deleted Scene – Not much to talk about, it’s a deleted scene.
  • Gag Reel – Several moments of cast members screwing up, giggling, missing lines, props that don’t work. The gag reel outshined the rest of the extras, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.
  • Feature Commentary With Cast & Crew – I say watching the movie with this commentary adds laughs where there are none, so go for it. 🙂
  • BDLive – Nothing on offer as of the time of this review.
  • Pocket Blu – Ugh

The Movie: 4 (maybe 5 on a beer drinking kind of day)/10
To the best of my recollection there are no fat jokes, so that is one point in its favor. Ryan Phillippe is awesome, another point. Kristen Wiig is, well, her funny self, point number three, and Will Forte does a darn good job of being completely insane most of the time. Beyond these four points theres not much here for me to rave about.

I wasn’t looking forward to the movie, I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of any movies that have some from Saturday Night Live. None that I can think of anyway. That’s not why I didn’t really dig the movie though, it’s just not funny to me. I had a few laugh outloud moments, almost all for Kristen Wiig. But as quickly as they sneaked up on me they left in a scurry back to eye-brow lifting that amounted to the question “Huh? Really? This is supposed to be funny and not just idiotic?”

The cast does the movie justice in the zest with which they offer up some of the actual humorous moments. Ryan Phillipe with a ________ in his ________, now that’s funny stuff. Kristen Wiig dressed up as ________ and ___ing her pants is a moment that must be lived to be laughed at properly. There aren’t enough knee jerk funny lines and moments for me to feel like it was satisfying. It had some “oh my GOD, they did not just do that”, which aren’t really funny, just “oh my GOD” and that can only take you so far.

Kilmer is pretty darn good, in his way. He’s loopy and menicing, arrogant and unapologetic. One might wonder if he was playing a role at all…(ba dum bum, clang). He won me back over though and now  I want to start my Kilmer apprecation from the beginning to find out if he’s really all he’s cracked up to be or if he put all his skills into The Doors and a very select few other movies. In other words, did he get lucky? Is he a nutball who gets parts because he’s so strange it just works? Is he truly a mastermind performer who can tug the strangenes out of characters as they are written and when the audience watches we just think “wow, Kilmer is soo good.”? I just don’t know. I need to go back to the beginning and recalculate my guts for Kilmer.

Will Forte is funny, no doubt about it. I do think, however, the material for this one is extremely limited, short changing his options. I know it was a sketch from Saturday Night Live and it deserves its due, or whatever, but a 3 minute sketch turned into a 2 hour movie has a lot of brething room, maybe too much. It’s like taking a flyer and trying to make a 1000 page novel out of it, filling in with lots of extra words that don’t make it better, just longer.

The special effects are mostly awesome, sometimes the bad and the good intermingle and it’s hard to tell if something was supposed to look cheap and lame or if it was just poor planning.

The music can be nostalgic, but it’s not always used to its full potential, but then 80’s music is near and dear to my  heart so any misuse or lack of use feels like a personal insult of sorts. Or not.

Overall I say I sat waiting for the next scene and finally for the end more than I was laughing and enjoying it for what he was, not the kind of movie I usually enjoy.

Audio & Video: 7/10
I really cannot recommend the movie to normal sane human beings so with that out of the way how is the Blu-Ray presentation? Actually since you ask it’s quite good we are not talking Wizard Of Oz/Pixar transfer good but for a 2010 movie it looks above par. I may have dozed off during the movie once or twice but from what I remember it looks pretty good and I saw no signs of DNR or edge enhancement.

Audio is brought to you via the magic of the DTS-HD Master Audio codec and is just about what you would expect from a comedy. There is not a ton of action in the movie despite what the trailer would lead you to believe, but what action there is comes across loud and clear. Dialog is crisp and centered, there are a couple of times when the looping is off but that is nothing to do with the disc. Overall like last years Land Of The Lost a disappointing movie that is best forgotten 🙂

Value: 4/10
I chuckled a bit now and then but that’s not worth much hard cold cash. It’s a great rental along with some other wacky flicks like Top Secret and Real Genius, two of Kilmer’s early offerings. If you have a brain that works beyond the yucks of some pretty basic jokes and odd behaving characters you might find this one not in your league at all so don’t hesitate to watch Airplane. It’s cornball humor at its best.

Overall Score 4/10