Love Simon 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Self discovery isn’t a new concept. It didn’t start when people started telling stories, writing books, writing poetry, making music, or making movies. It’s a thing we do, we humans. We do like to see other people, even if they are fictional, go through the angst of youthful confusion. I guess if it reflects our own lives we feel like we are not alone, and if it shows us someone else’s point of view, well, we realize we are not alone. See a pattern forming? What I’m saying is that this is a human story, not just about this character and his specific life. His life happens to be that of a young gay man, teenager in high school, facing the choice of telling everyone in his life about being gay.

While the movie is fun and has some emotional moments, and the performances are all pretty darn good, it does tell us the same story we all live, showing the world who we really are, and the consequences of that. Simon has that life we have seen in other teen dream movies. His mom and dad are attractive, wealthy, with a stable home, beautiful house, and he has a talented supportive little sister. His friends are kind of two-dimensional, caricatures of teenagers, but it works with what we need to know about them all. It felt a bit forced, the whole idea that he has a safe environment to be open and honest about being gay, and yet he still holds it back from everyone because he is afraid his life will change. It is trying to show us that even without eminent threats a young person “coming out” is difficult.

I enjoyed Love, Simon a lot. It’s sweet and has that feel good vibe, just don’t expect much reality or true diversity. We see lots of different types of people, but everyone seems alike. Even the hyperactive dude is fairly generic. I would like a bit more grit or depth, but I can handle a nice depiction of a difficult topic when it’s well made and I do care about the people in the story. Well, everyone but the parents and sister, they all really got on my nerves:)

Features: 6/10

  • Deleted Scenes (8 Minutes)
  • The Adaptation (11 Minutes) – Director Greg Berlanti discuss adapting the film from the novel.
  • The Squad (10 Minutes) – A focus on the core crew of characters in the film.
  • #FIRSTLOVESTORY Contest Winner (2 Minutes) – A short film that won an online contest in conjunction with the film.
  • Dear Georgia (5 Minutes) – Filmed in Georgia a brief look at the locations used.
  • Dear Atlanta (2 Minutes) – Similar to the Georgia short but this time guess where it’s set?
  • Commentary By Greg Berlanti, Isaac Klausner, and Isaac Aptaker
  • Gallery (2 Minutes) – A short gallery of stills from the production.
  • UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Presented in 4K with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 Love Simon is a good-looking transfer that looks like a high-end TV show more than a film. The natural looking pallet looks nice with great flesh tones and a lot of shadow detail. HDR is used sparingly here but some of the scenes in the high-school looks ultra realistic. No compression artifacts were seen during the run-time and the bit-rate used is high to keep things looking very sharp.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix is very realistic and precise. High-School scenes are really alive with voices from all directions in the mix. Dialog is very precise and centered and there is no LFE to speak of until the film breaks out into a musical number about two-thirds in.

Overall Score 7/10