Lost The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
A fairly boring cover here but I guess it fits in with the other seasons making your whole collection look uniform. The Blu-ray disc is in one of those weird custom cases which contains the 5 disc set, over the top of the thick case is a slipcover which is identical to the main cover art. Overall it’s a functional package but not as cool as it could have been.

Features: 8/10

  • Lost in 8.15 – This is a recap of the first 3 seasons, its quite entertaining and done a little tongue in cheek, I had missed a season so it was great to catch up in such a fun fashion.
  • The Right To Bear Arms – A short feature on the weapons used in the show, they interview the guy who keeps track of the guns on the show and we see some of the stars firing them.
  • The Freighter Folk – A short look at the new cast who join the island in season 4.
  • The Island Backlot Lost In Hawaii – Lost moved to Hawaii in season 2 as it was cheaper to film, we see some of the amazing work the set designers do on the show making Hawaii look like different countries in some scenes.
  • The Oceanic Six A Conspiracy Of Lies – This is a Mockumentary which shows the story that the press have been given concerning the survivors. It’s silly and not really plausible but fun for the 21 minute running time.
  • Offshore Shoot – Examines the filming on the freighter.
  • Soundtrack Of Survival – A live performance of the music on this season, well as live as a prerecorded segment on a blu-ray disc can be 🙂
  • Lost On Location – A bunch of behind the scenes features split into different sections, its pretty informative fly on the wall stuff and totals well over an hour.
  • lost Bloopers – Bloopers that are not that funny, hooray.
  • Deleted Scenes – Nine deleted scenes that add a little to the story but are not really essential viewing.
  • Audio Commentaries – Cast and crew talk about the production and reveal a few surprises relating to season 5.
  • Seasonplay – This Blu-Ray exclusive feature lets you play the whole season and keep track of where you are up to, its cool because Blu-Ray discs have a nasty habit of not remembering where your up to. I hope Disney add this to more TV show discs.
  • Course Of The Future The Definitive interactive Flash Forwards – This is a java mini game that where your given flash forward sequences from the show and have to place them in chronological order. I was really bad at it but I am sure the more fanboyish type would have a blast.
  • More From The Symphony – More live prerecorded music.
  • Seamless Menus – Menus are not extras in my book no matter how flashy they are.

The Show: 6/10
I don’t like to be sucked into trendy TV culture. I stopped watching Friends after the second season. I stopped watching Seinfeld after the second season. I even stopped watching Frazier after the first season, not because it wasn’t good, but I got sooooo sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about it I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it anymore. I do watch the odd rerun of any of these if the mood is just right, but as a rule I abandon anything that’s massively popular because I’m a rebel, a rogue, a loner. I have had to fight the urge to abandon LOST for the exact same reason. When people go to work and discuss characters of TV shows as if they were real people it’s not just creepy, it’s like they belong to some psycho cult of entertainment zombies. Don’t get me wrong. I might be as into a show and loving it from week to week, but I keep it to myself. Until I write a review of course, the obviously intellectual way of appreciating a piece of entertainment. So my point is that people obsess on shows like LOST, and as much as I try to avoid the mass hysteria cultish atmosphere I have to confess, after 37 years of power TV watching, this show is quite captivating.

Ok, that was my confession. I like the show, not enough to slosh over it with co-workers or strangers in the line at the grocery store, but enough to watch the first season from start to finish and still looking forward to season number two.

Here’s the scoop on the show. First of all it’s top quality. The sets are stunning, the directing is wonderful, and it’s more like a weekly movie than a TV show. That I look forward to in other dramas on TV. As for the content of the show, a plane crashes on a tropical island. Several people survive. There’s a mystery “monster” in the nearby jungle. Strange things happen to each person. Each of these people have a back story, which is presented as flashbacks in every episode. That’s it really. It’s an ensemble cast with individual characters with their own strong personality quirks. Some interesting, some so boring they will bring tears to your eyes. Judge for yourself who’s who.

I won’t reveal anyone’s stories here, in case you haven’t seen the show yet. I will say that this airplane was full of criminals, jerks, a killer, a drug addict, and several troubled souls. Hmmmm A plane full of well balanced, emotionally stable individuals might not be as interesting.

I think an underlying theme of the show is how a group of people learn to cope and build a new society when they are away from all modern day amenities. They don’t focus on this too much, but as one character suggests they keep a roster of who is alive, they start to form a rustic government of sorts. When weapons are discovered they appoint certain characters to be in charge of them, thus forming some type of law enforcement. They delegate tasks of making food, forging for water, hunting, etc. to each person and somehow they don’t starve or seem to be having much difficulty surviving on this uninhabited island…or is it?

I really like the lead hero guy, Matthew Fox. He’s humble enough, strong, but troubled in his own way, was there any doubt? He’s the doctor and so is in charge of all medicines scavenged from the plane wreckage, and is charged with caring for the entire population’s aches and pains. There is the pregnant girl, the heroine addict, the federal agent in dire need of an operation, a young man with a crushed leg in need of a blood transfusion, and so much more physical trauma that comes along.

The complaint I have about this show is that the writers and producers seem to think it’s ok to string the audience along from week to week and add mystery to mystery, answer one question and ask seven more…but it’s not. It’s frustrating. If there is a secret, reveal it. If there’s a plot point hidden in the jungle, don’t tease us, just get to it. I got the feeling after a few episodes that this show is meant to keep people in front of the TV to watch all the commercials, sell a bunch of crap, and keep us all in a trance and tuned into ABC to be manipulated into watching more commercials, and making the advertisers happy.

Oh and one last thing this season of the show was cut short due to the writers strike, so you are only getting 13 episodes instead of the usual 26. It’s a shame the price doesn’t really reflect that.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Lost is presented in 1080P in a aspect ratio of 1.78:1, this is a pristine presentation that is infinitely better than what aired  on broadcast HDTV. Blacks are rich and picture quality has a almost 3D feel to it. Who would have thought a TV show could look better than a movie.

Audio is handled using a 5.1 Uncompressed 48KHZ/16Bit soundtrack that again is a huge step up from the Dolby 5.1 track that went out when the show aired on TV. As you know most of the show is set on the island which is really brought alive using the surround speakers for all kinds of atmospheric noises. This is showcase material your friends will be impressed if you throw this disc in and show them what your sound system can do.

Value: 7/10
Lost Season 4 is a great holiday gift for the high definition TV watching person in your life. I am not a mega fan of the show like most people in  the world but I can see its appeal week to week. I honestly stopped watching some time ago so it was great to catch up with the latest season on Blu-Ray disc. Like Heroes I feel Lost might have already “Jumped The Shark” but if your a fan and want to add this to your collection who can blame you.

Overall Score 7/10