Long Shot Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7.8/10
I didn’t think I would like it.

I did.

It’s hard to explain what makes me want to watch a movie. Sometimes the trailer captures something that makes me go YEA, and sometimes I am beyond neutral. If that’s possible. I was beyond neutral on this one, for whatever reasons. It looked kind of like a lot of middle-aging comedies with big stars who wallow a little bit in how cute and clever they are to go from drama to comedy. Harsh, I know.  It’s the truth though.  The other truth is that I will give any movie a chance, well, most all movies. If you want to get technical and present me with movies you are certain no person would really want to watch just to challenge me on this, fine. 🙂

Long Shot is a combination of mismatched pair and fish out of water all tossed into those murky waters of politics. Our leading woman is running for President and a man she knew when she was a kid is a writer so she hires him to write her speeches for her. There is the game of politicking going on, of course. Making her more appealing to the people, winning over donors for her campaign, the basic selling off of who she is to get to where she wants to go in her career. These are probably the things I could tell just from the trailers and that’s what made me go “meh”, but in the hands of all the folks who made the movie, it all works.

I won’t say it’s not flawed, it is. The thing is, it gets outrageous at times, slap sticky even, so any of the complaints I have about it kind of go out the window. I realize it’s not a champion of cinematic history, just a flick with a nice message and some fun scenes to have a chuckle and be preached at about the idiocracy of our political climate these days.

I have never been a Seth Rogen fan, but he’s pretty good. OK, so he won me over. I’ll deal with it privately and not praise him too much here in public. I have always like Charlize Theron, some hits and misses of course, but she shows off a balance of that elegance and wackiness we don’t see often from her.

There’s not much to say really. It’s fun. It’s got heart. It’s got a few key agenda points the filmmakers wanted to get across, but hey, who doesn’t these days? It looks great. There is good music, a good supporting cast,  and interesting locations. I guess what I’m saying is that this is just a quality comedy flick, no big dents in the fender. I’m glad I was forced to watch it so we could do the podcast about it and I could write this review:) Harsh, I know, but sometimes we just don’t know what’s best for us until someone comes along and says “It’s movie day”, and it’s your husband and he’s all excited, and so it goes.

Features: 8/10

  • All’s Fair In Love And Politics: Making Long Shot (30 Minutes) – A very good EPK style featurette that covers all aspects of the making of the movie.
  • Seven Minutes In Heaven: Seth And Charlize Uncensored (7 Minutes) – A funny interview with the films main cast.
  • Secret Weapons (15 Minutes) – A look at all the supporting actors.
  • Epic Flarsky Fails (6 Minutes) – The falls of the movie analysed.
  • Prime Minister Steward O-Rama (5 Minutes) – A look at Alexander Skarsgard as the Canadian Prime Minister.
  • Hanging With Boyz II Men (6 Minutes) – Some smooth tunes to get you going.
  • Just Kinda Crushing It (4 Minutes) – Lots of on the set footage most from between takes.
  • The First Mister: A Portrait (8 Minutes) – A tour-guide takes you around the fake White-house used in the movie.
  • An Imperfect Union (8 Minutes) – How not to do a take.
  • Love & Politics (5 Minutes) – A look at the writing process and how to mix comedy with emotion.
  • Friends Like These (4 Minutes) – Another mostly redundant featurette about the supporting actors.
  • Blu-ray & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Long Shot comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate and a great 1080P AVC transfer in 2.39:1 aspect ratio. This is a very modern HD looking image that stands head and shoulders with most of the Blu-ray releases of 2019. Detail is sharp and shadow detail is incredibly good. Any nitpicks I have are with some noise in one scene but its obvious its camera noise and not macro-blocking.

For a romantic comedy Long Shot features an amazing Dolby Atmos track that is usually reserved for the big budget action movies of the year. Dialog is crisp clean and clear and LFE kicks in during a night club scene later in the film. This is a rocking soundtrack that includes a lot of cool music.

Overall Score 7.8/10