Live Free Or Die Hard Unrated Collectors Edition

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
It’s Die Hard, right? So, no surprises and no real WOW to the packaging of Live Free or Die Hard. The cover is McClain. The menu is kind of high tech computer looking’ something or other.

Features: 7/10

  • Audio Commentary by Bruce Willis, Director Len Wiseman and Editor Nicolas De Toth – Bruce is a movie star who has that certain Hollywood wear and tear behind his voice. He has stories to tell, he’s hardened to the whole movie making machine. It’s fun to listen to such a seasoned man of the movie world, so it’s worth the time.
  • Analog Hero In A Digital World: All-New Documentary on the Making of Live Free Or Die Hard – This is an excellent documentary feature that covers everything from pre to post production of Die Hard 4.0 (as they call it in other countries). It runs for over 90 minutes so get a extra bucket of popcorn ready before you watch it.
  • Yipee Ki Yay, Motherf*****: Bruce Willis/Kevin Smith Interview – You gotta love Kevin Smith and his no bullshit questions. I wish he would do more of these real deal interviews with other movie folks. It’s refreshing and a huge change from the standard boring questions they gently spoon feed tinsel town citizens.
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Fox Legacy – Ok, I’m not sure what the purpose of this extra really is. It’s a guy from Fox talking about the Die Hard franchise and about the career of Mr. Willis from Moonlighting to his mega stardom playing John McClain. It’s informative and pretty interesting, but the guy who does it is pretty uninteresting. No offense.
  • Original Theatrical Trailer – Whatever
  • Music Video: “Die Hard” Performed by Guyz Nite – Ugh
  • Behind the Scenes with Guyz Nite Featurette – Making a video.

The Movie: 7/10
A guy who ends up in the middle of a plot to destroy something big, like a city, a country, or a building. He’s John McClain and he’s not really that brave, or that clever, or even very likable. But come on!!! He’s McClain! We have lived with this guy in our movie watching consciousness for over 20 years.

I won’t say great things about the Die Hard franchise, it’s not really that great of a series of flicks. Die Hard was exciting and fun and different. Die Hard 2 was Die Hard 1, but not very exciting or fun or different. Die Hard 3 was pretty good actually with a new spin on a familiar character and his habit of being the center of a big friggin’ disaster and determined to take down the ultra bad guys.

So, where does Die Hard 4.0 fall into the spectrum. If I had to rate them all, which I will for the benefit of making my point, I would do it this way and briefly why:

1. Die Hard – McClain was new and the action flick was in it’s infancy, fun, bold.
2. Die Hard 3 – Revisit Hans Gruber blood line, enough said.
3. Die Hard 4 – Bigger action, excellent stunts and effects, McClain aging well.
4. Die Hard 2 – Shite.

Not only did they take the stunts and effects to a bigger and better place, they even tried to stuff a message of sorts into Live Free or Die Hard. I’m not always a fan of that kind of noble gesture. It can be boring and preachy, and this was no exception. A new kind of terrorism. An insider who sees the flaws of the government and wants to teach them a lesson to ‘save’ the country. Hmmm, sounds familiar. I remember a little movie called The Rock in which the leading bad guy had a similar motivation.

I’m not saying I expect total originality these days. I would like to have seen something a little less like a knock on the head about how we let technology run our lives, and something more like a crazed bad guy who doesn’t give a crap about McClain or taking his family hostage. I wanted a bad guy who was so vicious and so awful he would end up boiling John in a pot of human soup. I mean, that’s about the only thing he hasn’t been through yet. He’s one tough mother*****. 🙂

I like the actor behind the bad guy. I was a huge fan of Deadwood, so Olyphant has a place in the entertainment loving portion of my heart. He played an intense, sexy, uncompromising sheriff of the wild west town of Deadwood, back in the day. He was hypnotizing and gave me that little tingle, you know the one. The tingle didn’t show up during his portrayal of the brainiac programmer bent on fixing America’s failing security against terrorism. He was good, just not tingle good, if you get my drift ladies. He was threatening and menacing and stuff, but that certain power was missing. I wanted him to be semi-crazed. I think I’m looking for the next step in bad guy evolution. I’m not sure what that is, but they didn’t give me any satisfaction in Live Free Or Die Hard. Maybe next time.

The stunts and effects were really good. I am always looking for flaws, that’s the kind of sweet little gal that I am. There are so many big action sequences that even if I did see a flub up or two, it didn’t’ matter. The biggest moments were pulled off with great pizzazz and top quality. Yea, some of it ‘s over the top and hokey, but who cares.  Overall I love the experience of an action movie that takes me on a big adventure, and Live Free or Die Hard does that. I won’t say it’s an excellent film, but it is an excellent movie. I know what I mean, that’s what counts.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully) NA
Unfortunately we were sent a screener copy of the movie for review which wasn’t final, the picture was actually fairly poor but the final version you will get in the stores will be up to the usual standard we have come to expect from FOX. I will let you know here if it isn’t once we receive a copy.

Value: 5/10
You love Die Hard. You love action movies. You will buy it and watch it and watch Die Hard, and Die Hard 2, and Die Hard 3…so the price isn’t really an issue I’m sure. For everyone else, unless you MUST complete your franchise sets of movies, I don’t encourage you to spend over 20 bucks to experience another installment of the “wrong place at the wrong time” saga. It’s an excellent rental for a weekend night of mindless movie watching. Go for the whole set, watch, enjoy, and return.

Overall Score 7/10