Lemonade Mouth DVD Review

The Movie: 6/10
What happens when you put a bunch of high school students from differing backgrounds together in detention?  If you feel that you know the answer, and it involves John Hughes’ Breakfast Club, then you might be too old to know about Lemonade Mouth, the newest made for TV Disney movie.  When the group gets put together in detention, they stumble across the fact that they all share a love for music, and they create a band as well as new friendships that cross cliques.  Starring Disney Channel perenials Bridgit Mendler (Sunny with a Chance) and Adam Hicks (Zeke and Luther), the movie is a modern day (toned down) version of the Breakfast Club, if it mixed with Glee. The result is a fun, lighthearted movie about high school and life, wth a good dose of music and some comedy.

Lemonade Mouth becomes the band’s name after a run in with school’s more popular band Mudslide Crush, and the movie turns into a competition to see who will be top dog in this very musical high school.

The acting in the movie is pure Disney channel, with some forced lines and comedy, but otherwise it is bearable.  The stars from the Disney Channel shows do an adequate job here, and if you are expecting academy award type performances, you need to change DVDs immediately.  There is an appearance by Christopher McDonald who plays an over-zealous principal that harkens directly back to classic prinicpals from Ferris Beuller and Breakfast Club, which is fun to watch, if not predictable.

Lemonade Mouth is a made for television Disney creation, and it hits squarely within the boundaries and expectations of that type of movie.  It is fun to watch, and a tad too predictable for most adults.  My son liked it, and the music is actually pretty decent and catchy, which helps save the film  a bit.  Nothing spectacular, but a nice little Disney tale to talk about how hard school can be, while espousing the true meaning of friendship at the same time.

Extras: 2/10

  • Extended Music Scene – There is an extended scene (read music number) included here as an extra. The advertisements on Disney Channel for the movie really push this extra, which I find funny as there are not really a lot of extras featured here on the DVD. It is a bizarre little interview with the song included.
  • Rock Along – This is a sort of Karaoke for the tunes that are featured in the movie.
  • Digital Copy – A digital copy is included here with the regular DVD.

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
The cover is a classic yellowbackground with the band in black and white, which is decent.  The whole lemonade theme is carried ove to the menu, which again is a mash of yellow and lemons slices, with a pretty cool interspersing of the actors and shots from the movie.  I really liked the menu, expecially considering that this is not a Blu-ray.

Audio & Video: 7/10
The regular DVD release of Lemonade Mouth is decent as well, with a nice, bright color palete and decent clarity for most of the movie.  Some jagged edges are visible at times, but overall the widescreen presentation is nice.  The audio was good also, with a decent mix.  The music was (and should be) the strongest asset here in terms of the audio, and the dialogue was good, with a few areas that I thought could be brighter.

Value: 6/10
I think that Lemonade Mouth has been on the Disney Channel a few times already,  and it is sure to appear in heavy rotation for a bit.  It makes it hard to want to run out and buy the DVD when you can DVR it.  The movie is decent for the children that it is aimed at, and it is kind of a mini Glee Disney experience.  The lack of a real solid set of extras makes buying the DVD even more difficult.  Those who are into this type of movie will more than likely enjoy it, but buying it is another thing altogether, given the circumstances.

Overall Score 6/10