Leap Year Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
The cover is pretty bland and straight up romantic comedy fair.  They cleverly made the background green (it is a film that takes place for the most part in Ireland – get it?)  To me this is a dull thud of a cover, and the menu, the classic Universal setup is more of the same, again complete with green.

Features: 2/10

  • Deleted Scenes – The only extra here is some deleted scenes, that are superbly dull.  the only one that I thought should have been included was a scene with John Lithgow that set up the reason that anna freaks out in her apartment after her engagement.  It really would have been good to see just why she freaks out, which needed a bit more set up.
  • Pocket Blu, Social Blu, and BDLive – We again get the extras that are included on all universal releases, with Pocket blu, for information about the movies on your smart phones, Social Blu which is the online way to interact with your friends or random people who are also into movies, and of course BDLive, which has a link to Universal’s BDLive site, with trailers and such.

The Movie: 6/10
I love Ireland.  Let’s just get that out there at the beginning.  I studied law in Ireland, and spent a good amount of time there.  I spent time in Dublin, but also in Dingle, which is where part of this movie is (supposedly) set, and I will admit that I was excited to watch this movie.  Even a romantic comedy set in Ireland has to be decent, right?

Well, I did not hate Leap Year, but it was very disappointing to see the movie languish and stutter in what could have really been a clever movie.  Amy Adams was decent, even though it seemed strange that her character was portrayed as a clever, sharp witted “stager” of apartments in Boston, yet apparently as soon as she hits the shores of Ireland is incapable of moving a bed to get to an outlet.  For someone as highly put together as Anna starts off to be, she sure is given a strange demeanor in another country.  Regardless, Amy Adams does a decent job and is believable to a point.  Her relationship with her initial boyfriend  Jeremy is appalling from the start, which of course is a classic romantic comedy heavy handed trick, which unfortunately is not the only recycled romantic comedy bit in this movie.

Leap Year seems to want to imagine itself as a new style of romantic comedy just because it is set in Ireland.  There is not enough here besides the backdrop and accents to make this any different than most of these types of movies.  The chemistry ended up working between Anna and Declan (Matthew Goode), but then again, wasn’t it always going to be that way?

Matthew Goode does a good job of playing the collected Declan, but even he is a bit one sided.  Overall leap year is just too predictable, and I thought there could have been even more Ireland charm included that might have added to the movie.  Instead, we got too little John Lithgow and too little Ireland, with just some of the same old predictable romantic comedy bits sprinkled in between.  I definitely liked this more than I liked Valentine’s Day, but it just floundered too much for me to love it.

And for the record, there seemed to be very little of Dingle (my favorite Irish town) in the movie.  And also, the last time I checked, the Cliffs of Mohr (or whatever massive cliffs were shown at the end of the movie) are not right out front of a Dingle pub.  At least they could have shown the beautiful Bay of Dingle.

Audio & Video: 7/10
The video was decent for this type of romantic comedy.  The shots in Ireland are gorgeous, and the colors are very well presented.  The VC-1 encoded 2.39:1 widescreen is very nice, and looked pretty solid throughout.

The audio was bright and cheerful, and dialogue was well done.   There were moments of rear speaker use that quite frankly shocked me for a romantic comedy, and I thought it sounded better than it looked for the most part.

Value: 4/10
As an admitted lover of Ireland, it is hard to see a movie that has such potential be so drab.  Leap Year should have been great, but it flounders and relies on cheap romantic comedy gimmicks that seem stale, even though the surrounding backdrop is sublime.  This scaled down Blu-ray does nothing to help the movie’s cause, as the extras are bare bones.  It just feels as if this could have been grand, but the idea was handed over to someone who just didn’t care about the movie.

Overall Score 5/10