Lady & The Tramp 50th Anniversary Edition

Cover Art and Menu: 8/10
It’s Disney so it’s a standard kid cover for sure. But then again, it’s Lady and the Tramp, does it really matter what the cover looks like? Not really. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
The menus are 3D CGI renditions of the alley in which Lady and Tramp share their first little pasta kiss. Awee… cool menus, just kind of lifeless if you ask me.

Extras & Features: 10/10

  • Bella Notte Music Video – Oh my goodness, is this ever lame. Some schmoozy lounge lizard guy singing Bella Notte…awkward!
  • Deleted Scenes – These are scenes that just didn’t make it to the final cut due to length or because they were telling part of the story again. These are not finished animation shots, but story boards put to a sound track recorded for the axed scenes. If you love the raw process of old school animation, you will enjoy these scenes.
  • 1943 Storyboard version of the film – This is an amazing addition to the DVD if you ask me. We rarely get to see the origins or the process a classic Disney movie goes through to get made, so this is a treat. They worked on Lady and the Tramp for over ten years before they got it right, and this is a filmed version of the original story boards put together to make the whole movie.
  • The Making Of Lady & The Tramp – This is a section of the DVD where you will find several documentary Featurette’s that show the history and making of Lady and the Tramp. It gives us a lot of insight into what goes into making any Disney feature. It’s nearly an hour long, so be ready for that.
  • Finding Lady The Art Of The Storyboard – This is more storyboards, but this time it’s how the final design of lady comes to be. From preliminary sketches to the final cute little thing she turns out to be, it’s a must see if you are as in love with this movie as say, um, my husband:)
  • Your Inner Bark Personality Profile – This is a series of little questions and answers that you go through to determine which character you most fit in the psychological department. We went through this only to find out that Mr. Ascully himself is, of all things, a cat…a cool one at that šŸ™‚
  • Disney Dog Trivia Quiz (Get 10 Right) – The master of all things Disney dogs can breeze through this little quiz with no trouble.. however, between my husband and I it took about 7 tries to get 10 right in a row…oh well, we just have to watch more flicks featuring the canine set.
  • The Siamese Cat Song Finding A Voice For The Cats – Peggy Lee and a couple of Disney voice dudes make up the chilling and often creepy song the two feline trouble makers sing when first we meet them. It’s so cool to see actual footage of these things being made. I would say Mr. Disney had a good idea to document everything way back in the day with video of all these processes. It’s got to be a great education for those in the biz, and it’s great fun for those of us who are mere fans.
  • Puppypedia Going to the dogs with Fred Willard – Semi lame little Disney short that looks like it belongs on The Disney Channel early Sunday morning when the kids have nothing else to watch. Honestly I didn’t watch it all, so the middle and end might be brilliant.
  • Art Gallery – More artwork from the delightful drawings that made this Disney classic a classic. I love drawing and art so it’s a great extra for folks like me.
  • Disney Virtual Puppy – If you have a PC and you would like to have a little virtual pet to take care of here’s your chance. Keep your puppy fed and happy and it will keep your monitor alive with pet goodness. I’m not a fan of pets, or of much going on on my desktop, but if you want it, here it is.
  • Disney Dog Trivia Virtual Board Game – More dog questions they really love their puppy pals there at Disney. I still prefer an old fashioned board game, call me sentimental, but it’s still a fun kid/parent PC game that doesn’t include shooting or killin’.

The Movie: 9/10
I don’t think it’s fair to review a movie like Lady and the Tramp. I think it’s been around the block enough for everyone to know the quality of the story and the animation. I will say a few things though.

I had never actually seen this particular Disney movie, I know I know, how strange. I was glad to have this remastered version to sink my teeth and heart into the first time around. I know it’s not down the movie itself how good the DVD version looks, but it’s so nice to have seen it looking as close to as it must have originally as they could get it. That added a lot to the experience for a first-timer. I didn’t see a scratch throughout the whole movie, and if I missed any, well, who cares. If I didn’t notice, I guess it doesn’t matter.

The sound is also top notch for such an old movie. We are talking 1950’s people. That’s a heck of a long time ago. If Disney classics have anything going for them it’s the quality of their picture and sound and their commitment to preserving their films. Again, good sound made watching it for the first time that much better for me. If it had been a scratchy picture and rough sound I am afraid that might have been a distraction from the sweetness of it all.

I’m not a sap, believe me, I can honestly say that I am not half as taken with this movie as my spouse, my husband, the man of the family, but hey, everybody has a soft spot for something. I cry at stuff, really I do.
The way the animals are drawn in Lady and the Tramp is so captivating. It’s more so in the beginning when Lady is a small puppy trying to make her way up those stairs the first time. It’s all very cuddly and cute and that’s what fun, but beyond the charm is the reality that someone must have studied dogs and puppies to be able to draw them so life-like. I know they are cartoon dogs, but the way they move and their expressions are so convincing, even I wanted a little puppy, for about 3 minutes

The story is, of course, designed to tug your heart strings. A puppy feeling left out when her “parents” Jim Dear and Darling have a baby. She escapes a horrible Auntie and her evil twin cats, we all know who they are, only to find friendship with a roughneck dog who knows the ropes around the city, but doesn’t much like the idea of settling down with one family.
Lady is torn between being second best to a new baby in the only home she has ever known, and living on the run keeping one paw ahead of the dog catching law. She makes some friends in the dog pound, a few friends of questionable racial profiling, but hey, that was almost 60 years ago, we know better today, I hope. The journey always takes her back to the Tramp who, despite her good sense, she falls in love with somewhere between the spaghetti kiss and his bravery in killing a nasty horrible rat. He’s a dog’s dog, that’s for sure, how can a lady resist his rugged charms?

The humans in this story are pretty much anonymous, faceless, and often annoying for various reasons. I suppose we would be to the canine folks who inhabit the space closer to the ground than us. The humans, move in more cartoony ways then the dogs, but that’s part of their simple charm. The humans are just background extras compared to the animals in this story, so why not poke a bit of fun at the homosapeans once in a while with their grand gestures and wobbly two leg walking style?

As with all Disney films it’s hard to imagine an unhappy ending, but I won’t divulge the whole tail, eh hem, I mean tale, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.
This is, as they say, a classic, and it’s well worth a watch even if you are old like me and there are no kids around as an excuse to pop it in the DVD player.

Value: 8/10
I think it’s safe to say that if you are a Disney fan you will buy this DVD no matter how much they charge for it. So, it doesn’t really matter what the price is for you folks. For the rest of ya, those who want to see the classic but not have it forever and ever and ever, go rent it and enjoy. You will get a lot for your money either way.

Overall Score 9/10