Knocked Up Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menu: 8/10
This is a good cover. YES, I am always so glad to have something positive to say about a DVD cover. It’s simple, fun, nothing too garish or obnoxious. It’s got some personality, not just washed with the marketing scrub brush to take away any bits of the gritty dirty bits that give it some umph.

The menus are excellent as well..geesh, either I’m loosing my touch, or they are reading my reviews and making some changes in that big tinsel town! The menus have clips in the background of bits that aren’t in the movie, like outtakes but more like extended cuts that got trimmed down. Love’em.

Features: 10/10
I’ll take a paragraph to say WOW about the extras. I have seen massive special effects flicks that have nothing more than a trailer and music video, so a romantic comedy with 2 whole discs is a nice surprise.

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes – Sometimes deleted scenes are fine on the digital cutting room floor, and these are no exception. I mean, they are funny, but in or out of the movie doesn’t really matter.
  • Topless Scene – A New Twist On Baring It All – hahhaa You have to see it to know why it gets a chuckle.
  • Line O Rama Featurette and Version 2 – What ad-libbing can be, in montage form, twice.
  • Gag Reel – Gag reel? With these guys and gals? It’s all one big gag reel isn’t it? Well, this is some flubs and giggles, as usual.
  • Feature Commentary With Judd Apatow, Seth Rogan, & Bill Hader – Judd Apatow is a funny guy, for a director:) So with him and Rogan and Hader they make watching movie again as much fun as the first time.
  • Finding Ben Stone – The Story Of The Other Actors Who Were Fired Before Seth Rogan Was Hired – You don’t always get this kind of serious behind the making-of feature that reveals the inner workings of the big Hollywood film makers and how ruthless they when choosing and rejecting poor little actors just trying to get a job, but here it is. Or maybe it’s them taking the piss…these are some funny folks!
  • Extended Extended Kuni Gone Wild Scene – Following the doctor on the set, a doctor turned actor, kind of 🙂
  • Stripper Confidential – A Look At Directing The Stripper Scene – Topless chicks grinding on the talent, or grinding talent on the actors, however you want to look at it.
  • Gummy The Lost Roommate A True Story – Not that funny really. Just another comedy little bit about a guy who “didn’t make it in the movie.”
  • Video Diaries Director Judd Apatow Takes You On An Exclusive Behind The Scenes Tour – An amazing day by day documentary of making the movie. It’s a full length movie in and of itself.
  • Two More Gag Reels – MORE GAG REELS!
  • Kids on the Loose – A kid gag reel. Apatow’s own kids are in the movie, and this is them being, um, kids.
  • Beard – O – Rama – A guy in the movie grows a beard for a year, and this is the story behind the facial extensions.
  • More and more and more – We watched so many extras that we didn’t expect to see, so it’s nice for you to have the same surprise. Just trust me, it’s a lot of fun stuff.
  • U-Control – Universals interactive feature that lets you access cast and crew interviews in a special picture in picture mode without interrupting the movie.

The Movie 8/10:
Ugh, not another sarcastic comedy with tales of 20-somethings making their way through life and relationships. That’s how I felt when I saw the trailers and then the DVD box sitting there just waiting to be opened, watched, and reviewed.

How can I explain how much I didn’t want to watch this movie? You know when you are hammering something and hope, even pray to your God that you don’t hit your finger/thumb? That pretty much covers it.

It’s not fair, I know, but what can I do? I have seen so many movies in my life that when I get a glimpse of one that doesn’t appeal to me, I’m usually right. Not this time.

Ohhhh big surprise. I was wrong. It’s not that Knocked Up is a great film or anything like that, oh goodness no. It’s got moments of great obnoxiousosity, and poor taste. I would go so far as to say for the first 15 minutes or so I was still in the “don’t want to do this” zone. But then it settled in and got over the goof factor, for the most part. Goof factor being that we were subjected to a group of guys being dicks with their pot smoking, back yard gladiator antics being kind of what one might call unappealing douche bags. That’s crass and crude, but it had to be said.

It seems the director wants to get across the point that the main guy we are being groomed to despise is kind of a loser with nothing more to aspire to in his days but to see naked boobs in movies and get high. Success.

It seemed hopeless until things started turning around. The leading lady comes in with her semi-neurotic sister and brother-in-law who are uncomfortable but fun to watch. She, our lady love interest, is beautiful and funny, good combo. She works for E! Entertainment network and is promoted to go on air, for which she goes out to celebrate, gets drunk, screws the above loser guy, and then the tension begins. Pregnant by a one night stand. Where does a corny movie like this go with a subject like that? There are 2 choices, totally screwball, or semi-sweet and slightly screwball. Luckily and shockingly, we get the second option.

The characters are almost all developed in a way to make them all interesting and comical but relatable in some way, even the idiot roommates and the jerks at the E! channel. Almost everybody contributes to a laugh or lighthearted moment at some point. I didn’t laugh out loud every single scene, but there were a lot of giggles and breathy nose laughs. You know what I mean.

The story takes an interesting and very modern path. This is a real life drama that happens ALL the time, and it doesn’t’ always have a storybook ending, so this movie explores a few of the bumps in the road that these two single and mismatched folks come across once they have done the nasty and are facing a lifetime of being parents together, or not.

It has some classic tricks like the guy wanting to be more responsible, the inevitable attempts to make their strange relationship work, and all the differences between them that most likely will keep them apart. But the question is, will they overcome their differences, and the happenstance way they found each other, or will they discover that some relationships are just not meant to be?

The goof factor fades enough to make way for some genuinely funny moments. It all levels out into a nice story, nice movie.

Oh, and there’s a guy who bets he cannot shave for a year, real roller coaster riding, a sister who is convinced her husband is cheating, a trip to Vegas complete with topless lap dances, Circ de Sole while under the influance, funny little kids, an excellent scene with pregnancy tests, and our heroine calls Steve Carell (as himself) an asshole. That’s worth a couple of laughs right there.

I liked it, (thoughtful pause) a lot.

Video & Audio By Ascully:
Knocked up arrives on Blu-Ray disc on a great 1080P AVC encoded 50GB disc in the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1. This is a pretty recent movie and one of the better transfers we have seen. This is, of course, because the source material was already free from blemishes and scratches. Fortunately this disc does not feature the nasty edge enhancement which we saw on The 40 Year Old Virgin and looks great overall.

Audio is presented in the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio flavor, which is my preferred next gen audio format. Somehow DTS tracks always sound richer and more vibrant than the Dolby digital equivalent. The whole movie is dialog driven so don’t expect a party in your rear speakers, but what is important is that the dialog is perfectly clear.

Value: 6/10
I really enjoy this movie, but I don’t need it in my collection. You can find the Blu-Ray version of knocked Up on Amazon for about 20 bucks which is a great value if you really really love Knocked Up, not to mention the the amount of extras that are included on the disc.Rent it for a lot of laughs. Buy it if you need a lot of laughs over and over and over and over.

Overall Score 8/10