Knight And Day Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I don’t hate this cover. This is progress for me. Most cover art makes me sad, annoyed, bored, and heartbroken. It’s a serious problem. I won’t say this cover is my emotional savior, but it causes my eyebrow to rise and that sound come out from somewhere in my throat, “hmmm” with the mumbled, “I kind of like it.” I would even consider having it as a poster in our movie room for a while. The menu is standard Blu-Ray, so that’s nothing special.

Features: 7/10

  • Wilder Knights & Crazier Days – A well produced behind the scenes feature that does a great job of filling in the gaps about locations, cast, stunts, and more.
  • Boston Days & Spanish Knights – One of the cities featured in the movie that helps give that very international vibe. It grounds us in the good old US and then we take a ride to distant places.
  • Knight & Someday Featuring The Black Eyed Peas & Tom Cruise – I love the Black Eyed Peas, and with Tom Cruise skulking around it seems a bit odd. He invited them to do the song for the end of the movie, and then he shows up for a concert when they just happen to promote the song and the movie..hmmm
  • Knight & Day Story – How do you tell a love kind of story with comedy topped off with action, spy action, guns, trains, and bulls? This extra will answer all your questions.
  • Knight & Day Scope – How far does the story takes us around this planet?
  • BDLIVE (Live Lookup) – Look up who, when, why, how, where, all on IDMB while you watch the movie…it might sound odd, but those pee breaks are sure boring for the person left behind who doesn’t need to go, so this is an excellent feature to explore.
  • DVD & Digital Copy – Yeah it’s a DVD & Digital Copy Alright.

The Movie: 7/10
I don’t think I am the audience for this morphed genre. Comedy mixed with romance, tossed like a salad with action, violence, shooting, and running with the bulls, there’s so much going on that sometimes each element loses a bit of quality. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I laughed several times, and the action was fast paced and they do a lot of unique stunts so that’s always good.

I do like Tom Cruise, most of the time. I can’t explain his appeal, except that I’ve been brainwashed since Risky Business to have a deep seeded feeling of “ohhh it’s Tom Cruise, that dude who dance din his underwear and had prostitutes in his house” that’s enough to keep me hanging on as a fan. I Enjoy him when he just relaxes a bit and is more natural. Most of this movie he does his movie star thing where he is just sucking in his gut, smiling big, and doing lots of hero poses.

The best parts are when he lightens up and does a few jokes, one=liners, and generic frivolity. I can imagine other dudes in this role, so it’s not an exclusive Cruise stamped character. The moments when he just takes a deep breath and you can see him having a good time are so superior to the man on a motorcycle looking serious and intense. I think  I might be in the minority.

Cameron Diaz is, sad to say, the same in almost every movie. I see her slight goof factor thrreaded through a lot of her dialogue. It should be in Knight and Day, but then when you’ve seen her a lot through the years you get a bit, well, I get a little irritated. She does a good job with her origins story ingredients as an actress, she is coy sometimes, cute, awkward, clumsy, capable, cunning, physical, and everything really .The problem for me is the same as with Cruise, the writing really lets them down from time to time. It’s more canned talking than I like and Diaz might pull it off naturally, but it still cheapens anything good either of them offer up for our entertainment.

The story has it’s unique imagination about it. There is a thing the bad guy wants and the nerdy scientist who made it, who is is great danger. The thing has the potential to destroy life as we know it on this Earth. I’ts not fully original, I know this, but within each scene they validate the story, and their motivations to move on to the next scuffle and I can admire that.

Audio & Video: 9/10
I was going to make a joke about how the Blu-Ray transfer of Knight & Day was night and day above the DVD version but I will save you from that nonsense. But, seriously this is one stunning looking Blu-Ray disc, from the sun drenched Jamaican Island to the train ride through the Austrian Alps this transfer is pixel perfect in every way.  If you need an example of how much detail this disc includes take a look at the fine tilework in Antonio’s mansion near the film’s climax. You really will feel like you are there.

Audio as with most of FOX’S Blu-Ray releases of late comes in the 5.1 DTSHD Master Audio flavor, which again like most modern action movies is vibrant and alive. There are lots of standout moments here from the Boston car chase to the rooftop chase where Tom Cruise has a brush in with his superiors. There are a couple of lines that are mixed a little low that can be easily missed under the barrage of gunfire but hey no movie is perfect.

Overall I highly recommend this movie to the Blu-Ray fan who likes action, eye candy and just a good old switch off your brain good time at the movies.

Value: 5/10
I don’t need this movie to be on my shelf for future viewing. If you like the action, romance, comedy stuff along with a couple of Hollywood heavy-hitters this will be one you will want to keep around. If you find it for around 12 bucks I say it’s a good deal. There are enough extras to keep you busy for a while and if you like it enough to buy it you like it enough to watch it multiple times and get your money’s worth. Unfortunately you might not find it for less than $23 or so, and that’s too much for me.

Overall Score 7/10