Kingsman: The Secret Service Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I know, I know, eight out of ten is a high score, but I have my reasons. Each time I score a movie it’s based on a few things. First, of course, is the story. Do I care? Am I interested? Is it compelling? Does it makes sense? These are some of the questions I ask. Then, there are the characters. Are they boring? Do they fit the world they live in? Do I care what happens to them by the end of the story? You get the idea. The main thing though, when it comes to giving a movie a number is how it fits into its own genre, into the movie world it occupies. Kingsman is one of the best movies of its kind I have seen in a long long time. What is that genre? Hmmm Spy Action Comedy might just cover it.

The story is not totally new, but it has enough personality that it kept me interested. We have a bad guy who wants to do something to the whole world that most people won’t like, and a good guy who wants to stop him. Right, so keep in mind this is a spy flick, which means we must have a villain who wants to do something really big and bad. Our spies need to thwart the plans, and along the way, to keep me smiling and riveted it needs to be full of quality action. Kingsman definitely has quality action, good fights, good stunts, great special effects, and lots of eye candy. However, it’s not just all for looks and thrills.

I did enjoy the characters. Our leading spy, Colin Firth, is reserved but kind of cheeky. Our up and coming spy, Taron Egerton, in training is rowdy but solid and also kind of cheeky. The supporting cast is all pretty darn good, if not occasionally too bland in comparison to the rest of the movie. Our bad guy won me over. I am not your usual Samuel L Jackson fan. In fact, not at all. I know, I know..that’s just crazy! But this time around he’s got a quirk and not just for quirk’s sake. His character is a whole person who I understand. I get his motives and his personality goes deeper than just a maniacal bad guy.

The music is great. It drives the action most of the time which can be annoying, but this time it fits. The look of the whole movie is high quality with great sets and lots of detail. There is even an evil lair for the villain. The pace is just right so that by the middle I’m still excited and by the end I’m satisfied but almost wanting a tiny bit more.

It’s a fun, but not kid friendly fun, kind of movie for a Friday night, bowl of popcorn, and six-pack:) It earns it’s 8/10 in its own little world of spy comedy action goodness.

Features: 8/10

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed 6 Part Behind The Scenes – A six part behind the scenes documentary that runs over 90 minutes. If your a fan of Matthew Vaughn you will love what is offered here. The 6 parts include Panel To Screen, Heroes & Rogues, Style All Of His Own, Tools Of The Trade, Breathtakingly Brutal and Culture Clash.
  • 3 Image Galleries – Behind the scenes, sets and props are all covered in these extensive image galleries.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 6/10
The cover is fine, a little boring and definitely not poster worthy:)

Audio & Video: 8/10
Kingsman is a stunning movie I enjoyed every second of it, the Blu-Ray release is also top-level in terms of video and audio quality.  Kingsman is presented using the AVC codec in 1080P and 2.39:1 aspect ratio. Filmed digitally in 2014 this is a stunning showcase of what modern HD cinema cameras can do. Detail is everywhere especially on faces and clothing, black levels are inky but never to deep and flash tones are natural without being overblown. If you want a demonstration of the color’s that Blu-Ray can produce watch the exploding head scene near the end of the movie. Trust me you will be impressed.

Audio is similarly impressive from the opening guitar riff from money for nothing to the explosive (literally) finale this is one to show off with. Using the DTS-HD Master audio 7.1 track to it’s fullest LFE usage is bold while surround speakers are used subtly and often. The film’s action scenes really come alive thanks to this impressive audio track.

Overall Score 8/10