Kick-Ass 2 Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Where are all the super heroes? Why aren’t we all dressing up in capes and masks and fighting the ugliness of crime in our streets? We all know why, but the characters of the Kick-Ass world don’t quite agree. You will get your body pummeled by bad guys, this is a fact of life for a super hero without super powers. Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 make this very clear. The bad guys are assholes and the good folks would need something more, gadgets, gangs, and guts. Kick Ass 2 brings together a band of heroes led by the Captain Stars and Stripes, unforgiving born again thug with a desire to right the wrongs of his past. Jim Carrey does a fine job of being that guy, and he doesn’t steal the spotlight away from the rest of the cast. All the heroes are a bit bumbling and fumbling, but they have a good collective heart and they are not afraid of a fight.

The story of the Kick-Ass world isn’t exactly complicated. There is a very bad guy at the top of the food chain, this time it’s the son of the previous bad guy. He’s a jerk of magnum proportions. He wants to be a supervillain and gathers a troop of jerks to keep his dream alive. From the Russian female killer to the rest of them…honestly, they all pale in comparison to Mother Russia, so they are inconsequential. Our heroine, Hit Girl goes through a crisis of self searching, and of course we have to struggle through the high school dramas of mean girls and jocks for a lot of the movie. Unfortunately this is my least favorite part of the story. We all know high school sucks, and mean girls suck, and jocks suck. Why does the very cool Hit Girl need to be dragged through all that in order to come to the final conclusion, that she is HIT GIRL and not some idiot teenager? Who knows, I think sometimes men have a certain fantasy about high school they can’t let go of, and the writers of Kick-Ass 2 needed to dip their sticks in that pool for some reason.

The violence of the movie is a bit much. I understand the bad guy is a very determined bad guy. He’s willing to kill and do horrible things to bring Kick Ass and his super heroes down. I get it, bad is bad and good needs to be more “kick-ass” to defeat it….but seriously, it’s like a boy’s wet dream, all the stabbing and punching and kicking. It gets boring after a minute or two. I prefer the quick and powerful fight scenes to the long drawn out ones.

Overall I liked the idea of Kick-Ass 2, more vigilantes coming out to help the citizens, more determination of our leading man to be strong and devoted to his cause. So, why don’t we all dress up as super heroes to fight the bad guys? We will get our asses kicked, but imagine it, ALL the good folks on the streets ready to kick some jerk-face ass….where’s my cape?

Features: 7/10

  • Alternate Opening – A different opening that is somewhat more mean-spirited than the one in the film.
  • Big Daddy Returns: The Unshot Scene – Nicolas Cage does not return for this scene but you do get a storyboard version of him in this new flashback.
  • Hit Girl Attacks: Creating The Van Sequence – The Van sequence is the absolute worst part of the movie for me with its poor green screen and stunt people. Still if you like the scene you can see it broken down here.
  • Extended Scenes – Fourteen minutes of deleted scenes with optional commentary from Writer/Director Jeff Wadlow.
  • The Making Of Kick-Ass 2 – Broken down into five sections (An Ass Kicking Cast, Upping The Game, Going Ballistic Weapons & Stunts, Creating A Badass World, Street Rules: Showdown At The Evil Lair) this making of runs around 45 minutes and is not nearly as in-depth as the one which was included with the original Kick-Ass movie. Still there are some good interviews with the cast and crew.
  • Feature Commentary With Aaron Taylor Johnson, Christopher Mintz Platz, Chloe Grace Moretz And Writer Director Jeff Wadlow – Quite a good commentary here with lots of laughs and information about the comic books and adaptation to the screen, if you are not a die-hard Kick-Ass fan though it might be a little bit fanboyish for you.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
I would have this cover as a poster in my house. Yes, it’s rare but sometimes I do like the packaging of a movie. It is the simplicity that I dig, the eyes and the colors, it’s exciting and tells you a lot about the characters, so it’s a keeper. The menu is just a menu.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Kick-Ass 2 features a nice looking 1080P transfer in 2.40:1 aspect ratio using the AVC codec. It looks way sharper than the original movie which I just re-watched this week. Colors really jump off the screen take a look at any scene featuring Hit-Girl wearing her purple wig. There is a slight amount of black crush in some of the darker scenes but nothing that will take away from the movie.

Obviously with a title like Kick-Ass 2 this movie excels sonically. The DTS-HD Loss less Master Audio track is incredibly lively with lots of surround panning and LFE effects in the main action scenes. Dialog is very clear and centralized which is quite the feat since the movie is so full of noisy special effects.

Overall I loved Kick-Ass 2!! It might not have the charm and appeal of the originals origin story but it does scratch the same itch as the first in many respects.

Overall Score 7/10