Justice League 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 5/10
I dig it. it’s fun. I have a good time. It’s a super hero flick that does all that and yet still is broken in some way. It feels very average, right down the middle, watchable and a good time, but forgettable and if it hadn’t existed in the DC movie world it wouldn’t really matter. First I’ll say what I liked, Wonder Woman and the IDEA of Aqua Man. The rest of the characters, even Super Man were flat for me, nothing special, nothing interesting. Come on, if you bring a guy back from the dead and it’s done in a very boring way, it’s a waste of a good chance for a big hero moment. I’m not easily moved by those hero moments, but I’ve seen enough in all types of movies to know when the emotions work on my cynical heart, and this time nothing happened. He was dead and then he wasn’t and that was that.

As for the big adventure of it all, I have actually forgotten the threat already. I don’t have in my movie memory the big villain or their plan to do something horrible to the city, or the planet, or whatever. Let me think about it……oh yea, that CGI guy. I think it’s best we leave him out of this review. I know, he’s the bad guy and he deserves some mention, but really, every time he was on the screen I was just thinking about how bad the CGI was and his threat seemed quite minimal overall. I didn’t feel the peril.

As for our other characters, the Batman, the fast guy, well, I like the concept of a guy who can move super fast, but then he’s such a terribly written character it takes away the coolness of his super power. Nothing bad about the actor, but the way it was written he’s just too goofy. As for the Batman, all I think of is that he’s Ben Affleck and he’s OK, but like the lack of vavoom for the Superman moment, Batman is just blah.

I did like the Cyborg dude. He was about my favorite thing in the movie. His story is compelling and his abilities are interesting to explore. It’s just too bad they didn’t write him in enough. He does save the day, but if it had been HIS movie, it would have been more exciting.

Overall I did have some fun and it’s a jaunt into the super hero realm which I almost always enjoy. It felt like it was poorly directed, poorly written, and in the end, there’s not a lot you can do to salvage such a big production if that’s where your problems start.

Features: 7/10

  • The Return Of Superman (2 Minutes) – Two quick deleted scenes that show expand superman’s reentry into the DC Universe.
  • Road To Justice (14 Minutes) – A look at the fifty year history of the Justice League franchise.
  • Technology Of The Justice League (8 Minutes) – A brief glimpse at Batman’s newest gadgets.
  • Justice League: The New Heroes (12 Minutes) – Hosted by Cyborg himself Ray Fisher this featurette focus’s on the newcomers to the series.
  • Steppenwolf The Conqueror (3 Minutes) – A look at the mostly CGI bad guy used in the plot.
  • Scene Studies (15 Minutes)
  • Suit Up The Look Of The League (10 Minutes) – Costume Designer Mike Wilkinson takes us through the costume design.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Justice League is unusual as it’s the first of Zack Synders films that does not use long time DP Larry Fong instead going with Fabian Wagner who chose to shoot on film instead of digital. The final image comes across with a lot of detail and is a lot less dark and gloomy than the other DC films. Another change is the aspect ratio used 1.78:1 uses the whole of your display and makes the film look almost IMAX ratio.

Detail is high during the movie and shadow detail also comes through. Most of the film grain is lost due to heavy use of CGI in almost all of the action sequences. I saw a little artifacting during the Steppenwolf climatic showdown but it’s hard to tell if it’s a fault of the Blu-ray or the fuzzy CG effects used in the sequence.

Justice League comes to Blu-ray using either the Dolby Atmos or DTS-HD MA 5.1 options. It’s weird that Warner choose to include both mixes as the Atmos track mixes itself down to 5.1 if you do not have the required speakers. The track itself is serviceable with plenty of LFE and surround effects. The problem is the dynamic Range is very narrow so the scenes do not have the punch required in most cases.

Like the film itself the Justice League disc is inconsistent but capable.

Overall Score 5/10