Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 6/10
Dinosaurs in our modern world, that pretty much covers Jurassic Everything. I will say I do love the franchise as an idea and have always had fun with the images of the giant reptiles roaming around with people at their feet, or dangling from their jaws:) The thing is, however, how exciting is it in Jurassic World to see more of the big fellas crushing, crunching, destroying, and being their natural selves? For me, not so much.

The story is kind of lame, the leftover partner from the original duo who brought dinosaurs back to life many years ago. Of course they had conflict because one wanted to use the science in one way and the other didn’t. It’s an old story, and not so old. If you have seen Ready Player One or West World, or read about real life partnerships for big things like Apple or Microsoft, there is nothing original about conflict among the mad geniuses who have a rogue element. That’s what made this movie feel a bit stale, and yet there are DINOSAURS! 🙂 Never forget that a bit of humongous meat-eating creatures mixed with us piddly humans is always an eye opener. Because we don’t see it everyday as we walk down the street it is more of a spectacle than anything else. A feast for the eyes….and yet even that it getting a bit stale too.

The cast is fine. I can’t say anyone really caught my attention. No character grabbed me in a way that made me care enough to get invested in their performances. It’s a fun romp with people dying horribly at every opportunity so the comedy element with Pratt and Howard seems awkward most of the time. I kept thinking…um…you are being charming and flirty while people are literally be eaten alive or skewered by giant horns!

I want more Jurassic World movies, but let’s shake it up a bit. Let’s go 100 years in the future when the species have truly become dominant again and humans have had to really work at surviving. We need to have mastered space travel so we can abandon this REAL Jurassic World once and for all. Hollywood, you’re welcome for the idea:) See, if I’m thinking about that instead of thinking about the movie I’m supposed to be reviewing, that can’t be a rave review, right?

It’s a fun flick if you are a Jurassic Park/World fan and need more of the same. If you want THAT feeling of wonder and awe again, just watch the original again.

Features: 8/10

  • On Set With Chris & Bryce (3 Minutes) – A look at the films leading characters and what it takes to work together.
  • The Kingdom Evolves (4 Minutes) – How Fallen Kingdom fits in the grand scheme of things.
  • Return To Hawaii (3 Minutes) – A look at location scouting and shooting in Hawaii.
  • Island Action (6 Minutes) – A look at a couple of the films main action scenes.
  • Aboard The Arcadia (6 Minutes) – How they built the inside of the Arcadia ship on a soundstage.
  • Birth Of The Indoraptor (4 Minutes) – The series newest dinosaur is given center stage.
  • Start The Bidding (3 Minutes) – It would be a spoiler to tell you what this extra is about, watch it and see.
  • Death By Dino (1 Minute) – Again spoilery but if you want to see a dinosaur eat a man, look no further.
  • Monster In A Mansion (3 Minutes) – The back third of the movie takes place in this magnificent mansion. Here we see what CGI trickery it took to get it to happen.
  • Rooftop Showdown (4 Minutes) – The films ending sequence is examined.
  • Malcolm’s Return (3 Minutes) – Blink and you will miss him.
  • VFX Evolved ( 7 Minutes) – Looking at how CGI has changed over the years, nothing has been more convincing than the first dinosaur you see in the original movie though.
  • Fallen Kingdom The Conversation ( 10 Minutes) – Bryce Dallas Howard, J A Bayona, Colin Trevorrow, Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum sit down to discuss the franchise.
  • A Song For The Kingdom ( 1 Minute) – Justice Smith sings a fun song.
  • Chris Pratt’s Jurassic Journals (12 Minutes) – A 12 minute on set tour with Chris Pratt, if your a fan of Vlogging and Youtube this is for you.
  • Jurassic Then And Now Presented By Barbasol (3 Minutes) – A montage of the Jurassic franchise’s best moments.
  • 4kUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 9/10
Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom comes to 4KUHD and Blu-ray courtesy of Universal and a stellar AVC transfer. The movie may divide fans but the presentation here will not. Dark blacks, great fleshtones and an absurd amount of detail in every frame. This is without doubt one of the better looking discs this year. Take that Solo.

Universal chose the amazing DTS:X format for the lossless audio here and intense is the only way to describe it. This track has a massive amount of LFE and any scenes with rampaging dinosaurs come across real and lifelike. Surround sound is given a workout especially during chapter 10, music is detailed and voice always centered.


Overall Score 6/10