Jumper (DVD & Blu-Ray)

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover is more Sci-Fi than the movie, and the menus are cool but it gives the impression there’s more technology and gadgetry in the movie than there actually is. There is a slip on cover to beef up the package, but all-in-all it’s a bit boring for me.
Features: 8/10

  • Audio Commentary By Director Doug Liman & Writer/Producer Simon Kinberg & Producer Lucas Foster – I have to admit, I find these guys moderately irritating. Therefore, the whole commentary has not passed through my ears. It’s good to have a commentary, only if you want to listen to it…so, this one didn’t do much for me. A writer, a producer, and a director sounds like a good combination, but there’s something too “Hollywood” about them..yuck.
  • Deleted Scenes – Some of these scenes might have been ok in the final movie, but none of them would have made better.
  • Jumping From Novel To Film Featurette – The author of the original novel talks about having his ideas turned into a movie. He doesn’t seem to mind the complete remodel of the story. The director explains how he likes to gut any story he gets his hands on and re-invent it from the ground up…ugh.
  • Doug Limans Jumper Uncensored Documentary – This is a good look behind the scenes, better than most. We get a glimpse at the problems and complications that the cast and crew came across during the making of the movie. We are not giving the normal happy shiny people loving on each other. It’s obvious that this production was not without it’s own drama behind the camera.
  • Jumpstart Animated Graphic Novel – This is my favorite feature. It’s a piece of the story but with some changes and in the style of a storyboard with movie parts. I only wish the whole story had been done for this extra.
  • Making An Actor Jump Featurette – The special effects in Jumper do account for a large part of the experience, regardless of what the director wants us to think. This feature shows how they developed the effect of the lead character jumping from one place to another, referred to as “beaming” “teleporting” etc. It’s a pretty good look at what work goes into things we might take for granted like the staff who have to create effects from nothing more than an idea.
  • Previz Future Concepts – This is a series of concepts turned into video game type action sequences. It’s obvious why some things didn’t make it into the movie, you have to watch it to see why:)
  • Blu-Ray Exclusive Picture In Picture Jumping Around The World – Commentary and behind the scenes in a small window in the corner of the screen. They do not run through the whole movie though, so you will have to search around, or just let it play through to find them.
  • Digital Copy Of Jumper For Portable Media Players – This is a copy of the movie for your PC or iPod.

The Movie: 6/10
Entertainment, that’s what some movies are, pure and simple. I didn’t invent this concept, I’m aware of this. Why would I rehash this old boot? Well, sometimes I watch movies with a certain critical eye that can ruin the experience for me, so I have had to figure out the difference between the films that are allowed to simply be what they are and offer up whatever entertainment value they can, while others are important enough to me to dig deeper and raise my expectations.

Jumper is pure entertainment. I love the concept. Having the ability to be anywhere you want to be in the world, anytime without consequence…sounds good to me. I also appreciate the international element, traveling around the world is always cool. That about covers the best of what I can say about Jumper. It’s one of those movies I had to apply the “this is entertainment” rule. It can be distracting if I find myself criticizing everything about a movie in my own head, so part of these movie watching lessons I have learned over the years help get my mind in a place where I let go of the nit picking and enjoy the ride.

What is there to criticize? Well, since you asked, the story starts out interesting. A teenager discovers he has the power to “transport” himself to anywhere in the world in a split second. He has a troubled life, mother left when he was five, father is an alcoholic, bullied at school, rejected by the one girl he likes…you get the picture. So, there was potential for a good journey with this fellow. However, I was quickly cringing when the flash kicked in. Flash is not my favorite thing in movies. Big budgets and semi-crazy directors often combine to a not-so-good end result.

I didn’t like the quick route they took from the boy’s discovery of his new skill to adulthood when he had fully realized his abilities (mostly). I like the development. I enjoy watching a character figure out who they are in the world. This movie didn’t do that.

I didn’t like Samuel Jackson. He was boring and didn’t have any impact on the character he played. In fact, I think it would have been better to have a lesser known actor, just to give the part some credibility.

I didn’t like the occasional bad CGI, but then again, what movie like this doesn’t have that problem these days?

I didn’t like the convenient bits that kept falling into place. It’s dummied down movie making and I’m not good at dummied down movie watching, unless it’s something I already have a soft spot for, and this isn’t it.

I didn’t like the continuity problems that cropped up now and then, like the young girl who’s hair went from hers to wig to hers to wig all in the same scene…so distracting.

I didn’t like the second half of the story. It started ok, but then took the lazy way out and turned into a Hollywood cookie cutter action flick.

What DID I like? I like Hayden Christiansen, or do I? I liked Shattered Glass, a movie he was in a while ago. I am neutral about him as Darth Vader. So, when he’s just so-so, even with moments of greatness, it doesn’t do much for how much I care if his character gets through to the end alive or not.

I like the not-so-goody-goody route our leading man has taken in his life. He’s not out there saving the planet, he’s robbing banks, so that’s cool.

Other than that it was more of a neutral experience. That’s not to say it’s not a watchable movie, just not something I would watch again. I wouldn’t say don’t watch it though. It’s a tough call as to who would enjoy it and who would scoff at it. Give it a try and see on which side of the fence you live.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully) 9/10
Jumper Is presented in 1080P 2.40 widescreen for its home release, what that means is you get black bars at the top and bottom regardless of your screen’s shape and size, while I am more of a fan of widescreen that fits the screen, Jumper has a lot of scenes that use the wide field of view to the max so it doesn’t matter so much. The image is pristine on this Blu-Ray Disc (its a 2008 movie and was filmed with hi Definition in mind), you will be hard pressed to see any artifacting, even dark scenes are impressive.

Audio is given a similar top notch presentation using the DTS HD codec like most Fox Hi-Def releases at the moment. Jumper has one of the best sounding special effects in recent memory, when the characters in the movie “Jump” there is a strange noise that starts in your center speaker and ends up in your Subwoofer, its a impressive effect and one I didn’t grow tired of even though it was used a lot in the movie. Overall Jumper while being a mediocre movie is presented beautifully on Blu-Ray disc and is a great showcase for your sound system.

We were also lucky enough to take a look at the DVD version of the movie which was the standard edition, we cant really comment on the picture quality as the disc we were sent was a pre release screener which does not represent the final quality of the transfer. Suffice to say though the picture and sound was quite good and if Fox’s other releases are anything to go by the retail version will very likely look as good as possible for a standard definition release.

Jumper on DVD comes in a standard edition with no extras and a 2 Disc Digital Copy version which features the same extras as the Blu-Ray disc excluding the fancy picture in picture mode which is only possible on the HD format.

Value: 4/10
If you like action adventure with a twist, try a rental for Jumper and see if you want to have it forever. I don’t, but that’s just me. Movies like this, the ones I can take or leave, well the price feels like it should be around 10 bucks.

Overall Score 5/10