John Wick 3: Parabellum 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Dear John,

I love you.

Is that enough for a movie review? Hmm probably not. Well, what more can I say. I’m a sucker for a man in a suit who has a ridiculous secret murderous organization hunting him down. I know it’s not Shakespeare, but come on, if we dig deep enough something in John Wick is going to be intelligent and deeply exploring the human condition….or not.

I don’t really care if it has flaws. That’s just the cold hard truth. It’s wild and I for a few seconds at the beginning I had this thought, “REALLY this organization can just operate in this world in secret but in the open with literally thousands and thousands of members or mercenaries in every city?” and then I get over it really quickly and get on with having fun.

John ends his last movie being black listed by his little club and now he’s on the run. He has to find favors where he can find them and along the way we follow him around the world for quite the romp. We get desert (and I DARE you NOT to think of Chevy Chase!), exotic locations, an insane amount of broken glass, many weapons used and misused, attack dogs, ballet dancing, and guns, lots and lots of guns:) There is nothing really new here, don’t expect revelations about the Wick universe. He was raised by a woman with dancers and wrestlers, or something like that. He once had a thing with Hallie Berry and now she has dogs. Laurence Fishburne loves pigeons, and of course a nearly bald woman scares the shit out of everyone, apparently because she is the Adjudicator. Don’t dig too deep, you will crack the delicate crust of weirdness that holds this movie and it’s younger siblings together.

No matter how silly it seems or how many punches this character takes beyond what any human could handle, I still love it. I’m entertained. I go to lots of locations and I say, “Wow!’ several times. It’s a fun movie watching experience. The thing is, I would still tell the John Wick people that enough is enough. I don’t need more Keanu stunts. Time to move on:)

Features: 8/10

  • Parabellum: Legacy Of The High Table (11 Minutes) – EPK style interview featurette focused on John and the mythos of the High Table.
  • Excommunicado (1 Minutes) – A quick recap on why John has been removed from play.
  • Check Your Sights (10 Minutes) – A look at the action scenes of the film.
  • Saddle Up Wick (5 Minutes) – A fun look at the equestrian action section.
  • Bikes, Blades, Bridges and Bits (6 Minutes) – A quick tour through the action sequences of the entire trilogy.
  • Continental In The Desert (10 Minutes) – The Moroccan setting used in the middle of the movie is explored.
  • Dog Fu (8 Minutes) – The dog sequences in Wick 3 are the highlight, here we see the training it took to get the dogs to jump and kill.
  • House Of Transparency (7 Minutes) – A look at the glass house finale.
  • Shot By Shot (9 Minutes) – Editing is explored in this short featurette.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 10/10
John Wick 3 is presented in 4K and 1080P across a 4KUHD and Blu-ray disc. The 4K presentation is stellar with vivid color and pristine shadow detail including liberal use of HDR. This is a pristine transfer that will be hard to beat in 2019.

The Dolby Atmos track is equally impressive and uses a lot of overhead effects during the films many shootouts. Dialog is clear and centralized and surround sound is constantly in play. LFE comes into effect during many of the action sequences. One thing I would recommend is turn this baby up to 11 and enjoy.

Overall Score 7/10