Jennifer’s Body Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
For me this cover gives too much away. I know marketing is pretty straight forward. They want to sell sell sell as much about the movie as they can in a single image. I just would like a bit of mystery now and then. I don’t like being told everything about a movie before I see it, that’s why I go SEE it. 🙂 The menu is fine, just functional and easy enough to navigate. It’s a bit old school, buttons at the bottom of the screen, themed with drippy blood, so decent, nothing fancy.

Features: 8/10

  • Includes Both The Original Theatrical And Unrated Versions! – Ok, two versions of the movie. 🙂 The extended has a bit more of this and a bit more of that…just watch it.
  • Audio Commentary On The Theatrical Version With Director Karyn Kusama And Writer Diablo Cody – A good reason to watch the movie again. These women have a good discussion about the making of the movie, how they function in the movie industry, and more.
  • Audio Commentary On The Unrated Version With Director Karyn Kusama – This director is a talker. She does a great job of explaining the process without being boring, which a lot of directors do suffer from.
  • Deleted Scenes – I found these deleted scenes to be quite substantial. I would like to see them cut back into the movie.
  • Jennifer’s Body: The Dead Pool – The biggest set piece in the movie is an indoor creepy-ass pool that looks like it is an abandoned YMCA or something. This behind the scenes look is some talking heads, lots of fun footage of the young actors doing their stunts and working out big action sequences.
  • Cast And Filmmakers’ Behind The Scenes Video Diaries – A few of the cast and crew pick up their own cameras and give us short looks at their days on the set.
  • Gag Reel – This “Gag reel” starts as flubs and ends up as a montage of clips from the film, behind the scenes shots, and the lead song over it all like a funny little music video.
  • Megan Fox Extras – A montage of clips of her from the movie and a short fake PSA with her talking about being yourself in the face of peer pressure. (wink)
  • And More! – Trailers are not an extra, and they are not MORE!!!

The Movie: 8/10
YES, 8 out of 10. I don’t normally feel the urge to justify a score, but here it goes. I wanted to dislike this movie. I wanted to roll my eyes so much I’d get a headache from the lameness of it. I wasn’t looking forward to watching Megan Fox. I wasn’t looking forward to another idiot laced teen horror flick….and then I watched it. I liked the movie, didn’t roll my eyes (maybe a couple of times), found Ms. Fox to be more than tolerable, and as for the idiot laced teen horror, well, that’s just not the case with Jennifer’s Body.

Ok, you might find a couple of idiots here and there and some lame dialogue that’s supposed to be “teen friendly”. These are flaws in this otherwise serviceable little movie. However, it’s got everything else going for it that all came together in a little whirlwind of a very fun jaunt. Jaunt, is such a sophisticated word. I laughed a few times, grinned a lot, made THAT face when gross things happened, and was genuinely interested in every character we met along the way, their stories, their inevitable fate.

The bitchy beautiful teenage cheerleader with the quiet glasses wearing friend, this is not original. I won’t pretend it is even close. The thing is, there are different layers, (bear with me) to the story that make it feel like a new point of view on some old themes, and that is the thing that most made it a very enjoyable movie for me. Two female friends who might not have a real friendship as they grow older. The pitfalls of vanity and the valuing of a young woman based on her looks, facing the harsh realities of those hormone filled years, it’s all here. I completely identify with the friends growing apart, being the non-beautiful friend, the angst of being a kid even if it was all in my little ego-centric mind.

The mix of horror, classic 80’s type fright tricks, excellent performances by EVERYONE involved, yes everyone, makes Jennifer’s Body one of my favorite fun movies in a long time. When I say horror, it’s not too much, but sometimes you have that “Oh gross” moments and it’s just enough to make it creepy without being too much to appreciate. As for the cast, well, I wanted to say something nasty and hateful about Ms. Fox, but I can’t. That’s the truth. She isn’t brilliant or even great, but I am now looking forward to the next thing she does, and that’s saying A LOT more than I could have said before watching this movie. Amanda Seyfore is awesome. She’s totally in it to be that young woman in the surreal situation. I am a true fan at this point, and can’t wait to see her again as well. Everyone does a great job in even some of the more questionably believable (you’ll know what I mean when you see it) scenes in which a bit of camp and flair was necessary but the balance might have tipped to the side of too much just ever so much.

The music is good, the special effects are the kind that just wash over you, nothing great, nothing cheap enough to take you out of the moment, and the overall look of the whole movie is a wicked combination. Truly. It’s not too glossy, but not trying to pretend to be gritty and independent. Overall it’s a great time at the movies, no doubt in my mind I’ll be watching it again and again. I might have to put it on my annual Halloween list:) OH, and no I will not apologize for the high score, it is what it is. Like it or lump it.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Jennifer’s Body was quite the surprise treat to start off 2010 and I am not just talking about the glamorous Megan Fox, the Blu-Ray disc has a great transfer and some quite good extras thrown in as well.

Video is pretty much spot on the entire time, presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio that fills your wide screen television and is as easy on the eye as Ms Fox. lots of detail here, the opening shot of Jennifer on her bed starved for blood looks amazing! You can even see the detail down to pore level, and the strange marbled yellowing that emanates from her teeth. Fox use the AVC codec well and the movie looks pristine, it’s almost as if the film has been digitally cleaned up as there is no evidence of film grain but not in a bad way.

On the audio front Jennifer’s Body fares very well, this is an aggressive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix that really works well, the movie uses a lot of pop/punk music to punctuate different moments and it sounds super detailed and uses the low end to satisfying effect. I am sure a lot of people will overlook this soundtrack but to me it has a lot of qualities that make it showcase material.

Jennifer’s Body was quite poorly received at the box office and to be honest I am not sure why, the movie is fun and quite a unique look at the old demonic possession story. I fully enjoyed it and will be watching it again. (And if my wife asks, it’s not because I want to gawk at the lovely ladies again.)

Value: 5/10
I enjoyed this movie a lot. It’s fun, surprisingly satisfying, and well made. I don’t think I’d shuck out the full price though. I say it’s a fantastic weekend rental with some other horror flicks, GOOD horror flicks. If I happened to see it around for 10-15 I’d grab it for sure. It’s worth a re-watch and the extras are quite good as a bonus.

Overall Score 8/10