Jason Bourne Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Bourne was one of the first spy actiony type guys who taught me to enjoy fight scenes and car chases. Before that I was bored a lot during the long drawn out mano a mano parts of movies, the fists and choreography really didn’t do much for me All of a sudden Jason Bourne comes along and changed all that, the punches were more “real” and those car chases were more up close and personal. Over the years and through the franchise they have maintained those illusive qualities that made it more interesting, until now. I did like the movie. Jason Bourne is action packed, lots of action, and more action, never-ending action. That doesn’t make a movie good though. I like the idea behind the whole story of Bourne and the government plot to create a super selection of soldier/spies. The violent ends that a lot of folks meet in through the movie is par for the course, and we are reminded by one character just how many people we have seen Bourne dispose of with his own highly trained hands, but maintaining the chokes, stabs, bullet holes, doesn’t make it a good movie either.

I’m not sure if it is good, but I still like it. Bourne gets to find out yet more about his past, how he got tied up in all this spy stuff, and we uncover more secret shit that our government is doing to thwart foreign hackers and enemies. It’s not growing as a story anymore, which is kind of a bummer. I mean, if they want us to have more sympathy for the guy, keep killing his women, that’ll do the trick. We don’t need to dig more deeply into his constant self loathing because he signed up for such a terrible program. I guess if we finally get to the root of the whole thing, go back a few generations maybe, we can be done with the franchise once and for all.

I don’t want it to end, the Bourne journey, but I want something new, something that Jason Bourne doesn’t seem to have the nerve to do. They have the backbone to crash a bunch of cars and drive through a casino, but not enough to really take the story somewhere unexplored.

I still liked it.

Features: 7/10

  • Bringing Back Bourne (8 Minutes) – A look at bringing Matt Damon back to the screen after many years. Greengrass also discusses how the story parallels real world news stories.
  • Bourne To Fight (19 Minutes) – A three-part feature that includes the following segments. Bare Knuckle Boxing, Close Quarters and Underground Rumble.
  • The Athens Escape (6 Minutes) – Jason Bourne escapes Athens on a motorcycle and here we get to see the movie magic it took to make it happen.
  • Las Vegas Showdown (16 Minutes) – A two-part feature that covers the closing down of the Vegas strip to film the movie and the setting up of the convention in Vegas.
  • 4k UHD Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 8/10
I like this cover…shocking! I wouldn’t have it as a poster though. I don’t need a gun pointed into my house constantly:)

Audio & Video: 8/10
Jason Bourne uses Paul Greengrass’s trademark shaky cam technique the entire runtime, which unfortunately makes the film look a little soft and blurry most of the time. As far as the transfer goes though it manages to preserve the theatrical feel of the movie and does manage to exhibit a lot of fine detail when the camera slows down. Flesh-tones are above average and the segments that use film have a fine layer of grain that adds to the image.

The DTS-X soundtrack is the star of the show here with amazing spacial awareness throughout the film. Music is clear and crisp with those trademark Violin stabs throughout. The chase scene in Vegas is the standout moment with cars flying and bullets spraying. This is some standout sound design, I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up at the Oscars next year.

Overall Score 7/10